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Hwy 64
Manteo, NC 27954

Specializing in home cooking & local seafood. Lunch & Dinner. MC, V, N, DC. Open all year

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Rating: Still doing great 12/22/2015
Reviewer: Alexy

Family went here last week for lunch and was not disappointed. Lunch special of fried chicken was cooked well and had great sides was only 8 dollars. There is a reason locals and working folks go here. keep up the good work.

Rating: Great food, great prices 9/18/2015
Reviewer: Leon

We eat here every time we visit Manteo. It is consistently great food and service. Kid friendly, the hush puppies are awesome. Our most recent visit was June 2015. Keep up the great work!

Rating: poor food and service 6/12/2014
Reviewer: waitress

We always stop here and eat at
least 2 times. The service and food has always been good. We stopped yesterday and it was terrible the waitress was very rude and the food was not that great. Not sure if it is because they opened a second restaurant or what but we will not go back.

Rating: Our new Favorite Place 6/26/2013
Reviewer: rl2629

The day we were leaving to come back home we decided to pop over to the aquarium and hadn't had breakfast yet and happen to drive by Darrell's and turned around and came back. We had in our party 2 adults and 7 kids so due to size we were told there would be a 15 min wait. A local that was coming out told us not to worry, they never have you wait very long and she was right. They very quickly got us a table, and service was awesome. The lady was nice, quick and right on the ball with our kids changing their minds several times. Breakfast was really good, and there was a lot of food. The coffee was awesome, the sweet tea some of the best I've had and everyone left happy and had full belly's. It's a shame they had run out of gravy for the biscuits and gravy, but the second choice was just as good. The kids that ordered pancakes popped their eyes out at the size and made it their mission to eat every bite. I've been bragging about Darrell's since we got back, and now have family wanting to visit when they go down in a few weeks. We normally stay on Hatteras, and our next trip down Darrell's will be seeing us several times...don't even care about the long drive just for breakfast.. was well worth it!

Rating: I Love Darrell's 2/5/2013
Reviewer: Md.Chas

I stop here at least once every trip and have done so for at least 20 + years. Best fried oysters sround. Fair prices, good service but hard to cross the road during the summer.

Rating: ....stay away...... 5/8/2012
Reviewer: vanative

...this is the "dirty dick's" of manteo...the food is okay (ie. it won't make you puke), but overpriced...also they make you run the gamut of "coke a cola" stuff...which is also overpriced...run from this place with your kids and eat at "spanky's".......

Rating: Good feel good food at a fair price 5/6/2012
Reviewer: Alexy

Darrells has been around a long time. Know why? they serve good food. If you need a decent lunch and don't want the tourist trap fare you can get a hearty meal at a fare price that is pretty good. They also have some great tuna steaks.

Rating: Depends on the night 6/1/2011
Reviewer: OBXBUM

I have eaten here several times. The first couple of times were great! However, the past couple of years have not been up to par. Cold food, poor service, etc.

Rating: Great! 5/27/2011
Reviewer: Georgia and Rich Griffiths

Love the food and the prices. I especially like the sauted crabmeat with huge backfin chunks.

Rating: Good Food, Good Prices 9/27/2009
Reviewer: Leon

We eat here just about every trip. This year was great. Extremely friendly waitress, great food and good prices, clean. Good place for kids. Seafood was excellent, very tasty hushpuppies.

Rating: Eh 9/11/2008
Reviewer: Colleen

It's an OK place to grab a bite if you don't mind that just about everything is fried. It's bigger inside than it looks. I didn't love the chowder either - ick.

Rating: Is that soup? 8/24/2008
Reviewer: Kristine

I was actually able to stand a spoon, on end, in my chowder. I was hungry for food, not whatever that was. MANY better choices in Manteo. Stay away.

Rating: very good lunch 9/12/2007
Reviewer: pittguy25

stopped for lunch after visiting the aquarium. great food and not too busy. will be back next time.

Rating: Darrell's Darrell's every where!! 9/5/2007
Reviewer: Avalon Pier troll

Ds' in the morn Ds'@ lunch Ds' for supper Ds',Ds' & more Ds'!!!!!

Rating: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat 5/26/2007
Reviewer: seafood_lover1492

we only go down to the OBX once every year so we want to make it count. That's why we go to Darrell's. Great service, food, and of course atmosphere. I love the marlin and the photos!!!!!!!!!

Rating: worst in manteo 4/23/2007
Reviewer: jl

most expensive place to eat in manteo for lunch ive found. small portions, high prices. with a tea or coke expect to pay about $10 or more per head for the daily special. an average person will still leave hungry. advertised as home cooking. i wouldnt serve it in my home.

Rating: Good Meatloaf 1/11/2006
Reviewer: Yogi Paliotti

Whenever I am up in that neck of the woods I always make a stop at Darryls!Their lunch specials are the besta round and their meatloaf with Tomato Gravy is to die for!Try their crab balls too.

Rating: Maybe we caught them on a bad day.... 7/4/2005
Reviewer: DeeNC

but our meal here was awful, and the service stunk. We won't go back.....ever.

Rating: Very Good food! 7/30/2004
Reviewer: Rachel

My 6-year old daughter and I went for dinner and I ordered a grilled tuna salad. My daughter tried the tuna and loved it! She liked it so much, that we ate here the following evening, again I had the grilled tuna. If you want some good seafood eat a Darrell's

Rating: loved it there 4/12/2004
Reviewer: Samantha

food was simple but great.....loved the staff, especially the hot bus boy...check it out if ur in manteo

Rating: Agree with previous 11/15/2003
Reviewer: Michelle

Great simple food.First time I ever had hushpuppies was there. Excellent service also

Rating: Where the locals eat in Manteo 11/11/2003
Reviewer: Sal

We stayed in Manteo for two days before heading to the beach rental in October. When we asked wher we should eat "all" the locals told us to go to Darrells. Nothing fancy or fussy. Just good home cooking with fresh fish and daily specials that will fill you up and not empty your wallet. You won't be disappointed.