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1203 S. Croatan Hwy
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948


Great burgers and fries.

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Rating: GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!!!! 5/27/2011
Reviewer: Georgia and Rich Griffiths

My husband has celiac's disease and hadn't eaten french fried in years. He can eat them here, because that is all they fry. The burgers and dogs are great also. We love it. I ndo have to say that the music is annoyingly loud.

Rating: Good Food, but can't you get this back home? 5/6/2010
Reviewer: JPritch

I enjoy 5 Guys. Can get it back home and pretty much any town I travel through. Don't really have an urge to eat it on vacation at the OBX with so many other options available.

I gave it 3-stars because the dining room is a bit small and the place feels like a sardine can. Food is good but extremely greasy. I've had my food break through the brown paper bag before from all the grease.

Rating: Great burgers and fries. 10/26/2009
Reviewer: Melissa

Great burgers and fries but why are people on vacation going to chains? Good for locals.

Rating: Good Burger 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Janine

Good Burger, Good Fries. End of story.

Rating: Can Get it Any Day of the Week 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Junebug

Sure it's a great burger, but I'm only a few miles away from the original store. Had one for lunch two days ago. Certainly not something I'm going to seek out at the beach.

Rating: great burgers 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Beth

Stumbled upon Five Guys one rainy afternoon. It turned out to be one of the best parts of the trip. Food was fantastic!

Rating: Excellent!! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Michael and Tina

What started as basically a carry-out, single-store burger and fries restaurant in Northern Virginia has expanded far and wide! As native Northern Virginians, we were thrilled to see Five Guys land on the Outer Banks. While it is true they have a limited menu - burgers and fries (and hot dogs) - that's what makes them great. Eating there is highly recommended as the fries are not as tasty if not eaten hot. Fortunately, we have lots of Five Guys restaurants at home, so we don't feel TOO bad if we don't make it to the one in OBX during our visit. If you are in the mood for a good burger and fries, this is the place to go.

Rating: Not my favorite place 9/28/2009
Reviewer: timobx

I have been there 3 times in hopes that I would like it better, I was wrong. Once I got the big burger which I could not even get into my big mouth.

The meal comes in a brown bag with the fries on the bottom under a foil wrapped burger. The fries leak grease out of the bag and the burger gets wet from the steam in the foil wrap. If you like a wet bun and a greasy brown bag of fries, try this place - you can have my seat!

Rating: awsome place 2/14/2009
Reviewer: Rickey

The best palce if you want a burger because they have about 8 differnt kinds.
The fries are crisp and hot.

Rating: Great place to nurse a hangover 9/11/2008
Reviewer: Colleen

The first time we went there we rushed home with tummy issues. We wnet back for a 2nd try and were not dissappointed. Beware-the small burgers are BIG ENOUGH! The fries are delish!

Rating: Peanut Allergy Hell 2/5/2008
Reviewer: Steve

Good food, but don't go near this place if anyopne in your group has a peanut allergy.

Rating: fantastic!!!!!!!!! 1/20/2008
Reviewer: Darren

Best fresh cut fries I've ever had.Cheap place to eat and they give you a ton of food.Burgers are really good also but the fries are what keep us going back.You can't go wrong here if you are just looking for burgers and fries.

Rating: im Ace 1/16/2008
Reviewer: Ace

its me Ace i was the guy flipping the spatulas if you guys ever saw me, the guy on the grill? i hade to move cause me and my girlfriend found out we are have a baby. if you want to contact me my myspace is Ace of spades look me up.

Rating: Consistent 4/11/2007
Reviewer: Rob

Still good, a year after my first review.
The "small" burgers are more than large enough, and one serving of fries satisfied my family of 5!

Good value, and the peanuts are free.

Rating: Good stuff 8/16/2006
Reviewer: Ace Mclean

I really enjoyed this place. The have excellent burgers and fries, very simple.

I think Kill Devils edges them out by a nose though.

Rating: G. Tipp 6/13/2006
Reviewer: Anonymous

"Nothing like five guys in your mouth."

Amazing. I could never fit more than three.

Rating: Great burger and fries joint 5/30/2006
Reviewer: Rob

Fresh made burgers and fries, made right in front of you.
No, it's not fancy, it's a burger joint.
And a darn good one!
Absolutely recommend this place as THE place on the OBX to grab a burger and fries.
The kids enjoyed eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor too.

Reviewer: G. Tippman

The food was FRESH, HOT, AND DElICIOUS!! Went almost everyday of our vacation . . . always great. Clean Bathrooms too!
Looking forward to 2006. Ben the manager went out of his way us . . . Thanks!

Rating: So glad to see 5 Guys in OBX! 3/19/2006
Reviewer: PGHtoOBX

We have one in Pittsburgh, and it's one of our favorite "fast food joints". Everything's made-to-order, the hot dogs are fan-TASTIC, the burgers are delicious and so many yummy options for toppings (I go with sauteed onions & mushrooms).

Rating: Five Guys and a Bun 10/10/2005
Reviewer: Dave

After eating at the one in Fredericksburg, VA I thought the one at OBX left a lot to be desired. It was deserted, had a somewhat sloppy decor, and was generally disappointing. It does beat fast food though, and the burgers are big.

Rating: YUMMMMM 10/4/2005
Reviewer: hutchens

We wanted something simple..ya know, burgers & fries. We WILL be back. Burgers are great!!

Rating: Good burger 7/26/2005
Reviewer: Anonymous

Five Guys Burgers were good. Altho, their menu is basically just burgers w/ a large selection of toppings. Nothing else...just burgers & fries.