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7308 S Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959

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Dune Burger serves great hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries. They also offer BBQ and ice cream.

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Rating: last year was a disappointment 7/24/2019
Reviewer: MongOBX

We have always loved DB, but in 2018 we tried to go to Dune Burger. When we went, after we ordered informed us that they were out of beef patties, which seems really odd since that is the key thing that they sell. Then it was an ordeal getting our card credited.

Rating: Addicting Burgers! 10/23/2013
Reviewer: MongOBX

if you like burgers, you'll love Dune Burgers, they are very addicting. We were there early August and we ate there 3 times....

Rating: Great Burgers! 8/9/2013
Reviewer: OBX_Kool

Burgers and fries were great. It was pretty busy when I arrived but the food still came pretty fast.

Reviewer: BeachBumBob

Title says it all. Don't expect it to come fast. So: park the car, order your chow, find a bench, enjoy being on vacation - not in the office, and then devour the sumptuous creation that will come dripping grease from the bag!

Rating: Dune Burger 5/15/2012
Reviewer: alliegirl09

I read reviews about Dune burgers too, Was pleasantly surprised great burger and fries.

Rating: Great Burgers 4/22/2012
Reviewer: alliegirl09

I read reviews about Dune burgers and had to see for myself.
Great food
courteous staff

Rating: Over-Rated 9/10/2011
Reviewer: JPritch

Not impressed at all after years of hearing the hype. Patties looked and tasted like stacked frozen patties you buy in the freezer at the grocery store. Burger was extremely salty. We had a better burger just up the street at Fat Boyz Ice Cream Parlor!

Rating: Yummy! 10/6/2010
Reviewer: J. Watson

Dune Burger made me forget that I was not eating beef! Hamburgers are my big weakness. This was a great stop after a day of fishing. Great big greasy old fashioned hamburgers. Nothing fancy. Just great food.

Rating: Excellant 9/28/2009
Reviewer: G Gray

Excellant burgers, bread fresh and the burgers are REAL Meat. Been going there for 53 years. Started back when it was Thats A Burger. Love there Burgers.

Rating: Ok at best 9/28/2009
Reviewer: tim

Be ready to wait a good while while they make your burger. It's ok but certainly not the best on the beach. Pretty slow in the summer.

Rating: Great Burger 9/30/2008
Reviewer: Dan

I just recently tried a dune burger and have to say it is a really good burger. Don't let the exterior fool you...they have good food.

Rating: Burger Heaven 11/20/2007
Reviewer: Lou

Whatever is their secret keeps us coming back year after year. It is a must for burger lovers.

Rating: Best Burger 11/6/2007
Reviewer: The Duner

Fantastic burger. We eat there every year we go to Nags Head. Great food for the price.

Rating: best milkshakes on the obx 9/12/2007
Reviewer: pittguy25

never ate there yet but they have great milkshakes.