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Lawmakers: Beaches Need More Money

Lawmakers: Beaches Need More Money

From today's article in the Coastal Review Online: Click to follow link...

"PINE KNOLL SHORES – State legislators from coastal districts are considering new ways to secure money to pay for projects to help maintain wide beaches....

...Part of that message may be defining beaches as part of the infrastructure of the coast. Sanderson said the association’s members get the concept and are allies with coastal legislators....

...“The west is starting to feel a little bit like the east,” Brown said, noting that both ends of the state have lost population as urban areas such as Wake County grow in numbers. “We’re getting squeezed in a lot of ways. It’s important we continue to work with them on key committees and try to make things happen.”

Iler called it an “urban-rural divide.”

Sanderson said the east and the west share common interests including tourism. “Keeping sand on our beaches is exactly the same thing as in the mountains of keeping rocks off their roads,” Sanderson said.

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