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New to OBX: Crabbing Question

New to OBX: Crabbing Question

Just bought a small canal front place 45 minutes from Nags Head. I would like to do so e crabbing, but never have before so I have sone questions. I have a wildlife license to fish inland and coastal and to trap.

I'm under the impression that I will need a commercial license to drop a pot on the pay piers. Are there any public piers that don't charge a fee?

Also, are there crab in the canals?

Thanks for the help!

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RE: New to OBX: Crabbing Question

First you don't need a recreational license of any type to Crab. There are restrictions on more than "Personal" catching. You say 45 minutes from Nags Head, I'm assuming you mean either Currituck or out on the Dare Mainland, Tyrell, Hyde Counties and out that way. For fishing (not crabbing), these areas are "Mostly" covered by the Coastal Recreational License for Fishing. When you say Crab Pot, you mean a wire mesh full size crab trap as used by Commercial crabbers. You do not need a Commercial License to drop ONE from any pier. However, you mention Pay Piers, are you talking about one of the Ocean Fishing Piers? You might encounter Pier Rules not DCNER - Marine Fisheries Rules. Why would you want to do that when Crabbing is best in the Sounds, Rivers, Creeks, Canals etc. It would e frowned upon to drop a Crab Pot or even multiple wire recreational crab traps from any place where people are seriously "Fin" Fishing. Public Piers ????????????? All over the place! There are Piers at most NC Wildlife Commission Launching Ramps. There is an excellent one under the "Pirates Cove Bridge". Check the NCDENR Marine Fisheries Web Site for Crab Size and Catch Regulations. Check the NC Wildlife Resource Commission Site for other info on fishing. Crabbing regulations generally will be listed under Crustaceans (Clams, Scallops, Muscles). Have Fun.

RE: New to OBX: Crabbing Question

Thank you for the information

RE: New to OBX: Crabbing Question

New question: The water in the canal by my home is very dark, and my dad told me I may not want to eat my catch there due to the quality of the water. The canal is in Tyrell county, right off the Albemarle sound. Do you know of any health advisories for fish caught in these areas or where I may find any issued advisories?

Thank you.

RE: New to OBX: Crabbing Question

First... Pickles advice is always spot on. But now that own property... check this site out:


FYI... water color alone won't tell you if the fish are OK.

RE: New to OBX: Crabbing Question

The fish you catch and want to eat will probably be a big factor here. Tyrell County is fairly heavy on farming, so the run-off will be a factor. I don't know the area though, so it'll be best to check with the locals. Find a tackle shop near you and ask.

As with a lot of areas, moderation might be your best bet. Migratory fish will probably be OK, bottom feeders, use a little more caution.

Edit: just looked up consumption advisories for NC. Albemarle Sound has advisories for catfish and carp. This will be the same for most areas...



RE: New to OBX: Crabbing Question

You guys are super helpful. Thanks.

On another note, tried my hand at surf fishing for the first time today. Unsuccessful, but talked with some guys on my way out that had some great advice.

RE: New to OBX: Crabbing Question

I have to say that Tyrrell County is out in the sticks to a level that most of us can just dream about. It's not for everybody, but it sure is intriguing. And there's also the story of the Bear Lady, which certainly got some attention.