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Finished degree, returning to diet/fitness, help!

Finished degree, returning to diet/fitness, help!

Hey Fittit,

Back in December, the day after Christmas, I resolved to lose some weight. I think the final push was the four weeks of insane Christmas decadence, including repeat trips to the refrigerator for egg nog.

So, I switched a simple regimen of running and dieting. I would run 3-4 times a week, averaging about 5-6 miles per run. As for dieting, I took Alton Brown's dieting episode to heart. Breakfast was Cheerios in skim milk, lunch was tuna fish sandwiches on whole wheat bread with a roasted sweet potatoes, and dinner was fish steamed with vegetables, or a simple tofu stir fry (no thick sauce, just soy sauce). Snacks would always be almonds (sparingly), apples, bananas, or low-fat vanilla yogurt, sometimes with berries.

By the end of March I had moved down from 198 to 182 (6'2 male). The idea was sort of to get those last layers of fat off and get a little more toning. Then a series of events happened that totally derailed everything.

First, research paper deadlines started looming. When this happens I break down and start eating fancier, fattier foods (still home cooked) and fancy beers. Second, I bought a new pair of jogging shoes because the old ones were getting pretty ragged, and I experienced some ankle discomfort (not pain, more like exhaustion within the first mile) which has come back off and on.

Now, I have this whole summer until I travel abroad to start a new study program. My goal is to get back into shape in those three months. So, what changes could Fittit recommend? I'm seeing Tabata, P90 and 5x5 a lot, but I don't want to dive into any of these without getting more information.Click to follow link... Click to follow link... Click to follow link...

Also, how could I change my diet? Eggs seem to be a lot more popular than I give them credit for. And I had never really considered protein shakes and whey. I always assumed those were for musclebuilders, not somebody like me that's trying to get fit, but not bulky.

Any and all advice would be very welcome.

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RE: Finished degree, returning to diet/fitness, help!

I would start with finding a sustainable way for you to eat. What works for one won't work for another. I count Macros and go through cyclyes where I am very strict and time when I am more loose, but always conscious of what and how much I am eating.

I use this app macrostaxx.com Works really well for me. I used coaches from various online nutrition coaching and they were really helpful but after about 6 months and learning I can figure out what I need for myself.

I don't really limit my foods just make sure I can fit it in my numbers. My wife is a certified nutrition coach and would be willing to provide you some advice. Her and I battle on what is best for me lol.

For a workout I would find something with a mix of strength and cardio. For me I was a pretty hardcore crossfitter but not I am more balanced of strengh training, some crossfit workouts and some pure cardio.

What you do outside the gym is more important then the hour or so you are at the gym/working out.

1. Food find what works for you
2. Get enough sleep.
3. Cardio and weights
4. think long term anyone can be really strict for 30/35/60 days etc, but what is going to work long term for you.

RE: Finished degree, returning to diet/fitness, help!

Checkout intermittent fasting. You basically limit your eating window to eight hours. Some people work their way up to a six or four hour window. You have to ease into it, but it is surprisingly easy if you take your time. The science behind it is very interesting.