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4602 S Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959

Our mission is to provide our guests with a once in a blue moon dining experience. Specializing in local seafood and southern comfort food with a Caribbean twist, Blue Moon Beach Grill is the little restaurant that could. Lunch and dinner served daily from 11:00AM til 9:00 PM, outside dining, family friendly, take out, bar, and credit cards accepted.

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Rating: Back to the Blue Moon 6/25/2021
Reviewer: PhilChouinard

My Better Half and I stopped for lunch on a windy, overcast day. The remodeling they've done since we were last there (created a "waiting bar", added a game room, and outdoor dining) were welcome I recall the large crowds inside and outside while waiting for a table before). Even though it was at lunch, there was a small wait... we saw that as a good thing. Sat at the bar in the main area and had two of the specials blackened shrimp salad and softshell BLT. Both were delicious. Service was good, too. Good to see one of our "regular stops" while on the OBX is better than it was. Highly recommended!

Rating: Great Food! 6/16/2019
Reviewer: pdcnurse

My niece and I decided to try this place because the reviews were good and we had never been here before. What a great experience. They were busy but we were seated quickly. Our server was so friendly and efficient. The atmosphere was inviting and fun. I ordered the crab cake and it was the best one I've ever had. The hand cut fries were not greasy and were so good. This is going to be my new go to place. I recommend Blue Moon to anyone who enjoys good food and friendly service.

Rating: Amazing 10/30/2017
Reviewer: bobbyg

Worth the wait! The specials are usually worth a look and a taste.

Rating: Wonderful Lunch 5/16/2016
Reviewer: Jstangl

My wife had the Portabello Sandwich with fries and I had the Blackened Wahoo Tostado - both were excellent. We got there right at 11:30 and beat the rush - the place filled up within minutes after we had placed our orders.

Rating: Great lunch! 8/31/2015
Reviewer: OBX_Kool

BMBG is consistently good. I've been there several times. This last time I had the Mahi-BLT and loved it!

Rating: a new tradition 8/17/2015
Reviewer: kenjo123

We have made dinner at The Blue Moon a new vacation tradition. We all love the shrimp and grits, sooooo good. I am also partial to the flourless chocolate cake.

Rating: Great food! 8/16/2015
Reviewer: Cedelchef

I finally tried the crab cakes here this year. I've loved the food and service here since 2009. Service is great and I've never had a meal I didn't enjoy here. I love the Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp Napoleon appetizer.

Rating: The reviews tell it all 5/16/2015
Reviewer: pghbghr

After reading about it for years we went for lunch this past week and it was amazing. My wife did the salad of the day with a fresh filet of fish, red grapes and a strawberry dressing that she raved about. I did the Shrimp not a Burger that was incredible combination of favors. This will me a "must do" on future trips.

Rating: Excellent 2/19/2015
Reviewer: SPARKY

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals last night at Blue Moon. Started with side caesars and finished with bouillabaisse and my wife had the free range chicken. What was even better than those two dishes was the lunch I had there today. Mulligan's was closed for renovations ( I felt like a burger this afternoon). So I ventured over to Blue Moon in the cold. The grilled swordfish which was cooked perfectly served over a butternut squash and goat cheese cake and collard greens with a raspberry vin cotta was in my opinion to die for. I am looking forward to the opening of their new restaurant in Pirate's Cove. I overheard people who went to the soft opening last night and said the food was absolutely fabulous. Good Luck with the new venture. We will be back in April to try it.

Rating: EXCELLENT 12/28/2014
Reviewer: SPARKY

My wife and I returned to Blue Moon last night and had an extraordinary meal at the Bar. The pepper dusted barrelfish with brussel sprouts, butternut squash, Bacon was cooked to perfection and absolutely excellent. The crab stuffed flounder in a light beurre blanc with asparagus was also delicious. Congrats and thank you to the servers and kitchen staff.

Rating: The first miss 11/8/2014
Reviewer: SPARKY

I am a big fan of Blue Moon Beach Grill as everyone I have taken there has found something great on the menu. My wife and I and guests have eaten there over two dozen times over the years. The Barrel Fish special I had earlier in the year was probably the best dish I have eaten out all year and I dine out frequently in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I have also owned restaurants in Brooklyn for the last 25 years. I do not want to sound like a food snob but the Wahoo Special with the ratatouille (it was actually a caponata as it had olives) and the stuffed fresh pasta (which was inadvertantly served with the plastic wrap) was not a very well composed dish. Too salty and the ingredients did not meld (strong cheese and fish) together. We will be back over Christmas week.

Rating: Consistently a great experience 11/8/2014
Reviewer: bobbyg

We seem to get lucky in season but definitely go pretty frequently in the off season. We had lunch last Saturday and the food was awesome. The specials are very creative and the presentation perfect.

Rating: great place - too crowded 11/6/2014
Reviewer: Tim-OBX

This place is great but it is crowded and small. Go really early or really late or be ready for an hour wait. Great food! I only go in the off season.

Rating: Best Shrimp and Grits 3/14/2013
Reviewer: jroverstreet08

I have eaten there twice, and it has been a wonderful experience. They have the best shrimp and grits I've ever had. I would highly recommend it.

Rating: Very good food. 2/5/2013
Reviewer: RAHohio

I would no doubt recommend this place for a great meal. The Mahi Mahi BLT was excellent. A side of fries is plenty to share. The atmosphere is casual & looks nice. I'd say the only downfall is it can get a bit loud in there.

Rating: Our First Stop! 1/28/2013
Reviewer: demps

This is our rendezvous point. We have three groups coming from different places and we time everything around meeting at Blue Moon for lunch.

Our crew of 12 is a pretty tall order for a place this size. They really aren't set up to handle us but, they make it work every time.

The food is fantastic - memorable plates: Mahi Mahi BLT, Crab Cakes, Pulled Pork, my daughter thinks the skin on fries are the best in the world (but, won't eat them anywhere else.)

Service has been top notch as well and I see familiar faces from year to year so, I'm guessing they like being there too.

While the place is really casual, and the menu has something for every, the chef ownership really shows through. It's in the DNA.

Need further proof? Check out their off the charts ratings on Trip Advisor.


Rating: Glad we made it back 9/13/2012
Reviewer: Jstangl

We didn't stop at the Blue Moon last year on our visit and I'm sure happy we made it a point to stop here for lunch on Tuesday. My wife and I both had the Shrimp (Not a Burger) Sandwiches - I had my shrimp blackened and my wife just had her shrimp grilled and we both thoroughly enjoyed our meals.

We've never had even a mediocre meal here - everything has been fantastic.

Rating: Awesome Place!! 4/27/2012
Reviewer: katekev04

Had a great experience last September during the CLOBC trip! Great service, great food. Had the risotto, not a person in our large group was disappointed!

Rating: Love This Place 4/18/2012
Reviewer: Will

I've only gotten the chance to eat at the Blue Moon Beach Grill twice, but it is one of my new favorites. I will definitely go back this summer and try a few new dishes.

Rating: Not the best 8/17/2011
Reviewer: Tim C

We ate there this year and were disappointed. The service was good, but that's where the good ended.

The crab bisque had crab shells in it. They were out of several items on the menu, so both my wife and I decided to have the fish and chips.

The fish and chips were soggy. Soaked with oil. Not the best. Not near as good as last year.

Last but not least. I do think they jacked the prices from last year. If I want to pay a lot for greasy fried food I'll go to KFC. I do like the 11 herbs and spices. The fish at the Blue Moon, on the other hand needs work.

Rating: YUM!!!! 7/27/2011
Reviewer: Nicole, Marc, Joanna, Ed, Chrissy and David

My husband and I went to this restaurant tonight with two other couples. We all loved the food, the service, the environment, etc. It was the meal we had on our vacation. We will certainly go back next year. The shrimp and grits .... YUM!!!!

Rating: Awesome! 7/10/2011
Reviewer: Annie

Best Shrimp and Grits I've ever eaten! Fun, relaxing atmosphere, great service!

Rating: OUTSTANDING!!! 6/30/2011
Reviewer: mw

Awesome fresh fish special and the Shrimp Grits were amazing. Fantastic waitstaff, very kid friendly.

Rating: Yum! 5/28/2011
Reviewer: RW

The Shrimp and Grits are excellent and the service was great.

Rating: Looking forward to eating their Great Food in September 2011 5/11/2011
Reviewer: Sis, Chris, Denny, Sherry, Rick & Eva

We heard about the Blue Moon on our way
through Staunton, Virginia. From what we heard, Scott and Melissa worked in that area prior to relocating to N.C. Out first experience was September 2009 and we found the food to be excellent. Place is a little cozy, but the food is the best.
We visited again in September 2010 and found the food was even better than we remembered it to be. Expecially the Crab Bisque. So good I went home and tried to duplicate the flavors. Came close, but theirs is the greatest.

Rating: Named after my favorite beer 4/1/2011
Reviewer: NJ Transplant

Find out for yourself how GREAT this little hole-in-the-wall place is. It was recommend to me by Bonnie's Bagels and they know good food. I understand they expanded, however, I would have preferred that they move to Southern Shores (The Market Place) where they can be found ... and closer to me.

Rating: Teriffic 12/7/2010
Reviewer: PaulfromMD

We tried this place last summer during our annual trip, and I have to agree that it is great! One caution, go early. It's a tiny place, and it fills up quickly. We were seated right away, but be the time we left, they were telling people that there was a 45 minute wait.

My wife had the Shrimp and Grits, and raved about it. I had tilefish with a Provincial (?) sauce, and was surprised that such a small place could pull off a sophisticated dish like that.

The only minor complaint I had was that they don't provide any kind of bread to get all the delicious sauce.

We will absolutely be visiting again!

Rating: Continues to be one of the best 9/29/2010
Reviewer: Robert

After last year's dinner at the Blue Moon we had decided that we would have the Blue Moon Beach Grill on this year's restaurant short list and honored that decision. Took us about 35 minutes from Sanderling via the Five Lanes of Death. Normally would take the Beach Road but we were starving and wanted to try to beat the crowds.

The Blue Moon is located at MP 13 on the Big Road in Nags Head. Specifically it is located in the southwest corner of a non-descript strip mall. The exterior of the restaurant is just as non-descript and drab. It could be a coin-operated laundry or a H&R Block office.....but we didn't come for the ambiance.

The inside is pleasant enough but lacks any kind of character save the tee shirts, the open kitchen and the sign above the door to the rest rooms which states, "Unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy".

Immediately in front of you as you enter is a 9 stool bar with the open kitchen directly beyond the bar. To the right and left are maybe 9/10 against the walls. The place is not big.

We were met by the owner (currently with child in waiting) who told us there was only one couple ahead of us. She said we could wait outside and she would call us......I spotted a stool at the bar and said we would have a drink there and wait for either the bar (our preference) or a table to open up. What a delightful lady she is.

We ordered wine and a beer.....they did not have Fat Tire amber ale on tap so ordered a Heavy Seas Pale Ale. Never had it before but it is a very nice pale ale.

As I am standing behind my wife who is seated at the bar, I notice that beyond the two 20ish local ladies was a vacant stool. Now if they would move over one stool I could sit down and we could order. Giving them the benefit that they did not see us, I dropped a few hints.....nothing. I wanted to just ask them to move down one but guess I just felt that I shouldn't have to ask. Anyway they never moved but a table come up after maybe only a ten minute wait so it wasn't a major inconvenience. Just bugged me.....probably should have mentioned this to the owner but didn't.

anyway let's get to the reason we came here.....the food. We shared a special appetizer.....pan seared scallops over seaweed salad ($12). Scallops could have been seared a little more for me but they were good. My wife loved the seaweed salad, I took a pass after having a mouthful.....just not my thing although must say it had a very interesting favor.

For our entrees, my wife had the sesame Yellowfin tuna over a seaweed salad, rice and wasabi special ($20). She ordered the Yellowfin rare. She loved the tuna and the salad but was a little surprised that the rice wasn't something other than your basic white rice. A nice brown rice would have been better.

I have become a huge shrimp and grits fan and I remember them from last year's visit so I went for them again ($19). They were just as heavenly as last year. There were six tasty decent sized shrimp in wonderful cheesy grits with bits of bacon, onions and red peppers along with spices. The heat level could have gone up a tad but I'm being picky here. My only minor comment is I wish they would add cornbread so I could mop up the bottom of my bowl.

Price was very reasonable and very similar to Kill Devil Grill where we were the night before. One appetizer, 2 entrees, 3 wines and 2 beers totaled, with tax $84.02.

The Blue Moon Beach Grill has definitely moved onto our favorites list.

Rating: Worth the raves! 9/20/2010
Reviewer: Jstangl

We ate here twice in the last two weeks. I had a blackend crab cake sandwich and shrimp and grits - my wife had the mahi-mahi BLT both times. Food was excellent - probably a tie for the best we had this year - tying with Owens! The Fat Tire and Guinness were very good as well.

Definitely a must for those eating out!

Rating: Shrimp & Grits 1/2/2010
Reviewer: Pete & Donna

Six stars, nothing compares.

Rating: Great Food 10/28/2009
Reviewer: DemoDemon801

We stopped at the Blue Moon a couple hours after arriving in the OBX. The food was great. It took a while to get a table, but we had a group. Everything was fantastic, I was shocked with how amazing my steak hoagie was. I heard the seafood was great, but the quality of the hoagie surprised me. Everybody in our group was very happy.

Rating: Absolutely wonderful 10/26/2009
Reviewer: YMINIowa

After reading all of the reviews and comments regarding the Blue Moon, a visit there was high on my list of "Where to Dine During this Year's Vacation." The experience not only met, but exceeded my expectations! Since I was dining alone, I sat at the bar (although I was offered a table). Reading the menu and daily specials on the board, I was overwhelmed by the choices. Then, watching the dishes coming from the kitchen, I wondered how I'd ever decide what to order! Since the shrimp & grits have been mentioned so many times in other reviews, I went for that. Delicious, absolutely delicious. The shrimp were cooked to perfection and presented on a bed of grits & cheese (smoked gouda, I think). I savored each and every bite. I had hoped to dine there again, but, much to my disappointment, they were closed when I returned. Don't let the fact that the restaurant is located in a strip mall put you off. The offerings are just as good (probably better) than most of the fine dining places on the Outer Banks. Great food, fun atmosphere, super staff and good value. The Blue Moon has it all!

Rating: Always good everything 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Woodduck

It's all good...always!

Rating: Fantastic 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Beachsong

'Nuf said...

Rating: Everything is Yummy 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Janine

Everything I've tried so far is over the top delicious. Love the French Fries. The pulled pork BB-Q Sandwich is the best I've had.

Rating: One of the best meals... 10/3/2009
Reviewer: Lids

I have visted the OBX for the first time in May and ate at Blue Moon for lunch on the way down to Hatteras. Food was just awesome that we ate lunch on the way back home after our week's vacation. Both times I had the fish tacos and absolutely loved it. Also had the Italian lemon cake (think that was the name) and it was just so light an airy.

My next trip to the OBX (staying in Nags Head) I went back to the Blue Moon for dinner for the first night. Was with my friend this time and I again had the fish tacos (liked them so much the first time I had it again) and my friend had the Angel's Delight. We also shared a Scallop appetizer. The food again was top notch and I cannot wait to go back down to the OBX and stop for a meal.

Good food, good service, and just a great atmosphere.

Rating: best food on the beach and great people who work there! 9/29/2009
Reviewer: mark alexander

like i said scott and melissa and mike, tyra, caitlin were great. we heard about the blue moon on the obc connection and tried it on our second day and ended up eating there every day sometimes twice. we have decided sam and omies for breakfast and blue moon the rest of our vacation. and an occasional visit to the fishersmans warff great food great people and had a great vacation.

Rating: This place rocks! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Wavedancer

Was taken there by a dear friend (vanative) who recommended the BBQ sandwich. As a member of a nationaly ranked competition BBQ team I have to say I was a home run in flavor. If I had the room I would have had another, go, you won't be disappointed!

Rating: A Diamond in the Rough 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Steve

From general appearances one would not expect this place to have such outstanding food, with tremendously great service, at such an affordable price. It's now on the top tier of our favorite places.

Rating: Can't wait to go back! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Patti (orangekitty)

Excellent food and service. We went there twice during our week's stay at the Outer Banks this past summer. We're looking forward to visiting again next year!

Rating: Great food and service 9/28/2009
Reviewer: dave

A must The food is great and well prepared. You will not be dissapointed with anything on the menu An the service is terrific. You own littlw "Cheers" bar at the beach

Reviewer: Donna Andrews

If you are in the Outer Banks you are not going to experience the best of it until you go to the Blue Moon Beach Grill. Has a local feel with welcoming warmth for vactioners. The food is exceptional. We will be back in fact I think we may go back tomorrow for lunch!! Thanks for the great meal Adam.

Rating: Delish! 7/23/2009
Reviewer: Melody (roanokeis)

Have dined at the Blue Moon twice now and plan on going there this evening. Got the shrimp and grits on my second visit and it was divine! Very flavorful and lots of tender large shrimp. The grits were heavenly and creamy. Service excellent. We were made to feel right at home as soon as we entered. Two thumbs up from this local and I highly recommend!!!

Rating: One of my favorite OBX restaurants! 7/8/2009
Reviewer: M&M

Wonderful service! Wonderful food! Had the Mahi BLT and carrot cake last night. Both were divine! I highly recommend Blue Moon Beach Grill for anyone needing a big helping of southern hospitality with their entree.

Rating: dont hate anonymous. it is THAT good. 7/3/2009
Reviewer: Mabel Allsbrook

there used to be a lot more reviews on here.. 5 star reviews. from authentic customers trying to spread the word. since i rarely get a good meal on my yearly week long vacation to obx, we were excited to try it when we came to town for a wedding. They have a real culinary trained chef...not a 17 year old fryer here from michigan on summer break. Blue Cheese Crab bisque would most likely be the starter of King Tritan's last supper. And well, I wouldnt be suprised if he asked Blue Moon Grill to cater Ariel and Prince Erics wedding too. Go for the wings, calamari (sauce is to die!), ceasar salad..the best of tried. Also tried the brunswick stew...also amazing. So the other horrible eateries that make money just by sheer default of volume are getting mad that people sit in line to get one of the very few tables to have the most delicious food ive found in the outer banks. legit review from a legit customer. oh and ask for Katelyn...the bubbly redhead server made our meal even more enjoyable!

Rating: 2/11 6/12/2009
Reviewer: Anonymous

Strange that almost all these post were from the same day! Could it be the owners??? HMMM

Rating: The little restaurant that could. 6/8/2009
Reviewer: debi

your mission was accomplished. you provided this guest with that once in a blue moon experience. The crab soup and the shrimp and grits were in one word amazing. To those of you reading this, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go and try this wonderful little place and see for yourself what everyone is talking about.

Rating: You have to try it! 6/8/2009
Reviewer: Cheryl

If you're vacationing on the Outer Banks this summer, you need to go to this restaurant! The food is delicious and inventive, but NOT so "out there" that you leave thinking, "that was pretty, but what was it?" The specials are always wonderful; a delicious menu staple is the Mahi BLT. Everyone in your group can find something they will love.Terrific place.. get there early because it is small.

Rating: A New Favorite 4/16/2009
Reviewer: Robert Via - OBX Limo

My wife and I enjoyed our 1st visit today for lunch. We were pleasently surprised with the great food,service and comfort of the place. We met Scott and Melissa several years ago when they worked @ Mulligans when it was on the Beach Rd MP11. The young couple have a very good focus on what they are doing and we are sure they will succeed. We have lived in Nags Head since 1997 and are very happy and proud to have this grill available in our neighborhood.

Rating: Great food - Great owners and staff 2/12/2009
Reviewer: Sal

The food is great, the service is great and the owners (Scott and Melissa) are even greater. The Mahi BLT and Oyster poboy are killer sandwiches. The sauce Scott makes for the fried calamri is so good (I wouldn't even want to try and duplicate it). I need to try more food off the menu (and I will). This restaurant is the pearl in your oyster.

Rating: It Won't Stay A Secret Long 2/11/2009
Reviewer: Melissa Towler

Let me tell you a secret. The Outer Banks newest restaurant, The Blue Moon, is truly a diamond in the rough. Located at one end of a tiny strip mall, you'd never in a million years expect the exceptional cuisine and service that you get there. My menu choice was the Shrimp and Grits and it was terrific. My co workers and myself plan to have lunch at The Blue Moon tomorrow. That's a record for me. I haven't been to the same restaurant twice in one week in a long time. This one is special and for the time being, it's a secret! It won't stay that way for long.

Rating: The Blue Moon is a MUST 2/11/2009
Reviewer: Ellie Butrus

An all new local's hangout with great food and a friendly staff that will make you feel right at home. We've already eaten there 3 times and it's only been open a week. Their Shrimp & Grits and the Caesar Salad are killer. The wings and Oyster Rockafella are the best I've ever had. It's NEW and a MUST if you live here or just visiting the Outer Banks for fresh, innovative seafood dishes.

Rating: Second visit 2/11/2009
Reviewer: Bobby Gentry

Well we had another tasty meal today at at Blue Moon, Mellie, Sal and I decided on a late lunch.This time was the fish tacos with white rice and black beans. Mellie and I had discussed the calamari so she ordered chowder and calamari. Good thing that it was a generous portion since I saw Sal's fork cross the table frequently. Susi had the fish and chips. She really enjoyed the fish and the fries are the best. Sal had the same fish tacos as I had and he was equally pleased. Scott and Melissa are slowly building a reputation as a must visit restaurant for locals and visitors alike. I think that their personalities and obvious passion for creating something special and different is refreshing. They did confirm that they will be making use of the ten picnic tables which is huge during the peak season. They also offer take out which is huge!!! Susi and I rarely eat dinner out during the summer since lunch is easier since everyone's on the beach. But we love dinner takeout and I am not talking about McDonald's!
I am really interested in some other folks reporting their experience at the Blue Moon.

Rating: Awesome food 2/11/2009
Reviewer: Bobby Gentry

Well, Susi and I have a date with Sal and Mellie to have a late lunch or early dinner on Tuesday at the Blue Moon Grill. However, my curiosity got the best of me and Susi and I had lunch there today. First, they are very nice folks (cute couple too). We were able to chat a bit and introduce ourselves. Even Will (buoyboy) came out and welcomed us and introduced himself
Well, the interior is very tastefully decorated. Every picture was one that we would welcome in our home. Need to find out who TW is also who was one of the artist of two beautiful beach paintings. The atmosphere was welcoming and fresh. You will feel like you have been there before.
The tea was freshly brewed and ususally I just order water because I hate tea that is weak and watered down. We began with the calamari. It was served on top of one of the best flavored lemon, pepper sauces that I have ever tasted. It was such a welcome difference from a marinara sauce that is served elsewhere. I followed Sal's lead and ordered the Mahi BLT. The fish was fresh and cooked perfectly and what can you say about crisp applewood bacon? The fries were obviously fresh cut and a real complement to the sandwich. Susi had the steak salad special. I am thinking that it was london broil and very tasty and seasoned. The salad had lots of the good stuff and was made with spinach. Susi called it the endless salad bowl. When she cried uncle, being the great husband I am, I assisted but only a bit since I was full and satisfied.
I will say that it more than lived up to the comments that Sal has made. I think the locals and visitors alike should consider Blue Moon as a must try restaurant! I am looking forward to Tuesday's visit and a different dish to try. I am betting for the in season visitors that you will need to consider late lunches or early dinners because the word is going to get out and they are going to be dealing with crowds during the in season. It is a smaller restaurant than a lot, but I am thinking that they will be taking advantage of the ten or so picnic tables outside for dining also. (At least I hope).
Kudos Scott and Melissa! Really nice meeting you today! I didn't catch our server and the other servers names but the service was top notch. And we enjoyed meeting Will also.
Bobby and Susi