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2313 Virginia Dare Tr
Nags Head, NC 27959

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Rating: Great Carolina Memories 7/14/2010
Reviewer: Andie Youngk

I spent a many a summer back in the late 60's and early 70's- though a week each time- at the Carolinian Hotel. I learned to swim in the pool- and loved the watermelon that was served on the beach every day. We had to dress for dinner every night and had our own waiter assigned to our table for the week. I have memories of the talent show that the we put on- very American Idolesque for it's time!! It's sad to hear that the hotel is gone- she was grand!! Just as an aside- I've continued visiting the Outer Banks since that time- we stay in Hatteras now-It's just like home....

Rating: the best times of my life 11/7/2009
Reviewer: thomas sweeney

what a great place it was in its day. i stayed there when my dad used to take me down to nags head in the spring and the fall for fishing trips. in the summer we stayed at souther shores for two weeks the whole family. but in the spring and fall it was my dad an me. what a lucky kid i was. black beards galley the main dinning room i use to run all over that hotel. i remember how great we were treated and how wonderful the outer banks was then. i still like it. i go almost every year. more for the memmories than what it is today. without a doubt. the carolinian hote gave me some of the most wonderful times of my life and i will never forget it. i was just thinking of those fall trips and just put the name carolinian in the computer and found this site. its wonderful to see so many people feel the same way. yes those of us who got to stay here in its hey day. the sixtys and seventys are so lucky. it was a grand place on a quite beach and we caught a lot of fish. sites like this are so great. thanks

Rating: So unfortunate but sad 7/4/2009
Reviewer: Evan

It was truly a dump, a lot needed fixing and everything. We are a family of five and the room was kind of small for us. We stayed there for about a day in 2000. It's too bad it was old and rickety during that time, I would have liked to stay there during its heyday. It really should have been fixed up and cared fact it should be a historical landmark. I really didn't like the place but it's too bad they couldn't fix it up.

Rating: gone like everything else 6/7/2009
Reviewer: exnagsheadgal

Nags Head got a bit ahead of itself, going from a wonderful fishing/quaint vacation spot to a high end vacation "destination". Too bad that it truly lost what really got the people there. There mindset was and perhaps still is, "tear it down and put up yet another huge overpriced cottage"
I used to go to Nags Head for nearly 40 years, when it became OBX and it became that overpriced truly ugly place I stopped. Have not been there in 10 years at least. I go someplace else now that is beautiful inexpensive and I never tell anyone about it!! I don't want it "discovered".

Rating: What A Old Hotel It Was !! I sure do miss seeing it : ( 11/8/2007
Reviewer: C.D. Quidley Jr.

The Carolinian Hotel was a place that brings back a lot of memoryies for me. My dad use to be a mainteance man there for about 15 years.( Charlie Dorian Quidley ) I was born in 1958 and the pool at the Carolinian is where i first learned to swim. Remember the orange styrofoam bubbles you use to strap to your back to keep you afloat ? Well i remember it just like yesterday. I went to work with my dad all the time, unless i was in school. But mainly during summer school breaks. I knew that old Hotel from head to toe. It was back in the time when Julian Oneato had the Hotel . It did have a lot of charm that place did. I can remember they use to cut water mellon for the guest every day out on the beach. Fireworks every 4th of july out behind the Hotel. Those were the days, and i would love to relive those days again. I sure hate not seeing the Carolinian Hotel every time i drive by where it use to be. But it sure does make me go back in time when i drive by that section of beach and see all of those beach cottages standing there where the Carolinian Hotel use to stand. Its too bad that piece of history could not have been perserved . It really broke my heart to see all my child hood memoryies being hauled off in a dump truck. But i guess that is what they call progress !! But i sure did love that place .

Rating: Great old hotel - many fond childhood memories there 9/10/2007
Reviewer: Bonnie Thomas

I spent every summer at the Carolinian as a child in the 1970's. My father's cousin, Aubrey Cartwright, was the manager for a number of years in the 1970's. I live aprx. 1 hour from OBX and stay in OBX several times a year. You will not find another hotel in OBX like this one. There was lots of room, things for kids to do and several dining areas, both casual and just a little more formal.

Rating: memories of the past 8/17/2007

As a teenager in 1964 I babysat guest's children there. My mother was the secretary for owner Julian Oneato.We have been up three times since 2003 and yet to get information of the demolition of such a wonderful part of my life. Daddy was stationed at Kill Devil USCG Lighthouse.

Rating: Charming 1/26/2005
Reviewer: Tammy

I loved the place. It was old and in need of quite a bit of work but the place had character. It was like stepping into the past. I stayed there for part of my honeymoon and will never forget the place.

Rating: The Carolinian Hotel 11/9/2004
Reviewer: obxgrlinva

Was torn down - Long gone and was in poor shape