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Head Count For OBXC Shirts

By: Will
11/19/2003 10:18 PM


It looks like there's enough interest in OBX Connection t-shirts to do it. That is really cool.

Here's what I need now to get pricing for the t-shirts:
1. What Color (White, Gray, Black)
2. How many
3. What Size(s)
4. Long or Short Sleeve
4. Email answers to 1,2,3 and 4 to info@obxconnection.com

Once I have a relatively accurate head count, I'll get pricing and post it. After that, I'll make an order and we'll go from there.

Thanks for all of your interest, ideas and support...



Outer Banks The Connection
Will, I will catch up with you this week. Take it easy man.

11/19/2003 10:42 PM

By: Ohio Steve
11/20/2003 7:40 AM

OBXTC. Hey, I like that. You should get some stickers made up and sell them.