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NOAA Tools offer help with Coastal Planning

By: obxmini
12/1/2017 8:37 AM

Today's Coastal Review Online has a very interesting article in it and refers to a "multifaceted website". Click to follow link...

I'm posting this more as a potentially valuable resource than as a discussion. Might be worth bookmarking several of the sites mentioned in the article if you live anywhere that is impacted by storms, etc. Also quite handy for considering possibilities of where one might choose to live and more. See what you think.

Coastal Review Online is a daily news service covering North Carolina...and often has very interesting stories. You can subscribe online for free. Fish


By: hatterasnc
12/2/2017 11:31 AM

I withheld comment for a bit. Understand you dont want discussion. Are opinions ok?
NOAA is an organization that exists only to receive future funding. They tend to get in the way rather than help. Perhaps if they could appropriate funds to fix and replace buoys for real time data, rather than do nothing and plea for funds to do more nothing. This would be a genuine improvement on actually accomplishing their required duties and responsibilities.

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By: obxmini
12/3/2017 10:35 AM

It's not that I don't want a discussion - it's just that I thought it could be a helpful resource for those who were interested. And as for opinions - everyone is entitled to their own, hatterasnc.

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