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MP 4 Beach Rd
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949


Seafood, wood-fired pizzas, daily lunch & dinner specials. Lunch & Dinner. Bar. MC, V, Amx. Open all year

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Rating: good and consistent 10/31/2017
Reviewer: RAHohio

We have had many a dinners here over the years and I can say the food and service is consistently good. Its rare to find a place where the whole table will be satisfied w/ their meal. This is one.

Rating: Good food 10/26/2017
Reviewer: pens4821

We enjoyed our dinner here. I had the steak with shrimp and it was good. Don't remember exactly what the others in my party had, but we all agreed we'd be back. You could see the ocean a little over the dune from the dining room. Service was friendly/efficient. Prices weren't bad considering where you are.

Rating: Great Service,Great Location,Food not so much 10/26/2017
Reviewer: colleen40

Pro's- The service at Black Pelican is terrific. They have a wonderful staff working for them. The location is great with nice views and I loved the funky coastal decor. The place has a great atmosphere. The flooring needs to be updated, for me personally I do not like old dirty carpets in restaurants, something about that.
Cons-The food.The food is just not good. I did not try the pizza so maybe I ordered the wrong thing. Sometimes it is just best if a restaurant has a smaller menu and does those items really well. The Black Pelican has a very large menu selection and everything we ordered was not done correctly or even tasted good. Some of the items were bad, such as the spinach salad. The menu and cooking staff needs an overhaul.
My recommendation would be this is probably a great happy hour place and stick to the pizzas.

Rating: Can't go wrong 12/20/2015
Reviewer: cjd

This is one of those local restaurants that never lets one down. The wait can be lengthy during the summer, but if you aren't dining with a crowd, the bar almost always has spaces available. The wood-fired pizzas are the best anywhere, the entrees are fresh and the seafood is supposed to be local. Personally, I will not eat upstairs. I find it noisy, harsh, and for no logical reason, the food never seems to taste a good.

Rating: First Time Visit 9/14/2015
Reviewer: Jstangl

Been coming to the Outer Banks for 30+ years and this was our first visit. Seven of us ate here last week - place is huge inside and we all had very good meals - from the flatbread pizzas to fried chicken to Herb Panko Crusted Grouper to Fisherman's Risotto. Delicious Key Lime Pie too!

Rating: Did not live up to the hype 8/17/2015
Reviewer: DeanK

I have to admit I was a little disappointed. The service was fine. The building is amazing, as is the location. It was the food that was a let down. We were really looking forward to the food. While nothing was all that bad, other than dishes were served luke warm, I did not feel that the food was all that great, either. I'd say up there with most local Red Lobster's. Maybe we had our expectations too high - but I doubt I'll go back.

Rating: Pizza is great 11/6/2014
Reviewer: Tim-OBX

They are the only place on the beach that I know of that cooks pizza in a brick over fired with hot coals. It is delicious and unique.

The specials are the best things to order most of the time, the regular menu items are ok, but the specials are often really special.

Rating: Great place. 7/25/2014
Reviewer: Biggs

I've been going there for years and have never had a bad experience. Everyone is friendly, food is great. Be prepared to wait for a table, it's that popular because its that good. Faster option is to sit at the bar, if there's room..

Rating: Don't bother 2/23/2014
Reviewer: jb4me

We used to come for drinks/food on every visit but the last couple of years, after giving this place a second, third fourth chance we will not return. Unfriendly, and food is awful if you're lucky enough that they even have what you want. Always seem to be out of certain menu items. Never encountered such rude bartenders, as well. Go across the street to Mo's, their bartenders are always happy and seem glad you're there.

Rating: Try the shrimp and grits 7/30/2013
Reviewer: beachbumz

Ate there on Mon. July 29. The Shrimp and Grits were great! My 2 fellow beachbumzs meals weren't. I've always liked the pizza's I've had there before.

Reviewer: BeachBumBob

Been to BP many times - all with my family and every time the food was great. Just a little $$$ pricey and little longer for food to get delivered. If your vacationing in KH, definitely worth the stop - makes a nice family lunch when it's not as busy as next door.

Rating: Not sure what we are missing but.... 7/29/2012
Reviewer: bizbach

We have tried BP three times since it is so well reviewed here. The first time we gave up as the wait was so long (no ones fault of course) Second time we sat at bar to watch football and the appetizers were pretty terrible. Third time we stopped in for a quick lunch as our friends were about to hit to road for the airport. We sat upstairs, view of ocean was nice, that was about the only good thing. Though the restaurant was nearly empty it took a long time to get waited on. The place was kind of dirty. The waitress could not even tell us what kind of fish the special was. (can't blame her turned out to be some sort of frozen mush) The rest of our meals ranged from average to below average and we left a lot of food on our plates, not because the portions were big. I probably won't give it another shot but since so many like it wondering if dinner is where they shine?

Rating: Don't miss the Pelican 10/23/2010
Reviewer: Lee

I can't believe no one mentioned the Pelican's Prime-Rib! I'm a beef nut and their Prime Rib is the best I've ever had...time after time. Oh, yeah....the white seafood pizza is "off the hook".

Rating: Great beach restaurant 10/5/2010
Reviewer: marid4061

Love the atmosphere of this restaurant. Last time I ate there I got a crab cake meal. They were wonderful. My husband got a flounder dinner. The fish was huge! I have never seen such a large portion. I topped dinner off with a Bailey's fudge torte. A chocolate lover's absolute delight. I like going in the off season when it is not so busy. Long waits in the summer. The only downside to me is that the menu is pretty limited.

Rating: One of the best! 10/26/2009
Reviewer: Melissa

They have great seafood and steak alongside some history and a relaxing environment. This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants!

Rating: White Seafood Pizza is Great 9/30/2009
Reviewer: RoosterCogburn

Also Love their steamed oysters for $5.00 a dozen in the fall. Drink specials everyday! We eat here at least once on every trip!

Rating: 2nd time 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Lisa

and it was just as good as the first. will definately return.

Rating: Black Pelican is great! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Colleen

We love the Black Pelican - great atmosphere and food. The Bailey's Fudge Torte is a favorite!

Rating: Definately every year 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Cindy (obx4cindy)

We make sure we visit at least once every time we are down. LOVE IT

Rating: Going Back For Prime Rib 9/15/2009
Reviewer: Mike

We enjoyed our dinners but I can't remember what I had. Especially since when we were about to leave I saw a healthy sized prime rib being delivered to the table next us. I gotta go back to try it out.

Rating: I'll Be Back! 7/31/2009
Reviewer: Anonymous

Ate there for the first time yesterday and can't belive I haven't found the place sooner!Had a Corn,Crab and Polano Chowder that was good,It could have been a little thicker but it packed some flavor and you could find the Crab in it.Also had the Shrimp Basket fried of course and although it looked like they skimped on the Shrimp they were large and done just right where it was all I could do to finish the last one and leave the fries.A Friend of Mine ordered the Pasta with Shrimp and Scallops,spinach,Mushrooms in a cream sauce and that was good.The Service was SLOW and We were the only ones at the bar and could not get our drinks out fast enough.But I will be back.

Rating: A lunchtime staple 6/7/2009
Reviewer: Sam

OVERALL: The Black Pelican is a consistently great restaurant in terms of value, quality, portions, and service. While there is nothing extraordinary about the menu itself, the food is very tastefully prepared and presented. No matter where you go (either on the Outer Banks or anywhere else), beach dining is always a little expensive, which is why the Black Pelican is a great lunch destination. It has a great view of the water from the second floor.

Appetizers are sizable and delicious. I'm a transplant from the South, so I'm a sucker for shrimp 'n grits. And these are pretty darned good, if a little spicy for some folks' tastes. The portions for most meals is so large that you're overstuffed or feel like you need to take half home to save room for the dessert. I'd recommend the key lime pie.

Rating: We visit every year 9/11/2008
Reviewer: Cathy

This is my son's favorite restaurant in OBX. He loves their wood-fired pizza. I have enjoyed everything I've ever ordered; they have some great specials. You will definitely have a long wait if you don't go early, but they have a high deck with a limited outside bar with ocean views/breezes so the time spent waiting is enjoyable. Great desserts!

Rating: Kinda Average 5/13/2008
Reviewer: RobinA

I could have eaten this food at the chain in the mall at home. Without the long wait. Probably good with a large group including finicky children.

Rating: always on our list to eat at 5/12/2008
Reviewer: The Jones'

We eat here everytime we come to obx (twice a year) Never have we been disapointed and the atmosphere is great!

Rating: Always good 12/30/2007
Reviewer: Sal

Best gourmet pizza on the beach. Half priced bottles of wine on Tuesdays.

Rating: Love the Place 10/4/2007
Reviewer: Karen

The Black Pelican is not only an outstanding place for a good meal, but a great place to see what the old Outer Banks was all about. Nothing fancy here-just good food and a great atmosphere. Don't ever change.

Rating: NOT BAD NOT GREAT 9/12/2007
Reviewer: pittguy25

i will try again but its not my first choice

Rating: Our favorite OBX Restaurant 6/26/2007
Reviewer: Donna Geddes

We eat at the Black Pelican every chance w eget. The food is delicious, the service is great and you can't beat the atmosphere.

Rating: VERY Yummy 8/7/2006
Reviewer: Anonymous

WE loved the Black Pelican. The food was very good and the staff awsome . Next time we will get there earlier so we don't have to wait so long

Rating: Awesome food 8/1/2006
Reviewer: xrayman

We have been eating here for years. The food is great, the service is always great too. Save room for desserts!!!! We end up getting ours to go for later. I love the tuna nagano.

But the plastic deck chairs for dinner are very unexceptable, not sturdy and don't meet any decor for a place of this class. Other than the BBQ place it is only place I have see them.

Rating: Very good 7/15/2006
Reviewer: allison

Had dinner here today, the best since we've been here. Jimmy's buffet is sickening, Costal Cactus is tasteless and Owens-expensive and VERY overated.

Rating: Three Words 11/16/2005
Reviewer: Dave

. . . White Seafood Pizza. Go for that alone.

Rating: Favorite place on the banks 11/3/2005
Reviewer: Amiee

If you're looking for the Best place on the banks to have a fabulous dining experience... this is it! The food is exceptional, the service is always great, and the atmosphere is perfect. Every time we visit the banks, we plan a pelican night!!!

Rating: Love the Pelican 10/8/2005
Reviewer: pelcndeb

Great food, wonderful service, fun bar with trivia, kid friendly if you need that.
Try the black bean and corn ravioli and the oven fired pizza with hot peppers and feta cheese...

Rating: One of our new found favorites 10/26/2004
Reviewer: MARY-OHIO

Some of the best crab bisque I ever had, although you've got to hit the right night for it to be soup de jour. Had their seafood pizza this time. Really good! Very nice atmosphere and a real nice gift shop.

Rating: Always a good place to eat 10/26/2004
Reviewer: Tim

While your meal may not be GREAT, it will be good and this place has a lot of atmosphere to share. The lunch menu is very good with fresh fish or one of the best hamburgers on the beach. The diner menu is always good with fish, pizza from the wood ovens, or sandwiches. The Pelican is worth a visit!

Rating: GREAT SERVICE AND FOOD 8/16/2004
Reviewer: Sarah

Went out on a limb and ordered the Thai noodles with spicy peanut sauce - DELISH! I will definately go back.

Rating: Well Worth a Visit 1/24/2004
Reviewer: Neil

The food is very good, not "GREAT", but the service is fast & friendly. My daughter's personal pizza was quite good, and my fried flounder was big enough for three people. Kinda pricey, but hey -- you're on vacation!

Rating: If you like a little history with dinner ... 11/18/2003
Reviewer: obxgrlinva

Good food, nice atmosphere. The first time we ate here was free courtesy of Barrier Island Kitty Hawk.

Rating: If you like a little history with dinner ... 11/16/2003
Reviewer: Seadog

Our favorite here is the wood-oven baked pizza. Really good seafood pastas, too. They also have delicious daily specials --the first time we were there we had lobster ravioli -- yum! But it's the atmosphere that really makes this place special for us. It was an old lifesaving station -- the place where the Wright Brothers sent the telegram home to Ohio announcing their first flight. It is filled with nautical antiques and Wright Bros. memorabilia. It has big windows all around and from the top dining room, you have a great view of the ocean. Check out their neat website. Love this place.

Rating: :o) 11/15/2003
Reviewer: Michelle

Good food, nice staff, nice atmosphere