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MP 6 Beach Rd
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Seafood buffet with land lover items, kids meals, crabs by the bushel & carry-out avail. Dinner. Bar. V, MC, Disc. Open Easter - Thanksgiving.

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Rating: CLOSED thank goodness 11/6/2014
Reviewer: Tim-OBX

Its closed and being sold to build homes on by Saga.

Rating: Rude Owner 7/1/2013
Reviewer: ObxChicky

The Owner of this place is the rudest person I have ever encountered. I witnessed her being so extremely rude to a Family that was there, even getting on the loud speaker making snide remarks to them.
It was so unprofessional and childish. Customer Service/appreciation is huge in my book and I will never give someone who treats their customers like this ANY OF MY MONEY again and I tell everyone I know about this unbelievabley childish and horrible incident to any one who will listen. Not to mention that the food was disappointing as well. That was probably because of the bad taste in my mouth from the ungrateful Owner.
There are many other wonderful Restaurants who have Owners that will appreciate your business and treat their customers with appreciation!

Rating: Garbage on a plate 6/26/2013
Reviewer: Leslie-Md.

Could not believe this was owned by the same person who owns the Jolly Roger which is good. A buffet is usually marginal, but the food here was crap. Was there with a group of 9. Nobody liked anything, so we tried to talk to a manager who said "it couldn't have been THAT bad since you all were enjoying yourselves". Guess she confused conversation with food quality. Never again.

Rating: Very Disappointing - Stay away. 6/6/2013
Reviewer: drbackus2245

If you like over seasoned seafood, this is the place for you. If you like re-heated food from the day before, this is the place for you. Most of the seafood dishes were over powering with one seasoning or another. The shark was over seasoned with paprika, the salmon was over seasoned with lemon, the peal and eat shrimp was over seasoned with some type of spicy hot seasoning. While I am no Top Chef, the fresh fish that I cook at home with lemon-pepper or rosemary seasoning tastes much better than the seafood at the Carolina. Seasoning is used to enhance and compliment fish, not over power it. The "heat lamp" prime rib was room temperature on the outside and cool on the inside which made for a pretty chewy piece of meat. The corn on the buffet was so mushy it tasted like it was cook the day before and sat on the buffet since yesterday. We arrived for dinner just before 5 pm, so the corn should have been fresh. Even the cones for the soft serve ice cream machine were stale. I won't be going back to the Carolina Seafood Buffet.

Rating: pretty good buffet but come on with the tipping yourself at a buffet. 4/30/2012
Reviewer: kernersvilleobx

I have eaten at carolina seafood twice in past trips to the Outer Banks and the food is good buffet food but this is the only buffet on the planet that I have ever been to that includes an 18 percent tip to themselves in your bill for a party of 3!!The buffet is about 30 dollars itself and it isn't like the wait staff has to tend to much other than your drinks.Like I said the food is ok and they have plenty of choices but I have not encountered a buffet that adds their own 18 percent tip in the past as most of the servers just gather at the front desk most of the evening.

Rating: "GREAT FOOD & SERVICE 7/26/2011
Reviewer: Carters

We tried Carolina Seafood Buffet on our visit this year. WOW,great food, great service and good fun. We will be back, best buffet we've ever had!!

Rating: "Made my Birthday"!!!!! 7/9/2011
Reviewer: Sam Charmick

Every year I pick Carolina Seafood Buffet as my birthday nite out. I had a cool cake and everyone sang to me. It was nice. Our dinner was good as always. I will be back next year!!!!!!!!

Rating: Pleasurable Experience 7/5/2011
Reviewer: Williams Family

Our first trip to the OBX and was recommended by not only one, but two local establishments. We were pleasantly pleased. The food was tasty and the service was so friendly. Helen showed us how to crack crabs and how to eat a lobster. She was great. Thanks to all. We will be back next year!!!!!!!!!

Rating: Great service, Good HOT food 7/4/2011
Reviewer: Jersey Shore, NJ

We ate there last night, it was great. Our server (Michelle) was friendly, the nicest we have had in OBX, 5 star server!! In the past we had problems with this restaurant, food was out, cold, and we thought then overpriced. After giving it another try, it was great. I recommend this over the other seafood buffets, priced well too, kids are cheap!

Rating: Fun Place - Good Food!!!! 6/23/2011
Reviewer: Karen Orlander

Our visit to Carolina Seafood was friendly and good eats. The atmosphere was very beachy and although old,had lots of personality. We waited l5 min.(not bad) and well worth it. Thanks for a fun evening!!! We'll be BACK.......Orlander's

Rating: Now this is a "BUFFET" 6/10/2011
Reviewer: Rainey Family

We have tried several buffets on the OBX and found Carolina Seafood to be the BEST. The Mahi,Tuna,Wahoo all have great flavors. Crablegs crack like a this is a BUFFET. Our server was friendly and definitly on top of things (Helen). Thanks for a nice evening!

Rating: "GREAT CRABLEGS" 6/6/2011
Reviewer: Devin Campbell

What a great surprise! This place looks small but was so beachy and smelled terrific. The crablegs were the best and the She Crab Soup was right behind it. This place is pleasant and the staff was very welcoming. Thanks for a nice evening!!

Rating: The Best 6/5/2011
Reviewer: Michelle

Carolina Seafood IS the Best Buffet on the Outer Banks And the onwers Scott and Sandra are great people I enjoy the staff and the food. If you have never tried Carolina Seafood Buffet you should.

Rating: I Find This Hard to Believe 6/5/2011
Reviewer: Mary Bower

Our family ate at Carolina Seafood last night and what a delight it was. The food was excellent and we enjoyed the staff who made us feel like family. We will definetly be back. What a GREAT place!!!!

Rating: Completely Untrue Reviews 6/5/2011
Reviewer: Sandra Entler, mgr.

In defense of our restaurant, I would like to say someone is sabotaging our reviews. Neither of the two most recent reviews were true. We are about our customers and their positive experience w/us. We are sorry that people have to stoop to this level for whatever reason. Sandra, MGR.

Rating: Never Ever Ever Again 6/4/2011
Reviewer: Unbelievable

We used to go every year as part of our family trip.The food was old, over cooked, or raw in the middle. The crab legs were soggy, the softshells burnt, the shecrab soup had NO crab to be found, the prime rib was burnt.I could go on and on. When I asked to speak with the manager, Sandy, I think, she told us to pay up and get out.When I questioned 28.95 for the food 2.00 for a soda almost 6.00 per person gratuity.I also asked for the owners number and was told she was the owner.While she smelled of alcohol!!!!!

Rating: The new owners attitude 6/2/2011
Reviewer: Beth

I would like to say that we have been going to Carolina Seafood for years and we have seen a drastic change this visit, the new owner Scott you could hear him screaming at his staff in Kitty Hawk, and not very nice things either....All we saw was the employees run for their lives....I heard one employee saying he must be wasted again as usual and saw her roll her eyes...All in all the food was good, the server Kate or Katie I think was hilarious...I do feel sorry for the employees maybe the owner could use some anger management...

Rating: Friendly and most for your money! 5/8/2011
Reviewer: The Jones Family

Our family favorite! We come two weeks out of every summer and we visit this restaurant at least 6-8 times during our stay. They had free giveaways every hour, from t-shirts to coupons. They sang happy birthday with a Sunday and candle. The manager greets every table. The staff on top of everything even under overwhelming pressure. The line when we left was over 1hour wait long. People simply ordered drinks from the carry-out window and played cornhole out back while there children played on the jungle gym.

Rating: Great Food Great Staff 10/29/2010
Reviewer: Al & Wendy

We look forward to eating here every year. The food is always fresh and well prepared. The staff is warm and friendly. The setting is true traditional OBX. The BEST buffet around!

Rating: Dont bother 10/6/2010
Reviewer: Nicki

This place was disgustingly filthy and overpriced, and that was the best part. The food was cold, greasy, and everything tasted like vinegar. We were there all of 20 minutes if that tells you anything. We left and ordered a pizza. Horrible!

Rating: Great Food 10/6/2010
Reviewer: Jim V

Our family ate here for the first time in July. Great food and great service. Very kid friendly and the kids ate for their age plus .99 cents. We got there just before they opened so we were seated right away. There was a huge line when we were leaving. Recommend getting there early if you dont want to wait.

Rating: Awesome Food - GREAT STAFF 7/11/2010
Reviewer: Brandy Wyatt

This place is absolutely the best buffet ever. FRESH food that tasted like home cooking. The atmosphere was sooooo cute and beachy. The staff was the friendliest and most warming. This place welcomed children and treated them so so nice. Will definetly be back every year. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: obx visitor 5/8/2010
Reviewer: scarlett brittain

We ate here last year with our large family. It was awsome. The food was great, the staff was friendly, we actually booked a house close by so we can walk there again this year.. We are really looking forward to eating there again. See you July 10-17th...

Rating: Not bad for a buffet 9/29/2009
Reviewer: beachgal2260

My brother in law took us to Carolina's for the buffet. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. If you like variety they had a lot to choose from. The wait staff was very nice and attentive. The food was hot and fresh.

Rating: Great buffet 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Liz

We ate here for the first time in a few years. We were very pleased with food and the staff. They went out of their way to help us and I have to say we were all really impressed by the food. Everything we tried was good. Everything. We will definitely be visitng next year, I hope it is the same as this year.

Rating: Crab legs.... 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Robin

The crab legs were a little spongy this time. All in all I really like this restaurant.

Rating: june 2009 9/28/2009
Reviewer: jwatson

My son is the crab leg king eater of all time. He loved this place! Got a free t-shirt after dinner and was challenged to an all he can eat crab leg "eat off" next year. We really enjoyed it. This was our second trip to the restaurant.

Rating: This Place Is Great!! 8/10/2009
Reviewer: Frank Chicarielli Jr

My Wife and I took a trip to OBX this weekend to have dinner. We Knew we were going to this Resaurant before we Left. We were Delighted with the owners and staff. The most friendly people Ive meet in a while! The food was Great!! Not once was I rushed to get out at any time. The place was clean and orderly NOT a shark tank feeding frenzy you see at Buffets!. Overall a wonderfull Dinner. Im proud to have them as new friends. Do yourself a favor ..bring your family here to eat!!
this is now our favorite Dig.

Rating: Great Food 6/26/2009
Reviewer: Nick

We make it a yearly stop. Expensive, but great variety. Will be eating there 2 weeks from now. Can't wait.

Rating: carolina seafood rocks 2/14/2009
Reviewer: braydon

my mom and dad take us every year it rocks!

Rating: Good Experience 12/1/2008
Reviewer: Anonymous

We ate here several wks ago. Our waitress was very friendly and made us feel at home. The food was good/hot and plenty to choose from. We will return next fall. Thankx

Rating: Truly Unbearable 8/24/2008
Reviewer: Kristine

If you are the type of person who likes to eat as much crappy food as possible, and do it in a hot, crowded, and filthy environment, then this is the right place for you. I am always amazed at the lines outside this place when I drive past. Seriously, who LIKES this place?

Rating: very solid buffet 1/20/2008
Reviewer: Darren

good variety of both seafood and other meats and sides.We had to wait a while to be seated so I would suggest getting there early.All in all it was a good buffet for the price. I'll have no problem with going back to Carolina seafood this summer.

Rating: TERRIBLE STAFF 9/12/2007
Reviewer: PITTGUY25


Rating: CAROLINA SEAFOOD 7/8/2007

for your info. the same lady who owns the jolly roger also owns crolina seafood. run by her DAUGHTERS.

Rating: MMMMMMMMMM YUMMY!!! 7/4/2006
Reviewer: Heather

It was a very nice place to eat. You have to get there early to get a seat. Its a very busy place..

Rating: Don't Eat Here! 6/6/2006
Reviewer: Connie

Very crowded.Waiter-Andrew-was a TOTAL JERK.He spilled a whole glass of tea in my husband's lap--never acknowledged it,much less apologized. Buffet is advertised @ 26.95/ person. If you work hard for your money, be prepared to get screwed. 9% tax-okay,whatever. Now,add 2.00/person for drinks. Heres the big one. The waiter with the attitude gets 18%gratuity for filling my drinks. Please I am an OR nurse and I don't make that kind of money. I hope this helps someone to choose a much nicer place. Oh yes, the whole staff had an attitude--Mam, you can't stand there while you argue this. Have a great vacation by not eating here.

Rating: terrible 10/30/2005
Reviewer: steve

wanted to try a buffet and this was the only one open this time of year. the food was terrible and the staff was very unfriendly. saw them yell at three different children and they had no right too. will never go back

Rating: o.k. , it is a buffet 6/16/2005
Reviewer: dude

if buffet is what you want, here it is. quality depends on the time. very friendly staff, o.k. variety.

Rating: MMM-MMM Good 2/10/2005
Reviewer: Paula

We love it! Make a trip there at least once, but usually twice each time we visit The Outer Banks. Great food, great place for the kids & I love their Iced Tea!

Rating: Scatch that itch!! 6/6/2004
Reviewer: Scott Tammy Schriver, and Sara Stead.

We Drove 28 hours from Texas to vacation. The last place we ate on our week was Carolinas. " That s what this Texas bunch calls eatin' seafood." It Was Awsome!

Rating: Best on the banks 4/6/2004
Reviewer: Vince Dahms

Perhaps the best all you can eat buffet on the obx.

Rating: Not to bad! 11/22/2003
Reviewer: Anot

We ordered take out late one night and they basicly doubled our order it was very good but it was more then we could eat!! I hate to waste seafood! Never did the buffet though would like to try that some time!

Rating: So - So 11/18/2003
Reviewer: Lisa

No better or worse than any other buffet on the beach.

Rating: Carolina Seafood 11/18/2003
Reviewer: obxgrlinva

Carolina Seafood looks small on the outside but it's larger once your inside. We liked the way they had a roll of paper towels on each table! Everything was delicious...