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Corolla Light Village Shops, NC 12
Corolla, NC 27927

In 1992 Horseshoe Cafe brought Southwestern cuisine to the northern Outer Banks. Here you'll find homemade crab cakes seasoned lightly with chili powder for that Tex-Mex flair. Vegetarian chili also is a standout. There's also plenty of good seafood, steaks, chicken, and barbecue on the menu. All the desserts are homemade, from key lime pie to sopapillas drizzled with honey.

The decor fits the theme. Bull horns, wool rugs, cacti, and horseshoes adorn the walls. A Mexican-tile bar offers a cool place to sit and sip one of 25 beers served. The wine list is extensive too. Horseshoe Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week in summer and is open Easter through October. Sandwiches are available for a light supper along with the full entree offerings. A children's menu offers smaller portions and prices, and the wait staff provides crayons to keep your tykes occupied. Large parties can be accommodated.

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Rating: Out of business 5/7/2008
Reviewer: Kate

We tried calling to see what their hours were.

The number was disconnected......oh well.

Rating: The Wild Horse Cafe? 5/18/2007
Reviewer: shanunc

I think they changed the name - but this place is still terrible. I had my first suspicion when I noticed they charge $6.00 for the chips and salsa appetizer. Then the menu says “a meat patty” beside each burger offer – we should have just left. I ordered ice water, to begin with and they brought me a bottle (so they could charge me $2). I forgave this as I thought they didn't have glasses, but then when another table finally came in, they were offered glasses to go along with their diet cokes. My husband ordered the “chicken tacos” and the waiter was quick to point out that “tacos” actually means “TACO.” Yes, they charge $8.00 for a, one, solo, uno soft chicken taco! Another clue that we should have ran kicking and screaming. FYI, I couldn’t tell my husband about my suspicions bc the cook and the waiter were the only ones in the tiny place and they were eavesdropping on us. My BLT (cheapest sammy on the menu) was $5.50 and tasted like...toast. Worst BLT ever. My husband had the Jamaican jerk burger and it almost made him sick - frozen meat patty with weird consistency – GROSS! If I could warn every beach goer about this place I would. Don’t waste your money – the 2 owners/cook/waiter are totally in this joint to make a quick summer buck on unwitting tourists and it shows. Actually flashes like a blinking neon sign. Save your money!!

Rating: It was awful 9/8/2006

I am a local at the Outer Banks and I work in Corolla. My husband and my father in law had come to meet me for lunch so I took them to the Horseshoe Cafe. We had a bad experience. My father in law ordered the soup of the day and asked for crackers and they had none. I ordered the marinated chicken sandwich that comes with fries, however, I wanted the pasta salad and I was told I would be charged more. I then told the waiter that my husband was ordering the BLT that comes with pasta salad and he would prefer fries and he told me that was OK but they would not change the orders in the kitchen. We would have to do it at our table. And we did. And people wonder why there are so few people in the restaurant when they arrive. Something tells me that do not get much return business. So for now I will say so long to the Horseshoe Cafe. With service like that I don't it will last long in Corolla.

Rating: Great Cafe 4/8/2005
Reviewer: obxrick

Best little cafe in Corolla. For a laid back time with excellent food this is the place.