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Naval vessel, Rodanthe Virginia?????

Naval vessel, Rodanthe Virginia?????

Is there even a Rodanthe in Virginia! LOL. The rest of the story lines up with Norfolk being North of the "discovery"....is this story even real or another ghost ship?

I copied it.

Sascha Brodsky
Fri, March 17, 2023 at 9:31 AM EDT·2 min read
small boat on the beach at night
Mysterious Navy Craft Washes Up, Then DisappearsRafael Elias - Getty Images
Things are getting weird in North Carolina, and the mystery involves a U.S. Navy vessel that washed ashore and a house drifting out to sea.

A resident recently spotted a 16-foot-long orange object on the beach in Rodanthe, Virginia.

Kyle Barniak said that he first thought the item he saw on the beach was a porch swing or a bench seat.

“As I approached, it was clear it was a boat, completely intact and watertight,” he said, according to a news report.

Target Lock
Barniak called a number attached to the boat. It turns out the vessel belongs to Norfolk Naval Air Station, about 100 miles north, and officials had thought the boat had sunk. The ship apparently was used for target practice.

But the story only got stranger. “When I went back, it was no longer there,” Barniak told McClatchy News. “Being Rodanthe, it was probably pirated overnight.”

A target ship is typically an obsolete or captured warship used as a seaborne target for naval gunnery practice or weapons testing. Targets can test the effectiveness of specific types of ammunition. The target ship may be used for an extended period of routine target practice with specialized non-explosive ammunition.

A Missing House
It’s not clear exactly which ship washed ashore, but it’s part of a fleet from the Norfolk Detachment of Atlantic Targets & Marine Operations. The unit is part of the Navy and is responsible for providing range support for naval aviation training and testing operations in the Atlantic Ocean. The Norfolk Detachment helps with air-to-air and air-to-ground target towing, electronic warfare training, and surface and subsurface targets for live-fire exercises.

Norfolk Naval Air Station is the largest naval base in the world and is home to the U.S. Atlantic Fleet. The base hosts numerous aircraft, including fighter jets, helicopters, and surveillance planes, and it supports various missions, including combat, search and rescue.

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RE: Naval vessel, Rodanthe Virginia?????

You can google the story online. But Im laughing so hard because it makes it seem like the boat and the house disappeared at the same exact time. Either a false story or someone really screwed up their research to post the story. Does any local know this man who found a boat this past week?

RE: Naval vessel, Rodanthe Virginia?????

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