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Offshore fishing buddy

Offshore fishing buddy

I have a 21 foot Pilot House that I use to go offshore on good days out of Hatteras Inlet. I'm looking for guys that are willing to go and split expenses. Hopefully you have some experience with offshore fishing. I'm not here all summer but when I am it'd be nice to have someone to go out fishing with. Because I don't have a large boat I have to choose my days very carefully and the toughest thing is to try to schedule with people because there aren't many weather windows did I can take advantage of. If you think this sounds like something that you would like to do please respond and I will fill you in on all the details

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RE: Offshore fishing buddy

Contact the various Fishing Clubs. You need locals who are flexible with Weather and Dates. Try the Outer Banks Anglers Club and the Nags Head and Hatteras Surf Clubs. I'm sure somebody will jump on it. Are you limited only to Offshore or do you do Inshore Fishing? You may get people who will do Inshore, but a bit reluctant to go Offshore, especially as you indicate in a small boat. Good Luck and leave a fish for me.