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1129 Corolla Village Rd
Corolla, NC 27923

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The Scene - Vacationers visiting the quaint shops in the historic Corolla Village follow the ambrosial smells of smoking meat to this beloved barbecue stand. Savvy diners are not put off by the shack's modest appearances. The line generally stretches from the ordering counter well beyond the squeaky screened door of this tiny, one-room operation. The sitting area consists of a handful of picnic tables scattered just outside the shack.

The Food - The simple menu consists of sticky-finger, North Carolina-style barbecue. Tender ribs covered in tangy red sauce are infused with smoky flavor. Plump, juicy chicken breasts are a perfect base for the sweet, tomato-based sauce. The moist pulled pork sandwich is best topped with coleslaw and piquant vinegar sauce. Sides include sweet baked beans swimming in bits of bacon, nutmeg and cinnamon spiced candied yams, standard potato salad and delightfully dewy cornbread.

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Rating: Very Good 6/29/2013
Reviewer: PaulZ

A shack serving up some grub has GOT to be good. And it was. Grabbed some pulled pork and their sauce to take back to our house...the group loved it. Nuff said.

Rating: Used To Be Better 2/5/2013
Reviewer: Will

I am sorry to say that it isn't what it used to be. Maybe the new owners will get a handle on it this year. I hope so.

Rating: Not What It Used To Be 9/9/2011
Reviewer: Jilld

I am not a fan of giving bad reviews so we tried it twice thinking it was a fluke the 1st time. The ribs were bland. The pork was good first visit, 2nd time it was dried out. Chicken was so small kids thought it was a Cornish game hen. Not bad overall, just not nearly as good as it used to be.

Rating: Love It! 11/16/2010
Reviewer: Nancy Kirkpatrick

We stop here every year and it is always great. You will not be disappointed. Call and put a hold on your ribs early in the day. They often sell out in the heat of the summer season.

Rating: Best kept secret on the Outer Banks 11/12/2010
Reviewer: Greg

Just found this place this year. Tiny little shack that you wouldn't think would be much. But WOW! This is the best BBQ I've had since Formy's closed down a few years ago. This will be a regular stop on our future OBX vacations from now on! We even got a quart of Pork BBQ and a bottle of their sauce, froze it and brought it back to PA with us to have here! Great stuff. Will only let a few "close" friends in on this hot spot! Want to keep it all for myself, haha...

Rating: Excellent BBQ 10/5/2010
Reviewer: Shari V

Really loved the pork BBQ and the vinegar-based sauce was awesome. Great value for the money too.

Rating: Hands Down-The Best 8/15/2010
Reviewer: Ron

My brother-in-law and I ate there twice during the week. Their sauce is awesome! I like their food more than Danny's and the Pit in Raleigh.
Definitely, a must have.

Rating: Corolla village BBQ pork 7/31/2010
Reviewer: Deb

I'd kill for the sauce recipe

Rating: Delicious ribs! 5/4/2010
Reviewer: JPritch

I'm basing my review on only trying their ribs, but the ribs alone are worthy of giving this place 5-stars. It's a small shack off the main road next to Twiddy's office in Corolla so it was a bit hard for us to find at first. I ordered a half rack of their spare ribs. I'm a big rib aficionado, and these were excellent ribs. Not the best I've ever had, but top 3. Nice bark, perfect pull off the bone, and the sauce they douse the ribs in was out of this world! I'll be back next vacation to try the rest of their menu!

Rating: Food 10/29/2009
Reviewer: Wayne

Love the BBQ however don't like dill pickle in the potato salad!!

Rating: Don't miss this place 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Matt

Second what everyone else has said. Best BBQ I've ever eaten, hands down. Ribs and chicken are great but the pulled pork is absolutely phenomenal. The vinegar based sauce is perfect - tons of flavor and just enough heat. Worth the drive from anywhere on the OBX.

Rating: So Good 9/28/2009
Reviewer: macca

I am a northern girl, so don't know much about real bbg- but I do know what I like, and this place is great. had the pulled pork and cole slaw. Will return next year for sure.

Rating: Once again simply delicious 9/28/2009
Reviewer: pghbrgr

Corolla BBQ has become our one sure stop. We tried the ribs, chicken and pulled pork, plus a few of their side salads this summer. We had 7 people (4 adults & 3 teenagers), spent $80 and had leftovers because there was more than enough food. Once again everything was excellent.

Rating: Love this place 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Jill D

This is awesome BBQ. I have tried the pulled pork, the whole chicken and the ribs. They have two sauces, one with vinegar and the other with lots of pepper. They are both great. As a big plus for our family (two with peanut and tree nut allergies) they don't use any peanut oil nor are they roasting peanuts onsite like another BBQ place down there.

Rating: Best BBQ on the Banks 7/5/2009
Reviewer: Katie

It's an annual pilgramage we make to this modest shack that puts out some of the best NC style pork BBQ. Try the beans too!

Rating: BEST BBQ EVER 12/8/2007
Reviewer: Steve

if u come to corolla dont dare miss having some of this guys bbq its a one man show and the bbq is made fresh everyday sooo smokey and delicious smoked ribs and chicken are also wonderful but if u are a bbq eater then there is no way in hell u could pass up the chance to eat corolla village bbq!!!!

Rating: my mouth is watering just thinking about it 8/14/2007
Reviewer: Emily

We've been going to OBX for four years now and always do BBQ night here. it is by far the best BBQ I've ever had and I'm a good southern girl!

Rating: Step back in time... 7/16/2007
Reviewer: Melody

Corolla Village BBQ has some of the best BBQ I have ever tasted! Chicken is wonderful too. Try the baked beans and order a coke (they are served in the small glass bottles). You can carry your food with you or dine at a picnic table outside under an old Live Oak treet. Located in Corolla Village.