See ya soon kids!

By: Robert
11/18/2003 12:27 AM

Leaving for Washington, DC tomorrow, well actually today, for the week. Haven't been down for maybe 5 years or so. Going to catch up on some new museums and monuments that have opened and check out some old favorites. Anything I should mention to the Bushman while I'm there?


By: seadog
11/18/2003 3:20 AM

Have a safe and fun trip Robert! It'll be tough but we'll try to hold down the fort while your gone. Via con dios.


By: Will
11/18/2003 6:21 AM


While you're there, see if you can straighten the politicians out. That shouldn't take you more than a couple of days.

Have a great trip,


just south of there and my boyfriend works in DC. Look out for the heavy storms that are forecasted for this area!!

11/18/2003 7:51 AM

By: Ace Mclean
11/18/2003 8:49 AM

Looks like W left town and headed for England when he heard you were coming!


By: Sea Glass
11/18/2003 9:12 AM

By: Oscar
11/18/2003 11:27 AM

I'll wave to you on Saturday as I'm passing through DC on my way to the OBX!!

Have a great time!



By: obxgrlinva
11/18/2003 1:06 PM

Bush will be in London with all of the protesters yelling at him!

Oh what a rotten day it's going to be around here tomorrow! I heard we may get 2-4 in of rain...

Not good especially in DC where there is always flooding streets when it rains hard. I see the Pentagon, the Wash Monument and Capital every morning on the way to work. Just watch out for all of the TRAFFIC.....that's what I hate most about working up here the trek up and down I95 especially when it's raining....Arrgh :(

Hope you have a nice trip.


By: obxgrlinva
11/18/2003 1:09 PM

Where do you live? We are down in Stafford County.


By: op
11/18/2003 3:30 PM

Why aren't you a Slug?


By: Rick
11/18/2003 6:14 PM

I work not far from you obxgrlinva, in Manassas


I live in Woodbridge just up the road from you. We have friends that live in Stafford right off of Rt 610. I however am a newly transplant to this area coming from Glenmoore PA where I lived all my life....much quieter there! Almost like the OuterBanks but with no beach ;o)

11/18/2003 7:46 PM

Are you related to the Mcleans in Birchrunville, PA???

11/18/2003 7:49 PM