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5591 N Croatan Hwy
Southern Shores, NC 27949

Cosmo’s Pizzeria has been serving award winning New York style pizza to Outer Banks locals and visitors since 1996. Recognized as a local favorite, Cosmo's only uses the finest ingredients to prepare the freshest pizza, tastiest pasta dishes and mouth-watering subs on the northern beaches.

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Rating: Best Pizza we have found on OBX 9/22/2015
Reviewer: memphisobx

Coming from Memphis which is not known for its pizza, we may not be experts but we know what we like and Cosmos is off the charts good in our book. Highly recommend it to all. Gets pretty busy around dinner time so a little planning ahead might be good idea.

Rating: Awesome 8/27/2015
Reviewer: Ohio-OBX

Cosmo's is my favorite place to go in corolla. Great food and atmosphere! Also, live bands will play on certain nights which is a good time.

Rating: Great Pizza & Beer 12/12/2013
Reviewer: Mathguy

We were really surprised how good this pizza is after moving here from the Northeast. It has become our favorite in OBX.

Rating: BEST PIZZA in COROLLA 2/20/2013
Reviewer: JessiKelly

I am from NY- and this is the ONLY place I will get pizza from in Corolla. It is the best, traditional NY style pizza in the area. No competition here- and I have tried several other places... They're the BEST!

Rating: Best Pizza on the Beach! 1/24/2013
Reviewer: OBX Agent

By far the best pizza on the beach and hands down better than anything else in Corolla. Fun staff is very welcoming and owners are great people! Overall A+

Rating: Our new last night of vacation meal 1/19/2013
Reviewer: sanddollars

Our group went to Cosmo's for our "last night on vacation" meal. We had excellent service and great food. The kids loved the pizza, we had great appetizers and subs too. The kids liked being able to dine outside on the deck.. Neat little place to grab a meal.

Rating: Our Favorite Pizza 10/5/2010
Reviewer: jstangl

This has consistently been our favorite OBX pizza purveyor! And it was again when we were there in September.

Rating: Enjoyed it! 10/5/2010
Reviewer: Shari V

We really enjoyed our pizza and contrary to other reviews, didn't find the cost all that out of line with what we're used to. Great customer service too.

Rating: Horrible 7/19/2010
Reviewer: Anonymous

We visited the restaurant last week while on vacation. The service was terrible. We waited 15 minutes for our waitress to even say hello to us. Once we ordered drinks she brought the wrong ones, then our appetizer came out two minutes before our dinner. They served my husbands dinner before our pizza, and this is a no no when you have kids at the table. She never offered us refills, I had to stop another waitress to ask for those. I stopped the hostess to tell her we were not happy and she said let me get your waitress. I got upset took the kids and walked downstairs. I saw the hostess again and tried to talk to her and she walked away from me. The food was NOT good at all. The nice waitress told me to talk to the manager, which i did and he just apologize but offered no peace offering. This place is horrible......

Rating: Best pizza on the OBX 6/29/2010
Reviewer: AKP

Great NY-style pizza. We stop at least a couple of times when were there on vacation.

Rating: Favorite pizza on the beach, two locations 10/26/2009
Reviewer: Melissa

I love Cosmos. Definitely my favorite pizza on the beach. One in Corolla, One in Southern Shores makes for easy access nomatter where youre vacationing.

Rating: Worth the Drive 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Jstangl

We ordered a pizza from Cosmos in early September - they weren't delivering that night, but it was well worth the 8 mile drive from Pine Island to pick it up! Excellent pizza.

Rating: good pizza 9/28/2009
Reviewer: macca

We always get pizza on our last night in Corolla, and, to be truthful, have had a hard time finding a good pizza place. We did enjoy this pizza- though I dosuggest to order it well done. I think Cosmo's will be our go to place every year.

Rating: Pizza is ok 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Patti (orangekitty)

The wait wasn't too bad for delivery. The sauce was really good on the pizza but the crust leaves a lot to be desired.(I don't care for NY style pizza that much) They were out of the sub sandwich my daughter wanted. Overall it was ok but I would try other pizza places next time.

Rating: Great Pie 7/5/2009
Reviewer: Katie

Call ahead and pick it up at lunchtime or midafternoon, then reheat at your house for dinner. No wait, and you eat when the kids are hungry! It is pricier than home, but compared to Disneyworld, it's a bargain!

Rating: adding to below review 6/8/2009
Reviewer: Anonymous

We were there in off season and still total time from start to finish on LUNCH was over 2 hours. There was absolutely no reason.

Rating: If it weren't for the price and the wait, they'd get more stars! 6/8/2009
Reviewer: Kimmber

The pizza was definitely the best we've tried on the OBX. My problem came in when we were the ONLY people there, 10 of us, and it took almost an hour to get 3 pies. There was just no reasoning for it. It took 30 minutes to get sodas. The price was $100 for 3 pies and drinks, insane. Tasted good, but with the wait and the cost, will not go back. I'll take DiGiornio on the OBX and eat real pizza back home.

Rating: BEST pizza on the beach! 3/10/2007
Reviewer: Corey

Beware, waits for this pizza (esp on the popular nights) can take 2 to 4 hours they are THAT popular. Don't go and order from someone else because trust me, it won't be worth it. Great pizza, HUGE portions and friendly staff can all be found at Cosmo's.

Rating: Best pizza in the area 11/20/2006
Reviewer: Tim-OBX

Great for lunch too. Stop in for a slice. Great pizza

Rating: Under New Management 8/18/2006
Reviewer: Sal

Pizza was always good. Now it's very good. Best pizza in OBX hands down...

Rating: if "tomato pie" from new jersey is so good.... 5/30/2006
Reviewer: Duck Boy

then why dont you just stay up in new jersey and make both of us happy.

Rating: Good Pizza, Friendly Staff 7/19/2005
Reviewer: NEW

I couldn't agree more with Neil and Robert. Grew up on the Jersey shore and was transplanted to the South. Have been looking for great pizza ever since. Cosmo's is good pizza not great but good. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel at home. We had three pizzas with different toppings and all were good. But I'm still looking for that large slice of pizza that you can fold over.

Rating: Just Like Home 1/30/2004
Reviewer: Neil

First of all, Robert is right about New Jersey making a better "Tomato Pie" than New York. Anyone that's ever been to Maruca's in Seaside Heights knows that. On the OBX, Cosmo's is a breath of fresh air. We ate at the Southern Shores location. The owners both come from restaurant families (he's from NY, she's from NJ), and they have done an admirable job of replicating NY/NJ style pizza crust under impossible circumstances. The sauce is actually made out of tomatoes (see my review of Stone Oven "Pizza"), and the toppings are as close to authentic as you will find outside the NY/NJ area.

I hate to sound so chauvanistic about NY/NJ pizza, but hey -- the first pizzeria in America was Lombardi's in Manhattan, so everything else is just a pretender. Cosmo's is well worth a visit.

Rating: Clearly the best on Northern Banks..... 11/16/2003
Reviewer: Robert

.....but I can only give it 2 stars based on my pizza rating scale. If it was a OBX Pizza rating I would give it 5 stars. Being from New Jersey, (which, for your information makes a better tomato pie than New York City), I am extremely critical of my pizza and I have found nothing on OBX that comes anywhere close to the pizza made in the Northeast. With that said however, when I need a pizza fix, and that does occur probably two times during our two week stay, I travel up to the Corolla Light Village Shops to Cosmo's. Cosmo makes the best pie on the Northern Banks and maybe the entire OBX IMHO. I have also had thier calzones and strombolis, but would not recommend either if you know what one should taste like. If you don't know, you will probably enjoy them. Bottom line is when you crave a tomato pie "go to Cosmo". The price seems fair for an OBX pizza but wow, a large at Cosmo's is about $4-$6 more than here in New Jersey. The place is small, with few tables and a pleasing but nondescript decor. Beer and wine is available.