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PO Box 250
Hatteras, NC 27943


Midgett Realty has Hatteras Island covered from sound to sea! We offer over 550 premium vacation rentals with top amenities such as private pools, hot tubs, boat docks and more.

We offer partial week rentals and are proud to now offer NIGHTLY RENTALS!! We are currently the only company on Hatteras Island with published "per night" rates. We even offer condos that can be rented nightly, with no minimum stay! You can also earn rewards for every 2005 and 2006 stay when you join our Comeback Club!

If you have enjoyed your Hatteras Island vacation, we invite you to stay! Midgett Realty’s team of experienced sales associates can help you purchase a piece of paradise! Now, well into its third decade, our experience and commitment to excellence continue to make us the leader in real estate sales on Hatteras Island! During the past three years, we have listed or sold more than 30 percent of all recorded Multiple Listing Service Sales, despite having as many as 19 competitors.

Visit our website www.midgettrealty.com/obw to view our online catalog for searches, availability, specials and booking, or request our full color brochure. You can also call 1-800-527-2903 or email us at vacations@midgettrealty.com

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Rating: Excellent Experience, hope to visit house again. 3/30/2022
Reviewer: Leon

We stayed in May of 2021 with Midgett in The Drop Inn. Excellent house, it was the first time we have used Midgett and hopefully we can stay with them and possibly this house again. The communication with the company was one of the best we have experienced in over 20 years visiting. The pool was under construction and almost done. They asked if we would let the contractor finish while we were there. Answered all our questions honestly and we ultimately let the contractor work. The contractor and his crew were considerate of our stay and very professional. The location was good, the company responsive to requests and the rent was reasonable.

Rating: Great company...no complaints! 10/24/2017
Reviewer: vickie

Very good rental company. Def. a 5+ star!!!

Rating: All good 10/24/2017
Reviewer: rja3280

Our September 2017 vacation was our third time staying on Hatteras and the third time that we rented with Midgett. Each time the house has been as advertised and while we had no large problems, there were a few small ones that were handled quickly. (These varied from hot tub heat issues, burned out oven filaments, issue with linens...nothing major or really anything that they could have prevented.) They don't charge an addition pet fee and that's a BIG bonus to us. We were down the week of Jose this year and my only complaint was that we received a call alerting us to the fact that we would be checking into a house on a flooded street in Rodanthe AFTER we were in the house. Not a big deal but a heads up before the fact would have been nice. As long as we stay on Hatteras, we'll be using them.

Rating: Never had a bad rental in almost 30 years. 10/23/2017
Reviewer: obxmini

In all of our years since 1987 coming down, we've only used two other companies. Midgett has only improved over the years, now with the electronic access and instant notification when one's rental is ready it even better. Every house we've stayed in has been clean, attractive and in good repair. I've also found their customer service to be excellent.

Rating: Many good experiences 10/23/2017
Reviewer: SteveWolf

Our last trip was between hurricane Jose and Maria and the worst we have ever had. That being said, I don't believe that Midgett could have helped. The weather was just overwhelming.

The other homes we have rented have all be excellent, as advertised and clean. A dryer problem in one was fixed in about three hours.

Highly recommended.

Rating: Bad experience, Midgett unconcerned 9/21/2015
Reviewer: kathykahler

So, I have been using Midgett for years. This past June I was searching on their website for available rentals from June 12-19 2015. I chose "One Summer Dream" because it had a large kitchen and 2 living areas plus a hot tub. I had invited a group of friends. When I received the confirmation email I did not notice that it said "Once Upon a Time" instead of "One Summer Dream" and completed the confirmation.
In August I noticed the different name (and drastically different kitchen and floor plan) and called Midgett. I was told that "One Summer Dream" had been rented out since January of 2015!
I wanted to know how it could show up in my search as an available rental? And I had never seen the pictures of "Once Upon a Time"there is no way I would have chosen ittotally not what I was looking for.
Midgett was no help. They just told me they had no other houses they could move me into. So, when I got down there, I went into the office and spoke to a man that worked there. Basically he said that no matter if their website had malfunctioned, I had signed the paperwork and that was that. He also promised to contact me by the end of the week after he consulted his IT people to let me know what their investigation showed. I never did get that call.

Now, as to the house. I have always rented beautiful, clean homes on every trip to the OBX. This one was awful! There was an old soda bottle on the front porch stuffed with cigarette butts. The dryer did not work, the fan in the downstairs bedroom did not work. The master bedroom has one tiny AC vent and heated up so much from the solar gain the room was unusable. Two of the 4 burners on the stove did not work. Shelving broken in the cabinets. Refrigerator door kept grinding on the trim. The hot tub stopped working. Midgett sent a lady to fix it who kept accusingly asking me "what we put in it??" I finally said no food, no drink, no pee and no sex. Good grief! Then it broke againI calledno one ever came out to check it again.
One day as I was leaning on the table that held the TV in my bedroom, the entire table, TV and all, went crashing to the floor. It was one of those old, super heavy TV's. Thank God it hit the wall and not me or some little kid. When we investigated it, the top was not screwed to the legs!!
I think I am most upset that no reduction in my rental fee was offered either for the website malfunction nor for the hot tub not working. I am also shocked to get such a flop of a house after so many years of good experiences.

Rating: We loved our house rented through Midgett 11/6/2014
Reviewer: smlobx

We were looking for a nice 4 bedroom home with a pool in a quiet neighborhood and found "Herons Eacape" in Hatteras.
The description and pictures were accurate and the house had all the amenities we could have wanted. The reservation process was easy and straightforward.
We can't wait to go back!

Rating: Won't consider any other company 10/26/2009
Reviewer: Barbara J

If it ain't broke........We rent from no one else. Never had a single issue and every question has been answered with courtesy and a sense of urgency. They take great care of their guests and we recommend them to all our friends considering a Hatteras vacation

Rating: Very Good 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Bill

Our secind time renting from them...a little wait for checkin but they are very nice and we'll rent from them again I'm sure.

Rating: Excellent for 12 years running! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: OhioAnn

We rented thru Midgett for the 12th year and they have never disappointed us yet! They are very helpful and will go the extra mile to make your stay perfect!

Rating: Love Midgett Realty! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: steveo270

We stayed in a Midgett home for the first time this year- the staff was awesome and always helpful, and the check in and out was quick and painless. They even let us in early since the house was ready. I will definitely use them again!

Rating: Midgett Realty 9-5 to 9-12 2009 9/28/2009
Reviewer: judyk

EZ ck-in EZ ck-out. wonderful firm to deal with. on ck-in everything was perfect! one sml problem with hot tub not heating was immediatley addressed & corrected.
would rent with this co again in a heartbeat. and i love the all-inclusive rates they've employed this yr. makes it so much easier.

Rating: They are great!! 11/8/2008
Reviewer: Michelle

We rented this year from Midgett (our third rental in three years) Even with some problems with the pool-we called and they were out that day! Other companies do not have that same customer service ethic!! We are renting next year with Midgett-do not see any reason to look elsewhere!! I do wish they offered early check in...

Rating: Great Service! 4/8/2008
Reviewer: Adrienne

the house was just as discribed-we loved it!!! renting at the begining of the season we are used to running into a issue or two from the homes being empty- and they were quick to respond! thank you for a great vacation!

Rating: The Best 11/2/2007
Reviewer: James A.

We used Midgett for the first time last month and were thotoughly impressed. The front desk ladies were great, the house was incredible and we even got in three hours early. Our trip was perfect and Midgett is a class act.

Rating: Loyal Midgett Customer 7/16/2007
Reviewer: Norma

Our family has been using Midgett every year since 1996 and dread the thoughts of using anyone else. There aren't all of the extra charges like administrative fees or reservation processing fees. Some companies charge as much as $200 that doesn't apply to the rental or security deposit. The Rodanthe office ladies are absolutely wonderful. Renovations were being done to a home that we were scheduled to rent. I called to inquire about changes especially to the roof-top deck. One of the ladies went down to the cottage, took photos, and emailed them to me. Now that was service!! They are always pleasant and seem to really value our patronage. Highly recommend them.

Rating: A Vacation Home We Still Remember And Talk About 3-4 Years Later! 7/13/2007
Reviewer: Lowe's and Mynhier's

We had an ultimate experience with Midgett Realty and our vacation rental home in Kinnekeet. We were more than pleased and could not believe the high-end quality and detail in our home. It had everything to entertain you without leaving the property. Yet, the ocean was just across the street. We had a beautiful view from the top floor of the sound. I still drool over the fantastic master bath. This was a dream vacation and I deeply appreciate the realtors for assisting us in such pleasureable vacation memories! Can't wait to come back!

Rating: So far so good 3/31/2005
Reviewer: OBXer

I've only used Midgett Realty twice, but so far I really like them. Very professional, houses are kept really nice (the ones I've seen), and good prices. I would love to see them allow earlier check in with maybe a fee and advance notice. Coming from NJ I have to leave my house in the middle of the night to avoid bad traffic, but I end up getting to Hatteras about 10 or 11 am. I would like to be able to drop my stuff off and head to the beach. I guess that's wishful thinking....

Rating: Kept us up to date 5/28/2004
Reviewer: Curt Bellfy

Midgett's website had some of the best Info about the hurricane. I checked daily to keep myself in the loop about what was going on with my home away from home.

Rating: Never a problem, Always Courteous 5/18/2004
Reviewer: Steve

Always willing to help, wouldn't hesitate to use them.

Rating: Above average 1/22/2004
Reviewer: Rob

I agree with another review, the seasons make this realtor stand out. The last week in August is Mid-season, offering a substantial discount. Midgett also leaves a couple of cups with goodies at for you (soap, detergent, etc). Nice touch. Smooth getting into our place, even though we were early. Would look to rent from them again.

Rating: I like their "seasons" 12/2/2003
Reviewer: Renee

We are coming June 12- 26 this summer. Midgett has that first week as "mid" and the secomd as "in" which saves us $445.00 on the cost that first week. I think all of the other companies start with "in season rates" June 12.

Rating: Simply the best 11/15/2003
Reviewer: SAS

Rented from Midgett last year..c'ant say that the web site is the best. Can say that the service was outstanding from beg to end...Will rent same house as last year..