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Quagamire's, a remembrance

Quagamire's, a remembrance

This was posted by PGH_Gary on the main forum recently: [I](quote) So I was going through some of my mp3 files and found an old Quagmires radio jingle by Doug Duenow and Scott Franson. I added some pictures that I found on this message board and put it up on youtube. Enjoy![/I] [URL]Click to follow link...[/URL] (end of quote) Please share any Quag photos or memories you have.

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Shoot! I misspelled Quagmires in title and cannot change it. Oh well.

Wasn't the "original" Quags

whats now Tortuga's Lie? Will & John parted ways & a certain amount of time had to pass before the name Quagmires could be used again. Just trying to get my facts straight b/c we had the hardest time after the switch remembering what to call the dang place...besides the old Gandolf's!:smiley48:

Sure was! Good catch HT! I thought the photos were of Quags in the last spot before....you know, I cannot say it.


Sure was! Good catch HT! I thought the photos were of Quags in the last spot before....you know, I cannot say it.
You mean PAPAGAYOS?:banana::banana::smiley16:

No...I mean Croatan Inn. :smiley40:
You mean PAPAGAYOS?:banana::banana::smiley16:

The Grand Opening

of Papagayos was around Easter weekend of 1982. We finished work in Chapel Hill around 2/3am then piled 4 of us into a vehicle & off we went to work the party on the OB. We got to met the locals, it was cold enough for a roaring fire in the fireplace, the Margarita's flowed & the mini Chimichangas worked their magic. Of course no party on the OB is complete w/out an afterparty & so i had my first trip to Colington...thank goodness it was dark! One of our passengers stayed in their room at the Croatan Inn's "annex" & reported seeing the ghost that rumor has it resided there. I don't recall the history on that.

Thanks for all the information on Quagmires. The first and only time we ever went there, there was a HUGE thunderstorm, and rain was coming through the ceiling. We didn't care because the food was AWESOME, and the kids were so excited to get their pirate drinks complete with eye patches and swords! We were so sad to hear that they closed the next year. Anyone have any of their recipes?

The postcard of the lobby is from 1954. The other 2 are pages from an old booklet call Dining on the Outer Banks by Isabel G. Murphy.

The pic of the dining room

At The Croatan Inn brings to mind how i tried so v. hard to avoid having to wait on the tables around the floor to ceiling beams. I'm tall & those gosh darn "V" supports had my name ALL over them...ouch! There was an "offshoot" dining room that Papagayos opened up for large groups of diners. A fellow friend & waitress & I figgered out that 2 waits tackling a party of 15-20+ was a ton easier than 1 waitress. Jill & Greg of Birthday Suits were doing a LOT of social lubrication bringing in fashion industry folks for dinner, thus the word got out reely quickly that large groups were no problemo for Papagayos. Mucho Gracias...:smiley16:

I will have to pull out some of my old stuff that I have from Quags.. I was at the auction when they sold everything in the building, it was pretty cool (an extremly sad) although I have been in most of the rooms of quags before it was nice to see them one last time. When I say the rooms I mean the old bedrooms of the Croatan. Two of my favorite pieces of Quags are.. 1. A Nice Piece of the Bar 2. One of the Green Hurricane Shutters with the White Seagull on it... 3. I also have 12 cases (yes 12) of the plastic disposable cups. I am in the process of having the piece of the upstairs bar that I have into an end table. Should be pretty cool... Matt

Quagmires Memorabilia

My wife and I were traveling through a "local neighborhood" Sunday evening and saw, displayed in one of the homes, apparently in the den, the outdoor sign from Quagmires. What a neat little piece of the OBX to have in a home! :smiley16:

I miss Quags. Any similar places like it left to visit?

Does anyone know how they made the Capn Crunch shrimp. I only went to Quag's once and that was what I got and that was the best shrimp I had ever had...any ideas on how to make that???? Thanks

I predate the Quags at Croatan Inn

but i must say

My wife and I were traveling through a "local neighborhood" Sunday evening and saw, displayed in one of the homes, apparently in the den, the outdoor sign from Quagmires. What a neat little piece of the OBX to have in a home! :smiley16:
You must tell me where it is, as I almost bought the same sign but was concerned i didn't have a wall to put it on.. How stupid I am..

The Capt'n Crunch shrimp was SO good! I'd love to have that recipe, too!!!

A recipe I found on-line 2-3 lbs Medium/Large fresh cleaned shrimp. 2 cups cooking oil 2 cups flour 4 eggs 1/2 cup milk 5 cups Captain Crunch Cereal 3 mixing bowls Beat eggs and milk together in 1 mixing bowl Place flour in 1 mixing bowl. Put Captain Crunch cereal in a large ziploc bag, squeezing all of the air out before sealing. Once sealed, beat the cereal to a fine powder. Open bag and pour crushed cereal into 1 mixing bowl. Dip Shrimp in the following order. First in flour, second in egg, and third in crushed cereal. Line them up on a plate or cookie sheet covered with a paper towel. Once shrimp are breaded, heat oil in frying pan or skillet for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. [url]Click to follow link...[/url]

yummy!!!! thanks for finding that!

Yes thank you very much!!!!

ok, what now what kind of sauce did they have to dip them in? I can't remember, but I'm thinking something sweet yet spicy would be good!


Quags was our Friday-dinner-before-leaving-on-Saturday tradition! My kids still have the plastic swords they got with their kids' meals. I really miss that place. Great atmosphere, good-I mean really tasty, lovely combination, well presented-food, at reasonable prices. Great. Depressed again because it's gone.

Well if you want to get

REELY mad/depressed, the main forum has some pics put up of the condos that are now in place at that location. One of the reasons i don't get N of Buxton lately is the overdevelopment of the area. And guess who posted the pics of beautiful KDH? :smiley49:

While I have been lurking around these boards for quite a while, hitting a thread about Quags made me actually log in. smiley I still miss the place terribly. Living 4.5 hours away, up in the mountains, I would sit in my kitchen with snow on the ground, sip a beer, close my eyes.....and there I would be walking up that narrow set of steps, past the shot glasses on the wall, the bar....and out on to the deck with the breeze.... It was my oasis, my Margaritaville, the reason the trip east was always faster than the trip west.... I missed the end and the auction by a week. The wife and I brought our new-born for his first beach trip (gotta start him early). While they were taking a nap, I rode out to the empty building in the amazingly empty lot. It was very sad. Now all I have left is a copy of the jingle MP3 (which has made its way onto more than one Buffett/Marley/311/UB40 mix), a metric ton of plastic cups, the specials poster from the last year (taken off the men's room wall), and my Quags boat flag hanging off the ceiling like a championship pennant in an arena. While I still love the Outer Banks, it just hasn't been the same. As for Kirchmier and partners, I could say something rude about that six million dollars, but what good would it do.



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