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Midgett Realty Loyalty Discount?

Midgett Realty Loyalty Discount?

Does anyone know what the percentage is? We had a great experience with them last year, but we usually shop around to find the best house that suits us. If it is a decent discount, we might be able to stay in a house with a pool this year!

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I can't remember the exact percentage, but I think it tends to be up to the homeowner if they offer it. The way Midgett explained it to me was the the loyalty is if you rent the same home, not just any Midgett property. That being said, we rented a different home last year instead of sticking with our usual, I personally called and asked if they could give us the discount. The rep said she would have to call the owner and ask if they would agree. We were fortunate that the owner agreed. If you are not renting the same one you did last time then I would call and ask, always worth it.

We have rented from Midgett several times and my take is you get the discount IF the owner allows it and only if it's a repeat rental. I might be wrong, it's happened. smiley

I agree with NEnewfie.....just ask!

I rented from them last year, and then rented a second week later, and they gave me the discount (only 5%, so don't get too excited) on the second week, even though it was in a different house. I do think they had to check with the owner, and I have to say that I talked to that owner for about 45 minutes the day I checked in (it was the day the let us back in after Earl, and she called to let me know that she had been there personally, and that there was a carpet runner that needed to be brought in after it dried) , so they are obviously people who care about their renters. Like some others have said, it can't hurt to ask.

This may help clarify Midgett's policy; however, the percentage is noticeably missing: A discount is offered to previous Midgett Realty leaseholders. Participation in the Loyalty Discount program is subject to owner approval and may be withdrawn without notice. As an owner, I have always welcomed previous leaseholders. Returning guests are known to Midgett and that increases the likelihood of a good experience for both owner and guest.

We used Midgett as our property manager from 2005 to the end of 2010. When contracts were reviewed and signed each fall for the next year, we had to indicate if any discounts were to be offered. We chose a 5% discount for a returning guest, plus a 5% discount for any guest that stayed 14 consecutive days. Over the 6 yrs with Midgett, we've had one or two guests who qualified for the whole 10% off.

We're with Hatteras Realty now...

Thanks for all your input! I got the ok from my other half to go ahead and book Let It Slide for a week in August! Can't wait to visit again!

I have seen that house on the site, it looks really nice. We rented ahouse from midgett this year and we were extended the loyalty discount. This is the third time we have rented from midgett and we have never rented the same house twice. It saved us around $80 on a $2100 rental. Not much but it made us happy!

Last year we stayed at The Drop Inn and it was a great house! We usually go in July, but I now teach and am going to do summer school, so we had to push our vacation up to August. We were concerned about the Jelly swarms that come that time of year, so we opted for a house with a pool!

Every year we upgrade our accommodations! When we first started coming down, we camped at the KOA. Then we stayed with Avon Cottages, but got sick of everything always being broken and dumpy houses. So last year we stayed with Midgett and really liked them! I am excited as it looks like a great house!

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