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Photos of Shackleford Banks

Photos of Shackleford Banks

Hello everyone! I'm a grad student writing a thesis about the history of Shackleford Banks and was wondering if anyone had any old photos or new photos of anything that was on the island. I know that there used to be cabins on Shackleford, but were burned down by locals when the NPS obtained the land. Anything can help.


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RE: Photos of Shackleford Banks

Might want to research just a bit more about Dr. Moore and his nurse Edna Heslip and the burning down of the cottages on Shackleford banks.
As far as the Shackleford banks the NPS maintains a pretty good historical archive of the land and its use over the years. You can call and set up an appointment to view the works or if you have specific questions they can probably email them to you.
Another avenue is The Caratet county historical society ( link below) they have much more of the "personal" stories of the people who lived there and files/photos.
As far as pictures I would strongly recommend a trip out to the island on a boat and enjoy it yourself.


RE: Photos of Shackleford Banks

This is a great topic, you may want to reach out to the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum on Harkers Island. That's largely run by locals I think, and they may have some pictures or people to talk to for oral histories. I was living "Down East" when Shackleford was being transferred to the NPS and I remember seeing smoke from the fires over on the banks there.