The Circus Tent

The Circus Tent


Well I got so much good information when I asked about The Duchess of Dare Restaurant here. How about The Circus Tent? Does anyone have any pictures, stories or information they would like to share. I remember having a Circus Tent Singers record as a kid and one of the girls autographed it and I about had a meltdown I was so excited!

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There is a picture posted of the circus tent in this forum under Nags Head I think.

I LOVED the circus tent!!! I can still hear the New Hermanuetics singing "The cat came back, the very next day, the cat came back and he wouldn't stay away"!!! and eating fat lady sundaes while sitting on those benches? What awesome memories of those days when we had no cares as children.

Gosh, I have years and years of Circus Tent memories! The Tent was actually founded by the then-pastor of Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church -- and the church just celebrated its 150th birthday, by the way -- and one of the early Hermeneutics, Curtis Campbell who played bass, occasional bongos, and sang solos that ranged from Leonard Bernstein's Simple Song to Neil Diamond's Hot August Night, just transferred to Kitty Hawk as pastor this past June! smiley Does anyone remember the Jolly Green Giants or the Dandy Lions? Take Lime or Orange Sherbert and mix with Sprite like a milkshake. Still my favorite ice cream treat. I have a ton of old photographs that I'll have to dig out and scan one of these evenings for you all. Did anyone go to the Circus Tent Reunion that was held here, in the fall, a couple years ago? Many of the band members from the 1976-77 era, or thereabouts, were here: Kathy Milligan, Curtis, Scott Wilkinson (the son of the founder, now a Methodist campus minister), Richard Dunnagan, Mike Comee (may be spelling that wrong) and of course, an entire room full of once-upon-a-time groupies (yes, yes, that included moi). At one point, they had all the "former groupies" come up on stage and we got to fulfill our teen-something fantasies by singing along. What a treat! They even had CDs available of some of the best loved songs recorded over the years. smiley I have often wished that something of the sort still existed that I could share with my grandsons, the oldest of whom are about the age I was when I first started going.

Here's a link to Curtis Campbell's site, Eve, and all: [URL][/URL] Scott Wilkinson's father, Hank, became my pastor, after he left there. He and his wife, Virginia, are wonderful folks. I envy your memories of The Circus Tent.

Hi, Well I have thoroughly enjoyed reliving old memories with all of you! I had forgotten about the name of the band New Hermanuetics and fat lady sundaes - that is what I use to get! I wonder whatever happened to my album. I remember it had a blue background?

Finally found!

Really have enjoyed this thread. Thanks!" class="img-responsive" />

Thank you for the picture.

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing these old pictures. I have spent a week in Nags Head just about every summer of my life! I just turned 50:( OMG I loved going to see the New Hermanetics! My aunt owned a cottage in between Winks and Andersons. Such great memories. Oh I how I wish it could have stayed a sleepy beach town. Thanks!

Oh my gosh! I have not been on this forum for long time and missed this photo! Thank You! I love it!

The circus tent was winding down when I got here in 1983 and they were having trouble getting volunteers. And they started bringing in a different group of young people each summer. It just sort of changed, and I guess people moved on to more sophisticated entertainment. Remember the little prayer garden? That was so great. Now there is a shopping mall.

Circus Tent

Are any of the New Hermeneutics albums on CD? I have all of the albums, but do not have a way of getting them on the computer or put on a CD. I would love to purchase a CD if one is available. I was a fan through all of the years. I am so glad someone posted video of the reunion last summer 09 on Youtube. I loved seeing them again.

I am not sure if these folks have any left...but my thought is to contact either Fay Nelson or CliffAnn Perry of Creative Ministries. ([url][/url]) They were key in helping organize the reunion celebration of the Circus Tent several years ago. There were CDs available there for that occasion, sort of a Greatest Hits CD. An even easier idea, now that I think of it, would be to contact Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church and ask for Rev. Curtis Campbell -- he was a New Hermeneutic for many years, is now Kitty Hawk Methodist's pastor, and may have a lead for CDs as well.

RE: The Circus Tent

Just found this forum been thinking of the Circus tent lately. I have years of happy memories from that place, we spent the summers at the beach and got to know all the New Hermaneutics! Scott and his wife at the time Barbara who was a hermeneutic even stayed with us in Pittsburgh once while traveling through, what a thrill that was. I loved the ice cream especially the strong man milkshakes! My brothers and sisters and I even preformed in between the shows one time! My favorite was always Mike Commee and Annabeth swain! I am a singer still and credit my inspiration to the New Hermaneutics, My mother still has all the records! I wasn't able to make it back for the reunion but Mom and Dad said it was amazing! I have seen some of the songs on youtube.Thanks again for posting the picture!

RE: The Circus Tent

On Facebook there is a wonderful group called the Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook. It has a fantastic collection of old photos and recollections of us longtime outer banks visitors and locals.The circus tent has many mentions and even a few pictures! Check it out - you'll love it! It's one of my favorite Facebook groups.