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1500 S Croatan Hwy
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Sun Realty is proud to offer the LARGEST SELECTION of Outer Banks vacation rentals and condos. From classic seaside cottages to luxurious oceanfront estates, Sun Realty can match you with the perfect OBX vacation property for your needs and your budget. Contact a helpful Vacation Specialist 7 days a week at 1-888-853-7770 or visit our website to easily search and book online. We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Outer Banks!

Sun Realty offers:

+ OBX vacation homes and condos in every price range and size. From charming 1 bedroom bungalows to luxury homes with 10 or more bedrooms.

+ Vacation properties in Carova, Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head and South Nags Head. On Hatteras Island, we offer homes and condos in the villages of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras.

+ Oceanfront to soundfront and everything in between.

+ Available amenities include private pools, hot tubs, theater rooms, billiards tables, elevators, multiple master suites, gourmet kitchens, wireless Internet access and much more!

+ Furry guests welcome in our wide ion of Pet Friendly vacation rentals!

+ Weekly vacations, long weekend stays and mini vacations available.

+ Flexible check-in/check-out days and no minimum stays with our Freestyle Vacations Program.

+ A locally-owned company specializing in the Outer Banks since 1980.

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Rating: Very good Rental Company 10/24/2017
Reviewer: vickie

We have used Sun Realty many times. Houses are always clean and everyone is very helpful and friendly. Plan on using them again. Great selection of homes to pick from.

Rating: June 2017 10/22/2017
Reviewer: 2boysmom

We rented through Sun Realty for our trip in June 2017, and we were well pleased with the service. Agents on the phone were nice and helpful answering our (few) questions. Check-in was fast and friendly. The house was exactly as it should have beenclean and comfortable. No issues, no complaints, and we would definitely stay there again. We would rent with Sun again without hesitation.

Rating: Sun Realty 6/29/2016
Reviewer: Lorilou

We stayed in Kitty Hawk at Sea Sun Greetings #263 May 2016. We had maintenance issues and workers in or around our house every single day except Saturday. We rented this pet friendly home with a fence so that our dogs could enjoy vacation along with us. Unfortunately, they don’t take too kindly to strangers invading their territory so a family member (me) had to be present while maintenance workers were in the house. I would guess this would be an issue for other dog owners as well but maybe not. We had workers in the yard, in the house, in the bedrooms, in the bathrooms, barking dogs, babies trying to sleep, etc. It was – by far - the most stressful trip I have ever taken and an ENORMOUS inconvenience.

Here is a breakdown of my week:

Day 1 Arrived late in day. NO HOT water. In fact, I’d describe it as cold.
Day 2, Part 1- Maintenance out to fix hot water. No luck.
Day 2, Part 2 - 2nd maintenance guy shows up. Works toward solution. No luck.
Day 2, Part 3 - 3rd and 4th maintenance folks (owner or somebody) show up. They adjusted water temp to compensate for issue but it didn’t work.
Day 3, Part 1 - Maintenance returns. Thinks he finds problem but needs a part. Leaves.
Day 3, Part 2 - Maintenance returns with part and installs. Gets hot water in one or two of bathrooms but needed to make adjustments in each (something about the faucets and anti-scald devices).
Day 4 - Maintenance guy shows up again and stays for several hours to adjust each bathroom. As with every other time, I had to stick around. Dogs were barking. Baby was sleeping. A super-duper inconvenience.
Day 5, Part 1 - After several complaints from 2ND floor guests, I realized 2nd floor AC was not (and had not been) working. Called in request. Received directions from realty maintenance. Turn off for 4 hours. Turn back on at 72. Followed directions.
Day 5, Part 2 – Swung back in to turn on AC after leaving off for 4 hours. Got no air flow. It seemed to be frozen up. Submitted follow up request to realty company.
Day 5, Part 3 – While hanging around waiting for AC help, lawn guy shows up. Doesn’t knock. I didn’t know he was coming. He opens gate and leaves open. Dogs get out. I was well on my way to having a nervous breakdown. Our nice neighbors helped me find dogs and get them safely back in the house.
Day 5, Part 4 – Continued to wait for AC guy. At 4:58 pm, I realized no one was coming so I called realty and had another meltdown. They say it’s too late to send anyone out but that they will be there in morning. Would not commit to a time. No AC through the night.
Day 6. AC guy shows up and fixes issues.
Day 7 – No maintenance issues to speak of. Enjoyed a day on the beach FINALLY!

Everyone was nice but the vacation was terrible and I felt cheated having to deal with maintenance issues 5 out of our 6 days there. I was given a refund of $165 which I found to be quite laughable. The realty company assured me they are confident we can maintain our relationship with them as my vacation specialist. I have no plans on using them again.

Rating: Customer Satisfaction is Not a Priority for Sun Realty 11/5/2014
Reviewer: epoore25

We received absolutely no communication from Sun Realty the day we arrived regarding check-in or housekeeping delays. We were informed on the phone when we reserved the house that check-in was 4:00, but they would text if the house was ready sooner. When we arrived at 1:30, we called to ask when the house might be ready and were told 4:30. By 4:30, we still hadn't heard from them so my husband drove to the office to get the key. Staff said that he'd have to wait even longer as the house wasn't ready. Meantime, the rest of our group (3 other adults, 6 kids, 1 dog) went ahead to the house to wait. As we sat in the driveway, a car pulled up at 5:15 and a woman exited. She said she was there to clean the house. It HAD NOT EVEN BEEN CLEANED yet!! We should've been in it over an hour before! So all of us who'd ridden for over 5 hours from Richmond and who'd spent another 3 hours in shops until check-in, were forced to wait outside in the rain as the housekeeper scurried about (on her cell phone) to make the place “tolerable.” We finally asked if she could return the next day so we could at least get inside, dry off, and warm up since sitting in the cramped car or standing in the rain any longer would've been misery.
Upon entering the house, we found it to be absolutely filthy since it was rented the week prior. My husband and I, and the other adults, spent the whole night trying to make the place hygienic enough to sleep in and bathe in until the housekeeper returned the next morning. Again, we were inconvenienced having to rush through breakfast and out the door by 10:00 a.m. on our first morning of vacation so that the house could be cleaned-something that should have happened WELL BEFORE our arrival. Had we known the first night of our long-awaited holiday was going to prove so stressful-and frankly embarrassing since our friends had come all the way from Russia to join us-we would've checked into a hotel for the night.
The vacation took a lot of planning/saving and we feel like we were robbed of an entire day of our 1 week stay. It should be noted that all of the frustration we met didn't derive from the house itself, but from Sun Realty's negligence and inferior management. Given that statement, we asked for $340 compensation (one day's rent at the property) for the time and accommodations that were compromised by unsanitary conditions. Examples follow:
-fresh food/ pet stains on carpet and pillows
-hair in all bathroom drains/sinks
-dried food debris in kitchen sink
-sand/dirt/hair/ covering all floor surfaces
-fresh stains on mattress covers, including blood
-greasy finger prints covering windows/mirrors
-dried toothpaste on bathroom mirrors, in sinks
-urine/fecal matter on/under toilet seats
and around base of toilets
-food wrappers under beds/couch
-used filter and grounds in coffee maker

To further add to our anxiety upon arrival, we also encountered these additional issues:
-No internet service
-No spa tub in 1st floor suite as Sun
Realty’s property website showed at time of our
booking. Instead there was only a shower. (We
discovered days later that the basement flooded
prior to our arrival. We were never notified of
the missing tub) MISREPRESENTATION
-Clogged vacuum. Husband spent 30 mins clearing
it so we could vacuum the filthy and stained
carpet that awaited our arrival
-Toilet paper holder detached from wall
-Broken coffee table that crumbled when a phone
and mug were placed on it. Looked as if it was
shoddily put together prior to our stay
-Dead batteries in remotes
-Queen sheets/cases left for king bed/pillows,
which left part of bloody mattress pad exposed
and our heads without pillows since the cases
didn't fit
-Pool skimmer had a huge hole rendering it
useless for cleaning debris from the pool
-No mid-week pool cleaning/maintenance. When we
inquired before check-in we were told the pool
would be serviced h

Rating: Sun 5/25/2012
Reviewer: londyn

My family and I have stayed with Sun for the past three years. We always rent different homes and stay in different towns. We have had only incredible experiences. Our little ones look forward to it every year!! Cant wait til next go around.

Rating: KSD-12 rental, SunRealty...Never again.. 8/9/2011
Reviewer: Lewis

I am currently renting a home through Sunrealty, House number KSD-12 (Down By The Seaside). I went into the Avon office to express my concern of cockroaches in the home, to which the manager replied, "We all have them." There was no, I'm sorry or that's terrible. I'm sorry to say, I DON'T have cockroaches in my home and I'm sure neither do you. I have killed at least 3 and found 2 dead ones. The home is extremely dirty and there are nails sticking up on the decks, lights are out throughout the home, and numerous other issues. I have been calling all morning to different managers and just get voicemail's with no call backs. I am getting extremely pissed off here. Where is the follow up for a paying customer? I just received a call from the Avon office who states that pest control will be out around 1430 to 1500. This is unacceptable, I have wife who is 7 months pregnant, a 3 year old, and a dog with me. Do you think I really want to spend the rest of my vacation in a home with DEAD cockroaches?
I just now got off the phone with someone, not sure what her name was, who I left a voicemail message for who actually called me back and apologized for the roaches and assured me that the chemicals are eco friendly. She also agreed to give me a free house a free house cleaning, are you kidding me? I have now wasted half my day waiting for a call and now have to waste more time for people to come and fix these issues.

Rating: Can't wait to go back! 11/5/2009
Reviewer: Suzanne

My family and I stayed in 484-B with Sun Realty in September. It was the perfect time of year to visit the OBX - beautiful weather and very peaceful. Everyone at Sun was very friendly and helpful. Can't wait to go back next year!

Rating: Great rental experience 10/19/2009
Reviewer: Danielle R

I rented from Sun Realty, it was a great vacation! The check in was easy, my condo overlooking the beach was clean and cozy, and I loved everything about the Outer Banks! Sun was courteous and professional, and I will rent from them again on my next beach vacation.

Rating: Looking forward to OBX again 2/17/2009
Reviewer: Tara

Had a terrific OBX vacation last year, just booked for this coming summer. Found a great house with Sun again. Have had good luck so far, stayed with them 3 times and no problems. Nice houses, friendly people.

Rating: OBX is the best! 11/22/2005
Reviewer: T. Hall

We have stayed in Sun Realty homes for 5 years in a row. They have a terrific selection, good rental prices and friendly, helpful staff. We just made our reservations for 2006 and can't wait for another great OBX vacation.

Rating: Satisfied 8/6/2005
Reviewer: LuvOBX

This was our 2nd year to rent thru Sun. Upon entering our rental there were several problems. Our pool was filthy dirty, the hot tub was not hot and a porch screen was ripped. When I called to complain Sun staff was very friendly. The pool was cleaned within an hour of calling and someone came to check on the hot tub. It had a broken heating element that required further maintance the following day. The porch screen was never fixed. Overall, I was satisfied with the speedy repairs and would use Sun Realty in the future.

Rating: Can't wait to return! 12/28/2004
Reviewer: Laura

After hearing about the Outer Banks for many years, we made our first trip there this fall. I can't believe we waited so long! Sun Realty was wonderful. Their web site provided loads of info and their staff was also very helpful. We plan to return next year with friends!

Rating: Terrific Vacation 5/20/2004
Reviewer: John of MA

We used Sun Realty for our vacations for the last 8 years, and they have always been helpful. They have a great selection of vacation houses and we have never had a problem. They are consistantly nice people and always get the details right.

Rating: Great First Impression 5/4/2004
Reviewer: Lillian

My family just returned from a fantastic week in Duck. We used Sun Realty for the first time this year and I was very impressed. The office ran so smoothly, we were in and out of there in minutes. Everyone was friendly and the house was beautiful. It got us off to as great start and I feel comfortable recommending them to anyone.

Rating: Could Have Been Better 4/6/2004
Reviewer: KH OH

Sun Realty was unresponsive to our repeated calls about the broken hot tub which we were not able to use at all the entire trip. E-mails weren't responded to but phone calls were accepted and the staff was EXTREMELY friendly. Hoping our experience was isolated. However, we wouldn't let this get in the way of renting a house that we found that suited our needs if it were listed with Sun.

Rating: Great selection and friendly staff 3/12/2004
Reviewer: Joanne

We've rented from Sun Realty for 5 years in a row and have had a wonderful experience every time. We can always find a terrific cottage and are able to get settled quickly. We had a minor maintenance issue last year and they were quick to respond. We can't wait to return this summer!