Lacey Cornbread

Lacey Cornbread

May be beating a dead horse with this, but does anyone remember the restauant on the causeway that had lacey cornbread? I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me, but that place has been gone for decades...

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What is lacy cornbread ? Never heard of it, but I do love cornbread.

i searched the entire forum for "Lacey Cornbread" and found the thread from awhile back. Its over in the Main Forum.

Sounds yummy! I've never had it, but have been hankerin' somethin' aweful lately for some spoon bread!

The Oasis. It burned down and there is a hotel there now across from the Little Bridge fishing parking lot.

...lacey cornbread.....

Ingredients: 1/4 c Plain cornmeal 1 ts Salt Preparation: Add water until mixture will pour out easily. Cook on electric fry pan at 350 degrees. Stir and pour patties into fry pan one tablespoon at a time. Turn frequently until done. Be sure to grease fry pan.

Sounds yummy! I've never had it, but have been hankerin' somethin' aweful lately for some spoon bread!
....dang...made me hungry for momma's spoon bread....greens and some sort of fried pork.....those were the days my friend..........

In perusing the Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook on facebook there's a recipe called "Ann Gray's Lace Cornbread" on a vintage Oasis postcard. It is photo #26 of 723 in the group photos. :smiley16:

RE: Lacey Cornbread

First: It was Lace Cornbread... not "lacey".

Second: Two restaurants by the little bridge on the Causeway offered it.... The Oasis and The Reef. Who had it first is debatable. The Oasis is now The Oasis Suites Hotel and The Reef is now the fishing parking lot.

Third: The recipe above is not totally correct. It was never in the form of a patty and it was only cooked on one side. The batter was extremely thin and poured over the entire (peanut oil coated) griddle. As the water evaporated, multiple holes formed creating the lace effect. When golden brown, it was broken up (much like peanut brittle) and served in wax paper lined baskets. It was only about 1/8" thick, very crispy, salty, greasy and soooo delicious!!!

I spent most of my summers from the late 1950's to the early 1970's at the Oasis and certainly ate more than my share of Lace Cornbread.