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7114 S. Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959

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Rating: Owens 1/16/2007
Reviewer: mike

We have been staying at owens for 10 years,,if i couldnt stay there ,,i would not stay anywhere,well even though the lady at the front desk was a snob,,,everyone i spoke with said the samething,,if it wasnt for her everything would have been a perfect vc..maby she will be gone this year...If not guess we will just have to ignore her like everyone else tries to do...

Rating: Quaint Seas Side Motel 3/14/2006
Reviewer: Doug Riggs

My wife and I stayed at the Owen's Motel this summer and we had an excellent time. We stayed on the Ocean Front Effeciency and had pleny of room to roam and were steps from the Atlantic. We loved the Restaurant across the street and the staff were great too. Would definately stay again and recommend to anyone looking for a nice motel in Nags Head, North Carolina

Rating: Owens Motel Is Nasty! 7/31/2005
Reviewer: obxcape

My wife and I stayed at Owen's Motel this weekend for two nights and we were totally disgusted with the place. We stayed in the part across the beach road that they apparently bought from the now-demolished Sea Oatel.
First off....when we checked in, they gave us a brochure touting the "niceties" of the place. We didn't find anything nice about it. They also advertise that they are AAA affiliated. They wouldn't accept our AAA membership since we didn't ask them at check-in. What difference would it make when you mentioned it to them? Do they jack up the rates to cover the discount? We're contacting AAA today about that...
When we got in the room, we found that the toilet wasn't bolted to the floor. This is a potential methane gas problem. We're going to address this issue as well.
The shower stall is so small you can't turn around in it. Hot water took 5 minutes to get to the room. The toilet stall was so small you have to squeeze your shoulders to fit between the walls! The front door had a gap under it large enough for bugs, water and/or a snake to saunter on in! No telephones in the rooms either! There were small, termite looking bugs on the carpet...that pretty much sealed the deal for us! This lovely accommodation cost $140 a night, including taxes.
You can take this to the bank...the property will be the site of McMansions within 18 months. No way they can stay in business with a place as nasty as this.