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Walk on charters near Emerald Isle?

By: rvafishing
7/26/2017 10:23 AM

Does anyone know of any walk on charters in the Emerald Isle/Swansboro area? I am gonna be there with family next week and looking to do some inshore fishing but can't afford to charter a whole boat by myself. I have considered the head boats as a last resort.
Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated.



By: bigtuna
7/26/2017 3:34 PM

You might have better luck if you post this question on The Hull Truth forum, Carolina section. There's a bunch of folks in that section from that neck of the woods.


By: Pickle
7/26/2017 5:18 PM

Walk on and Charters are two different things. Walk on is usually used for Head/Party Boats. You come down in the morning and "walk on" Charters are considered Private and booked to a certain party. Most Charterboats are licensed by the Coast Guard for only 6 passengers. Are you talking about a "Make-up" charter where individuals and small groups are put together to make up a party of 6. Make-up charters are generally the "Last Resort" for Charterboats and mostly put together by Marinas and B&T shops. No successful charter Captain is going to hold open dates waiting to see if he gets 6. Now there are Charterboats that advertise "Open Charters" which is essentially a Make-up. Now you say Inshore fishing!. On the Outer Banks, Emerald Isle is not the Outer Banks, Inshore Make-up Charters are not a popular thing. Everything is Gulfstream at $300 and up a person. You may be able to get some small guideboat like 23 feet that takes 3 or 4 people to take you Sound fishing for about $475 for 4 people. Hope this helps.