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Sorry to report Jim Cantore in Salvo

RE: Sorry to report Jim Cantore in Salvo

Why don't people like him?

i've heard folks (especially women) on HI who've said he's an obnoxious, very pushy, asshat.

A friend who was on a flight with him from DC said pretty much the same thing, only worse.

Anyhooo, i hope all the folks there fared well during the storm!


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RE: Sorry to report Jim Cantore in Salvo

I spent a weekend at OBX back in the 90's holed up in the same motel with those guys. Didn't spend any face time with the "man" but the crew really were a nice bunch of guys willing and ready to lend a hand to anyone that needed one.

I've heard he likes to be fawned over by women, but if you're a guy,, he won't give you the time of day. Also, he's a little shrimp, and doesn't want tall people next to him on camera.

On the little shrimp comment. Watch at the end of this video and see the height difference between him and the other guy. The other guy is only 5-9. Big grin

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RE: Sorry to report Jim Cantore in Salvo

Bachelor's Degree, not "batchlors". I know how hard you must work getting all of your facts together Dennis, I hate for you to mess up like that.

Gee, I'll bet you are a real blast at parties. While you are probably tucked nice and safe in bed in OH worrying about my correct spelling, Jim C is advising us what weather conditions are on the Outer Banks. Laughing smiley

I just find puzzling, that he can report major catastrophe, and evacuate and save yourselves now... from the very same beaches and towns he's saying it's not safe to be in. If it's so bad: WTH is he still there?

Same way reporters can embed in a war zone, I guess.