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dig. cam. Robert, steveB ,Kimco and others

By: justbeachy
11/27/2003 3:11 PM

I am buying my Xmas gift soon, mayby tomorrow(my digital Cam) looking at a Fuji FinePix S5000 or the Minolta DiMAGE Z-1. Want to spend between $400.00/$500.00. There is a sony that I like, can't think of the official name but I just have'nt found it with the right price.

So do you guys have suggestions. I like SLR style body, zoom thats automatic and manual, least amount mp's 3(I like 5 but then I get to a little more cost) I will not use this cam. for 8X10 prints or larger.



By: OcracokeFan
11/27/2003 4:51 PM


Well, I don't know if you want my 2 cents worth or not, but here goes:

I was almost sold on the Minolta DiMAGE z-1 I really liked the looks and many of the features of that camera. However, it does not receive very good reviews, and has some issues with durability. I also know someone that owns the Fuji S5000 and they have not been pleased with the overall performance compared to similar priced cameras.

I just purchased a new camera the Canon Powershot A80. You may want to consider it. It is the number one rated camera on many forums. It is a real deal for the money.

If you haven't seen it, check out this website for complete, very indepth reviews on almost every digital camera.

Make sure you look on the pull down menu for each camera, and read "steve's conclusion" It is a great resource for any new digital camera buyer.

Hope you find the perfect camera!


Both my boyfriend and I are digital photographers and use the Nikon D100 & Nikon D1x. I would suggest since these are pricey and true SLR's that if you're looking for something along that line I would take a look at the Nikon 5700. Nikons are great cameras. Not only in build quality but in the final photo with color and sharpness. I would highly recommend them.

also take a look here Click to follow link... Check the forum sections and do a search on the cameras you are thinking about. Its a great site that we use alot.


11/27/2003 5:06 PM

The Fuji Finepix S5000 is also an excellent choice and in fact made by Nikon :o)

11/27/2003 5:08 PM

Hi Beachy,
I'm also in the market for a new digital camera.
I've done loads of research and have finally decided on the Nikon coolpix 5700. I was crossed between that and the D-100 but there weren't enough advantages to the D-100 to justify the price difference between the two for a photographer of my caliber.
I've also read some luke warm reviews of the ones you've mentioned.
Whichever you decide on, make sure you do your research, It's a lot of money to spend to not be totally happy.
Good Luck, Steve

11/27/2003 8:18 PM

By: Robert
11/28/2003 12:14 AM

Justbeachy.....my research when I bought last year led me away from both of your choices, especially the Minolta.

You can't beat either a Nikon or Canon product in my opinion. I would place the Sony products up high, however they always seem to be overpriced in my opinion. Have heard good things about the Kodak and HP cameras however they were not out when I was researching so can't really speak to them. The website mentioned, Steves's digicams is an excellent starting point. Just remember don't overbuy.....meaning try to pin down how you will use the camera. You may not need certain features or require higher than a certain spec level. I would go for the 4.0 MP and 3X optical zoom.

With that said I would look at the Nikons, although I think the SLR style Coolpix 5700 will be more than you want to spend, and the Canons, especially the Powershot A80 for your price range. I have the Canon G2 (now the G5) and love it, but it is similiar to the Nikon Coolpix 5700 in price.

Good luck!


By: justbeachy
11/28/2003 9:54 AM

Thanks everyone,you all really helped. Keep them coming. It looks like I will do more research and decide later.


By: justbeachy
11/28/2003 3:21 PM

It looks like Canon Powershot 5 won over all. I think it had most of what I like in a camera right now. Its not SLR body and I have to use a $50.00 rechargble battery (will not use AA batteries) But I think all in all it will do just fine.

I really liked the Nikon digicams but the ones I looked at(coolpix5400,coolpix4300) seem to have problems with low light areas.(ie.www.Steve's digicams.com) I will use this cam. as a point and shoot and low light is somthing I had to be concerned with.

I am what I call a "Want to Be" photographer. My father-in-law is excellent and has won many a contest. I have learned quit abit from him but I can't afford his "STUFF". I also don't have the time he puts into his work for picture perfect photo's. Saying all that...I will use this cam. for the OBX trip in June and plan on making great photo's there. How can you go wrong in PARIDISE.