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Duck Waterfront Shops
Duck, NC 27949


This waterfront bistro is one of our favorite places to dine on the Outer Banks. It's been open for dinner since 1989 and consistently receives rave reviews from magazines such as Southern Living and Gourmet as well as admiring local audiences. Here, regional Southern cooking takes on a cosmopolitan flair. A 1950sstyle interior with black-and-white checkered floors, red upholstery, and lots of chrome provides an upbeat, bustling atmosphere. An enclosed porch not only overlooks the sound, it actually overhangs it. From the small bar facing the aromatic kitchen, you can watch your appetizers being prepared while sipping a cocktail while waiting for a table.

The Blue Point's menu is contemporary Southern cuisine and changes seasonally. Starters range from Hatteras tuna to fresh tomato-mozzarella stacks, each artistically arranged and flavored with a fresh combination of seasonings. Entrees include jumbo lump crab cakes served with rice, black beans, and Currituck corn on the cob, homemade soups, unusual seafood dishes, steaks, salads, and perfect pastas. Desserts, like bourbon pecan pie or key lime pie, are divine. If you're into creative cooking that's sure to tantalize every taste bud -- and awaken some you might not realize you have -- this restaurant is a must-stop on the Outer Banks. It's open for dinner, and reservations are highly recommended; in summer, dinner reservations are required. The Blue Point is open seven days a week in season; call for off-season hours

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Rating: Favorite for years 1/27/2016
Reviewer: joefarrell

We are now Avon owners so our visits to the Blue Point will be limited in the future, but I had to take a moment to pass on a glowing review. this is one of our favorite spots and no trip visit to Duck would be complete without their She Crab soup ( a la minuet!) and Shrimp n Grits!

Rating: Just Wow! 12/20/2015
Reviewer: cjd

This is really our by far very favorite restaurant in all of the Outer Banks. I've never had a bad meal and the food as well as the experience is always consistent. We get lots of summer company and every one of them includes a visit to Blue Point in the vacation plan. If I could only ever go to one restaurant, this would be my pick.

Rating: Best Food for I've had for Top Dollar 9/24/2010
Reviewer: Jim

My wife and I visited Blue Point twice during the off-season in September. Yes, it can be considered pricy, but we found it was well worth it. The food taste and quality as well as the service was beyond all expectations and we would go their again. To those frustrated "bargain" customers that bad-mouth an establishment because it conflicts with their "Wal-mart" price range may I recommend Baldies (awesome burger joint across the street)oh and Wings has everything in the store 50% off!:)

Rating: A little disappointed 4/21/2010
Reviewer: Steve Duck, NC/Salisbury, MD

After loving this restaurant for years we were really disappointed when we went last month for dinner. Granted it is off season (March), it was a Sunday night, and the waiter seemed especially green. The food was not anywhere near the standard we have enjoyed, I ordered a simple cocktail that was served in the wrong type glas; the waiter acknowledged this, with no offer to correct, and brought the next one the same way. There are other restaurants that are consistently better in quality and service than we found. Because we've been here so many times before we will, reluctantly, try once more. Big disappointment.

Rating: One of our Favorites 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Frank & Linda

We've never been disappointed. It's great to be seated on the screened porch and watch the sunset over the Sound during dinner.

Rating: YUMMY 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Pam

I love the Blue Point and even more so since the expansion as it doesn't feel as crowded. I had a horrible experience the first time I ate there where the hostess gave our reserved table to another couple but the food was excellent so I gave it another try. Have eaten dinner there several times but never lunch until this year. Great lunch so now I have to try & fit a lunch and dinner in every year.

Rating: A Classic 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Steve

As always everything about a Blue Point experience (except trying to get a last minute reservation) is several notches above top notch. Been eating there for 15 years and will continue to do so.

Rating: A MUST DO! 3/7/2009
Reviewer: Katie and Kevin

Loved it, from the wonderful service, to the wonderful food...the pecan pie was the BEST I've ever had...sorry Grandma! Will definitely be back!

Rating: Excellent 9/16/2008
Reviewer: Jstangl

We ate here last week and it was excellent - the service was very good and the food was wonderful.

Rating: return visit 10/1/2007
Reviewer: Cheryl

Went to the Blue Point again in September; for dinner. It was awesome! I had the most delicious fish..so fresh and no overwhelming sauces. My husband had a steak and thought it was fantastic as well. Our service was attentive and friendly. This restaurant is quickly becoming one of our favorites.

Rating: One of our favorites 7/27/2007
Reviewer: Lisa

We love the Blue Point and make it an annual stop. Yes, it is more expensive than some other establishments, but the food is well worth it. Since the expansion, there is ample room and one does not feel crowded. The wait staff are veterans and very knowlegeable. The food is wonderful and after eating there many times, I have always left full and fully satisfied. It will continue to be an annual stop.

Rating: Nice food, slow to get it 4/25/2007
Reviewer: cheryl

I've eaten at Blue Point twice in March and April,2007. Dinner in March, lunch in April. They were extremely busy at dinner, so I could sort of understand when it took over 45 minutes to get our food, which was good..not outstanding by any stretch. But at lunch in April, they weren't overwhelmed with people and it took us close to an hour to get our meals. Again, it was fine,not awesome.Our waiter was very friendly, but offered no explanation as to why we had to wait so long. We didn't fuss over it; we WERE on vacation for goodness sakes, but it seemed kind of ridiculous.

Rating: Still one of the finest on the Outer Banks 10/17/2006
Reviewer: Robert

We went to dinner at the Blue Point Bar and Grille in the Waterfront Shops in Duck in early October 2006. We try to make the BPB&G one of our annual OB dinners, much like the Colington Cafe. We began eating at the Blue Point in 1990, the second year of its existence. Until last year it was a rather small place, it had an open kitchen, eating at the bar, and got quite noisy when it filled up, although quite frankly the noise level didn't really bother me.....it was "bistro like sound".

At that time it was the first place on the Outer Banks that served something other than your basic OB fare and didn't have the typical nautical/fishing decor of most restaurants. It had an "upscale" menu and feel to it.

Last year (2005) after Thanksgiving Dinner was served it closed and the next day work started to increase its size.

On entering the other night we extremely pleased with the expansion.....the character was still there, however the whole space was "opened up". The place seemed huge, however they only added six tables (24 seats). The expansion provided a much bigger bar (still can eat there), a huge open kitchen area, a big sous kitchen and a separate large screened dining room/area. Bottom line the renovation/expansion was extremely well done.

The wait staff was informative, pleasant and veterans of the Blue Point.

I had the She Crab Soup made with Spanish Sherry, Old Bay and Chives......different from most but oh soooooo good. Entree was Torchio Pasta and Carolina Shrimp with Smoked Bay Scallops, Sweet corn, Sugar Snap Peas, Chanterelle Mushrooms and Fresh Basil Butter.....outstanding.

My wife had Mesclun Greens with Champagne Vinegar Dressing, Almonds and Grapes. Her entree was Pan Fried Carolina Jumbo Lump Crabcakes, Black Beluga Lentils, Pickled Cucumbers and Whole Grain Mustrad Sauce. Outstanding as well.

We also had two pre dinner cocktails: One Jack on the Rocks and one Dirty Martini; two drinks with dinner: one house wine and one draft Stella Artois; and a bottle of Pellegrino.

I am somewhat perplexed with some of the reviews of the Blue Point as to the price, portions, service, food quality. We had a dinner that was excellent....hard pressed to find food, decor, service any better.

So what does one pay for this? Basically same prices we pay in New Jersey. $105.19 (gratuity not included).

Rating: pricey and just not that good 6/27/2005
Reviewer: luke

what does nyc, have to do with it? If the person does not like the place, where you have eaten in the past should not matter. I do not think because you pay more money for the food, will mean it is better. In this case definitely not. Take the advice of some of the others, and go elsewhere. The food was mediocre at best. If you want to pay high prices for mediocre food, this is the place. P.S. I have eaten in NYC at what you would probably say are "fine dining restaurants", this is not one in my opinion. Summary, small, pricey and it is food.

Rating: Run away 6/17/2005
Reviewer: klein

man oh man, (no name, from scranton)must own this place. This is a place for people who want to spend A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY and be able to say that they have eaten there, but can't tell you what they have eaten. Because the food and service are not worth writing about. What does it matter if they are a tourist or not. A tourist still has taste buds.

Rating: Man oh man 6/7/2005
Reviewer: Chunky

This is clearly the best place in Duck to eat -- by a long shot.

Yes, it is small and I've had spotty service, but I'm confident that most of the negative reviews are from the stereotypical OBX tourists. I'd rather pay $9 for a cup of seafood bisque than $19 for all you can eat crab at some slop house.

And what's with this guy - "I have been here three times and I hope to never return." It took him three times to decide it sucked and now he only "hopes' to never return? Dumbass.

Here's the bottom line: if you've ever been to NYC, the Blue Point is worth a visit. If you haven't, save your money for the slop houses, where they can seat you even if you're 250 pounds.

Rating: THE BEST 6/3/2005
Reviewer: Mark

I agree with frank if you trash the best restrurant on the beach at least put your name down LOL! WE LOVE THE BLUE POINT!

Rating: "noname" reviews 6/3/2005
Reviewer: Frank

Its strange that most the "reviews" of this amazing place have no names attached to them. In my opinion The Blue Point is easily one of the very best on the OBX and I work for their competition!

Rating: Good, but.... 4/23/2005
Reviewer: Jenice

While I enjoyed the food, the tables are crowded together and service was good, but not overly friendly. I paid $9 for a cup of OK seafood bisque--way too much. Won't do that again!

Rating: Where's the beef? 4/15/2005
Reviewer: Hungry

It was expensive and when I left I was still hungry.

Rating: Great Small Restaurant 3/28/2005
Reviewer: Carol

If you want a good meal, good wine and enjoy the idea of not being rushed through a meal,this a the place. Atmosphere is a casual beach but not touristy.

Rating: Tim-OBX 2/16/2005
Reviewer: Tim

Food was good, but priced way over what it was worth. The place is tiny and you are seated next to someone - like a center isle in a plane. I can skip this place and find better.

Rating: You could do better elsewhere 11/22/2004
Reviewer: Anonymous

I have been here three times and I hope to never return. There are just way too many other places to go that are better and it doesn't take long to find them. Small portions, crowded little 1950's type tables, no table cloths (and at these prices they should), but the food was not too bad. If this is upscale - then McDonalds is a 3 star resturant. My wife and I went and the bill (with tip) was $155. My "last" visit was in November when I assumed it would be better than tourist season.


Rating: Not impressed 1/14/2004
Reviewer: Betsy

Blue Point was recommended by several work associates. We tried it. Very small,
slooooooow service. Overpriced and unfriendly.

Rating: The Orginial Upscale Eating Establishment 11/15/2003
Reviewer: Robert

The Blue Point was in my opinion the orginial upscale restaurant on the "Northern Banks". Went the first year it was opened, I think 1989 or 1990, and try to get back every year.

The interior decor is 1940's style, bold and shiny. A small enclosed porch lets you dine while watching the sun set over the Currituck Sound.

Its hard to mention a particular dish or dishes because the menu changes quite frequently, however I had to say that we never had a bad meal there no matter what the choice.

Beware that the dishes are creative and unique, so if you want your basic fare it will be difficult to find it here. I say this mainly for those with children who may not find much on the menu to chose. Plus it really is a more "adult" place in my opinion.

Also note, reservations a must and a full wallet (it is somewhat pricey).

Bottom line is if you want to dine in a semi-funky place with great tasting interesting food, then I highly recommend The Blue Point Bar & Grill.

Rating: Small but wonderful! 11/9/2003
Reviewer: Glenna

Wonderful food and service, but the dining area is small and the wait is long sometimes. It is worth it for the food! You can expect to leave a few dollars behind!!