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40050 Hwy. 12
Avon, NC 27915


The Froggy Dog Restaurant & Bar has been a Hatteras Island tradition for years and we aim to keep it that way! Our focus is on providing stellar customer service and a menu where everything is made fresh…from our amazing appetizers right on down to our salad dressings. So we invite you in to try it again for the first time!

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Rating: Lot's of Parking 3/17/2016
Reviewer: Buckeye

I had never eaten here, past ownership or present, until July 15'. Dinner time crowd was underwhelming. Plenty of Parking cause it looked like all the cars were at the packed restaurant next door. Think I'd learn to avoid the Tuna specials by now. Two us us ordered the tuna and both were cold and dry. Did not complain. Wait staff was efficient. Dining area was clean.

Rating: Averge 7/18/2014
Reviewer: Tay

This place is nothing to get excited over. This is the second time we have eaten here and felt underwhelmed both times.

Rating: We enjoyed it. 5/23/2014
Reviewer: Jstangl

My wife and I ate here on Saturday for the first time. I had the Grouper Bites and my wife had a fish sandwich - both were better than average and they do have a great beer selection. Our service was fine!

Rating: Way better than I remember 3/24/2014
Reviewer: Tom&Kris

We have a cottage in Avon so we hit the restaurants there quite often, but it's been a few years since we were here. It is way better than I remember it. We were there on a Friday night when they had the prime rib special. It was very hard for me to order that in a seafood restaurant, but it was excellent, at a very good price. My wife really enjoyed her seafood also.

Rating: I would not even take a doggy bag 11/24/2013
Reviewer: obxwanderer

First, let me say, the beer is great, good selection.

On both trips to the froggy dog our service was terrible. Our first time it took 20 minutes for someone to take our drink order. The food was cold when we got it and the fish was overcooked and hard as a rock.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, so shame on me for going twice.

Rating: It was food - but we won't go again. 7/30/2013
Reviewer: XSubSailor

This place served the need for food on our way back to KDH from OI. I can't say it was great, or even good. It was edible food. Our service was ok. I saw others that did not get any service at all - and walked out. very weird.

Rating: Would not recommend 6/26/2013
Reviewer: rl2629

We had a party of 9 that was wanting to eat after a day of site seeing and arrived at 3. Most of our party were kids that were hungry. We get there and they have a note that they aren't serving lunch but feel free to visit the bar. 7 kids, bar? um no. We stood there over 20 min and no one bothered to come to the front so we ended up leaving completely disgusted with the place. We get back home and I happen to mention our frustrations to fellow OBX vacationers and was told the food isn't good and the service isn't much better than the food.. so I guess it was a good thing for us in the end.

Rating: Fried? Oh yeah, they fry it! 2/6/2013
Reviewer: Radical Ed

I got the fried combo and when I put the side of my fork to the fish fillet, it "snapped" off and shot across the table and onto the floor because it was so overdone. The actual fish had shrunk so much from the hot oil the breading "shell" it was encased in had a good quarter-inch of air where the fish used to be.
The entire meal was dark brown and so hard and crunchy, it was barely edible.
That said, the beer selection was superb and I love that they carry Carolina Brewery beers, which are my fovorite to have when I'm in the region.
Oh, the wait between being seated and actually eating was ridiculous, and it was off-season.

Rating: Pretty Average. 2/5/2013
Reviewer: kraggman

The food was acceptable, not great. No complaints on service. Wouldn't make it a regular stop though. My daughter likes their t-shirts though.

Rating: Average 1/19/2013
Reviewer: Gina 73

It was OK, just OK, not bad, not great......food and service

Rating: Greasy 6/18/2012
Reviewer: skip901

Greasiest food ever and two of our party that ate the same thing were ill for a day. Will never go there again. Shame because we stay in walking distance for this place.

Rating: Barry family 7/10/2011
Reviewer: The Barrys

Didnt see star rating when wrote and hit send but one star for the Barry family

Rating: Real Bad 7/10/2011
Reviewer: The Barry Family

Hello,Coming from the Ferry on way back to Nags Head.Food was not good at all.They gave big portions but food was just bad.Shrimp not like any place I had in OBX.No mixed drinks.I know they are selling but its like they dont care.

Rating: Not really a review more of a comment 10/7/2010
Reviewer: Vicky

I notice some bad reviews on here with the 5 star rating, easy mistake to make since it defaults to 5 stars, so don't think my 1 star will hurt.

We did not eat at Froggy Dog. We wanted to. We came in Saturday after Earl. Every rental company was doing late check ins because of Earl. We got into our house, unpacked and decide to grab a bite to eat. We had driven past Froggy Dog and saw it was open and quite a few cars there so figured that might work. Went in, dining room neary full and went to bar, figured grab quick beer and dinner and go.

Before we could even sit down we were sharply told kithcen was closed. I believe it was 905 pm on a saturday night.

I understand the stress of the hurricane, etc. but seems crazy to be open and turn away people because its 5 minutes past your normal kitchen close plus everyone was out later because of the late check in, etc.

We drove down to MackDaddy's asked if they were still serving and they said sure, had a great meal and great service. Sorry won't bother with FG especially when I see all the other negative customer service reviews on this board.

Rating: Not great but okay 10/5/2010
Reviewer: Dave C (Flattop)

Been going to the Froggy Dog for 6 years. Usually hit it our 1st or 2nd day down (to get out of the sun) Food is at best average but we mainly go for drinks at the bar. Used to like that they had a pool table and video games at the bar but those are now gone. While there in Aug this year we were enjoying the music they had playing and all of a sudden the bartender put in a Celine Dion cd. The place went silent. We asked what was wrong with the music that WAS playing and she said she preffered Dion. We along with most of the other folks there got their tabs and headed out.

Rating: Food was ok service was horrible 8/3/2010
Reviewer: Jamie80

We went for a late night light dinner and ended up only being able to order appetizers. After lunch hours they only serve entrees. Appetizers were good but the service was horrible.

Rating: Mixed review... 6/16/2010
Reviewer: Joanne

My husband's chicken was really yummy. The scallops my mother and I ate were gritty and not very appetizing. Haven't decided if we will give them another chance or not.

Rating: Offensively poor. 6/4/2010
Reviewer: Sarah

I found this restaurant to be offensively disappointing. The service was terrible (the bartender acted as though he had to descend from his throne to wait on us, and had no problems showing his discontent), and the food was sub-par. When one of our party commented that she thought that her chicken tasted a little fishy, the waiter simply shrugged, said that he didn’t know why, and walked away. To add insult to injury, instead of offering to take the meal (with one forkful missing) off of the bill, he foisted unwanted deserts at us – which we later found on our bill
Needless to say, we were deliriously angry, and will not be returning.

Reviewer: Hillary

We ate here over the weekend and got to say it was great. Party of 10 was easily accomadated and service was quick and efficient. Lots of fresh seafood and very affodable for an obx restaurant. Crabcakes are a must try!!!! We will be back in a couple of weeks.

Rating: Food is OK, Service? Well, ummmm..... 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Junebug

We've been to the Froggy Dog probably four or five times. The first couple times were for lunch. Their crabcakes were very good and we also really liked the Key Lime pie. The last few times have been for breakfast. It's been OK, but nothing to write home about. The problem has always been the service. The breakfast staff never seems to do anything with any urgency. We've sometimes waited 20 minutes for omelets, hash browns, and toast! Plus, they only serve breakfast until 11:00 and they won't seat anyone for lunch until 11:30. Between 11:00 and 11:30 they are essentially closed. We've actually seen people arrive at 10:45 or 10:50 and get turned away and told they can't come in until 11:30!!! I've waitressed summers in college and have never heard of a restaurant actually closing between the breakfast/lunch change. To me this means that the establishment is mismanaged. I mean if you can't perform a simple breakfast/lunch change with guests in the dining room, come on!!

Rating: Would Go Again 9/15/2009
Reviewer: Mike

We stopped there for breakfast last week on the way down to Ocracoke. (Week after Labor Day) It wasn't crowded at all being a little off season. Food and service was fine. We would stop again if we had little ones with us as they have a little play area with toys in one corner.

Reviewer: Whitey Burke

My wife and i had a GREAT experience there.Sorry to hear these neg's on frogs.
We will be back next trip to the OBX

Reviewer: Jean

Is any of the food really cooked there? My dog eats better quality food. It doesn't seem to matter to anyone. You're out the door and will never be back but next week will bring a new wave of vacationers that don't know any better. It's got to be the only way that they stay in business year after year.

Rating: Terrible Service 8/30/2008
Reviewer: eses

It took over an hour to get food that was average at best, and that was with the place nearly empty. Waitress took orders took 20 minutes to deliver drinks then never saw her again in the next 45 minutes until food was finally delivered. Could not even come around and offer refills during the wait. As we were finally leaving others coming in could not even find someone to seat them.

Rating: Terrible 3/23/2008
Reviewer: Anonymous

This has to be the worst place ever to eat. There was next to no one when I went for dinner and the service was horrible. Took the waitress forever to come to take our order, then to get the food and our drinks. When the food arrived it was so greasy and horrible I could barely eat it. I have never went again and would tell everyone to stay away!! I see it was under new ownership last fall.

Rating: always had a problem 9/9/2007
Reviewer: Wishinobx

froggy dog used to be a great place for anything, but it has long lines when there is a place in the back just empty,the windows are always dirty on the out side(sea salt) just clean them every morning so the guess that has waited all year to down can enjoy the view.Ratings 5 yrs. was 5 star now your lucky if a server who even smiles out you. and once the food is bought you won't see them again until its time to get a check.and sometimes you have to run that down. To the new owners get it together, your only hurting what used to be a great place to eat. (or hire me and I'll run it for you)

Rating: AWFUL 8/23/2007
Reviewer: ziptrip125

We had breakfast at this restaurant and it was swimming in grease! We didn't even order any meat so what's with the fat. Never again!

Rating: 1st time great - 2nd time..well 3/7/2007
Reviewer: Norma

The first time we ate there well before 2004, the food was great and the service was outstanding. The second time, we took an obx newbie with us and were completely embarrassed! We were seated right away and forgotten about for almost an hour-(with a 7 year old)long enough for the early bird prices to change to dinner prices and the menu changed without us knowing. The food was completely inedible (some raw, some nuked) when it finally reached our table and we had to send all but the salads back to the kitchen. Nearly 35 minutes later - STILL WAITING for our food, the waitress lays the bill on our table & for 3 adults and a 7 year old, it was nearly $100.00! At the bottom of the bill it was highlighted in yellow 20% Gratuity is Appreciated. They got neither and we left.

Rating: Good Breakfast 4/7/2006
Reviewer: Pat Perks

We enjoy the breakfast and try to stop on the way down. My granddaughter said the potatoes are the best she has had.

Rating: ALWAYS ENJOYABLE 7/20/2005
Reviewer: Kay

Have eaten here the last three years we have visited Hatteras. Have always found the food to be very good--large portions; good service and nice atmosphere. Really one of the best meals we have had on the OBX.

Rating: Long wait for no apparent reason 7/14/2005
Reviewer: Mike

Customer service is horrible. Had to wait over an hour with 2 small children. Then ended up eating in the bar since they couldn't seem to get a table together for us (even though there were plenty of EMPTY tables). Food and waitress staff was good. We won't be going back there again.

Rating: For sale again 2/2/2005
Reviewer: Neil S

Just can't seem to get it quite right