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Thanksgiving Fishing

Thanksgiving Fishing

Yesterday I was thinking of the old days. i mean really a long time ago when we would go surf fishing for huge Bluefish after Thanksgiving Dinner. Without fail, well some years not great, the Kitty Hawk beach would be crowded with families catching big blues. Long gone. Just by chance I had a little time yesterday and wandered to the beach with an undersized freshwater micro reel outfit. Trout after Trout after Trout. However, keeper ratio was about 1 in 20 and then barely keepers. Thought I might take my Grandkids there today to start a new tradition, but I think the winds will prevent that. Oh well. You all have a Happy Thanksgiving and as always leave a fish for me.

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RE: Thanksgiving Fishing

Was never there for Thanksgiving but remember some epic bluefish blitzes during the 70's with Dad and Grandad. Lots of constant catching until you did not want to catch any more. Also remember blues running big trout on the beach, at which point, you put your rod down and loaded trout in the cooler. Happy Thanksgiving Pickle. Hope you and yours have a great day.

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