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Guide and lodging recommendations nags head

Guide and lodging recommendations nags head

My wife and I will be in the Nagshead area April 20 to the 25th. We’re looking for a guide/captain to take us inshore fishing for a few days. I’m picking up my boat from Washington North Carolina and wanted to fish a few days before heading back to New York. If anyone can recommend a guide/Captain that could accommodate my wife and I we’d appreciate it.
We are also in need of lodging preferably fisherman boater friendly.

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RE: Guide and lodging recommendations nags head

I'm sure a lot of people will jump on this post. First I have to ask a question. I assume it will be a trailered boat, how big? Let's take the easy part first, Accommodations. Assuming a Trailered Boat, you would probably want to be close to a launching ramp. The two most popular launching ramps are the ramp under the "Pirates Cove Bridge" and the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center Ramp. The first place I think of is the Dare Haven Motel in Manteo, very simple, clean, very fisherman friendly and reasonable. No pool, no amenities, but 10 minutes from PC Ramp. There is also the Elizabethan Inn accross the street from the Dare Haven. A nice location was the Fin and Feather Motel on the Manteo Causeway (techinically in Nags Head). Very popular with fisherman. Then you have the multitude of "Beach" Hotels. The problem, not all, is Trailer Parking. Many nice and you will be in the Vacationer/Commercial Beach Zone, but they will be more expensive. Okay let's talk Fishing. You say Inshore. In April the waters are still COLD. I would not get excited about any Inshore Ocean fishing. It would be Dogfish and if your lucky and the water warms up some Bluefish. Okay Sound Fishing, that would be a "Crap Shoot" too. You would have Stripers around the Bridges, and the start of Trout. The Trout will have to be hunted and could be limited. Now if you are willing to trailer the Boat to Hatteras, they will change things significantly. Another option is to find somebody to take you more Inland up in the Sound or Rivers. The Term Guide also comes with some questions. There are many CG Licensed Captains who run Charter Boats, there are some Kayak Guides and some good local fisherman. I don't know of anybody that actively advertises as a Fishing Guide running someones boat or as an on board guide. Are you looking for a Licensed and Insured person? Like I said you should get many offers and suggestions. My son and I are CG Licensed Charter Boat Captains and I will send you a PM later today. I'm interested in what posts you get. Good Luck, look for my PM.

RE: Guide and lodging recommendations nags head

Thank you for your post. I’ll keep an eye on my pm.
Perhaps I should respond more thoroughly to your questions.
My boat is a Moccasin 210 built by Egret and I’m willing to travel anywhere that week to find fish. My wife and I have no problem fishing outside as well, my boat or otherwise. Guide/Captain, insured? No-matter just appropriate forum terms, I’ll fish with anyone. Lodging, clean comfortable and boater friendly is all we need.
Looking forward to reading more!
Thanks again