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Scarborough Faire
Duck, NC 27949


Innovative fine dining and an exceptional wine list. Reservations recommended, dinner only located in Duck.

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Rating: A real dining experience 5/7/2013
Reviewer: sreed843

Could not believe how outstanding this restaurant is. The food is a couple notches above superb; the wine pairing is bodacious, the service very personable, and the pacing of the service allows one to savor the experience with satisfaction but without excess.

Rating: Fantastic 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Janine

Was absolutely as good, NO... better than I was expecting. I was thrilled with each course and its accompanying wine. Will definitely go back for a special occasion. I don't mind paying high prices if the food lives up to it and Elizabeth's food does.

Rating: The Best of the Best 3/7/2007
Reviewer: Stephen - ish

We have been enjoying Elizabeth's for more than 10 years now, and we enjoy it more and more every time we visit.
The food is outstanding, the service is charming and very attentive.
Although it is not a kid friendly place, our daughter has always been made to feel welcome, she always recieves a warm greeting from the hostess and owner....as a matter of fact, if we arrive without her they seem disappointed...lol

Rating: Served with style and elegance 1/30/2005
Reviewer: The Dunns

Elizabeths Cafe is a sure visit when you are in Duck NC. The most romantic and cozy atmosphere for couples with wine dinners that are simply divine. The staff is very knowledgable and polite giving you just enough room to enjoy a romantic toast every minute. Your glass never runs dry at this cafe! Make sure you get the real chance for a real romantic dinner when you are in Duck!

Rating: very expensive, very pretentious 10/25/2004
Reviewer: MikeW

This place receives high accolodes from many. Wonderful food, extensive wine selection. A bunch of employees with a real attitide problem. I believe they read their reviews too much instead of being concered about their guests. A place for RWF rich white folks. I was not made to feel welcome, and my knowledge of wine and the wine industry meant nothing to the snooty server we had wh tried to tell me what I knew was wrong. Never again for this guy, never again