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Help Buxton VFD put their chief over the top!

By: obxmini
7/17/2016 10:40 AM

From the Island Free Press editorial: Click to follow link...

"This will be a very short blog from your usually long-winded editor, which seems appropriate for the subject this week - Bryan Perry, chief of the Buxton Volunteer Fire Department, is a man of few words.
The guys in the Buxton VFD heard about a way they could honor their chief and they decided to go for it, even though they feared their leader would not approve of being singled out for recognition.
Anyway, the Buxton firefighters got together and made a short video nominating Perry for recognition in the Stand up and Stand Out initiative, sponsored by Firehouse magazine and Firehouse.com..."

Good editorial that reminds all of us - including those of us who are only visitors how important a top notch VFD is. Then you can vote - early and often and once a day per IP address until 7/31/16 Click to follow link...

Here's to Buxton's Chief Brian Perry!