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1834 N Virginia Dare Trail
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Serving some of the locals* favorite breakfasts, this lively restaurant is open for three meals a day 365 days a year. Besides the usual eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and toast, Jolly Roger*s bakery cooks up some of the biggest muffins and sticky buns you*ve ever seen. For lunch, choose from sandwiches, local seafood, or daily specials. Dinner entrees include homestyle Italian dishes, steaks, broiled and fried fish, and a popular $9.95 prime rib special each Friday. All the desserts are homemade, and special orders are accepted for items to go. The food isn*t fancy, but the portions are enormous. You*ll have no excuse if you leave here hungry. Jolly Roger also steams spiced shrimp in the separate bar area each afternoon and is the karaoke headquarters of the Outer Banks seven nights a week.

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Rating: June 2017 10/30/2017
Reviewer: 2boysmom

Our favorite breakfast on the Outer Banks! The food was good and served hot, the portions are large, and the service was great. We come here for breakfast every trip.

Rating: Great meal 10/26/2017
Reviewer: pens4821

We really love going here. It's a little over the top as far as decor, but if you can look past that it's a great place to go. I get the captains platter (pasta, meatballs, sausage, peppers) and pay the little uncharge to get there bolognese sauce with it. The bolognese is awesome, as is the platter. You get a salad with it, and they bring a basket of bread (you can ask for more free of charge). A couple others in the group always get the seafood lasagne, and they love it.

One of our favorites. You get good portions for a good price. Service is always good too.

Rating: Finally Tried Jolly Pirate/Rancher/Roger 7/28/2016
Reviewer: mlpmo

After all the years passing by, it took the grand kids to get me to try it. They got a kick out of me calling it the Jolly Rancher. Really surprised how good it was. I can say we found a new place to go every year.

Rating: Worth a go 11/13/2015
Reviewer: obxfam

After all the years coming to the OBX we finally ate here. We had anything from pasta to seafood meals. They were all pretty good and the pirate theme and atmosphere is neat. Would like to try their breakfast out one day.

Rating: great outer banks breakfast tradition 2/5/2015
Reviewer: murraymillion66

We always come to the Jolly Roger when going out for breakfast, best deal in the Outer Banks still. Try the karaoke bar at night if you are ever looking to have fun with your friends. Love the casual atmosphere, very laid back and totally OBX.

Rating: great time at The Jolly Roger 2/5/2015
Reviewer: obxman55

drinks were strong, food was hot and generous, service awesome-will come back again next time we are in the neighborhood!

Rating: Breakfast 11/7/2014
Reviewer: Beachy in the Valley

This has become our must have breakfast place on every trip. I have enjoyed the crab eggs Benedict and the seafood omelet. My husband likes the French toast. We have been returning for 16 years. The decor is a different especially in October when you have Halloween mixed in with all of the Christmas ornaments.

Rating: Pretty Good Breakfast 7/30/2013
Reviewer: XSubSailor

We made a stop for breakfast one morning in June of 2013. I would say that you certainly get a value. Portions are huge. Food taste was good, not great - but good. Worth a stop.

Rating: Gave it another chance.... 2/12/2013
Reviewer: Dani

Let me mention my first trip to Jolly Roger was a bit like a scene out of a bad Twilight Zone episode - what kind of place was this?? Dirty,bad service,crazy decor,not so good food, terrible karoke singers ;) vowed not to return.
Fast forward 2 years to Christmas Day dinner - Jolly Roger was the only restaurant open and we wanted some seafood darnit. I was pleasantly surprised, place was dusted and cleaned up, service was pleasant and prompt and food was quite tasty! A far cry from our first visit. If you've visited in the past and swore off the place, give it another try, we did and had a nice experience.

Rating: Love this Place 5/4/2012
Reviewer: Roch369

Been here for nearly a week and ate here twice. I would recommend this. You really get your money's worth here. Friday is Prime Rib for $9.95. Seafood platter the other night was great. Going back for Breakfast tomorrow. This is our new place to o

Rating: Very slow service and dirty 4/26/2012
Reviewer: obxwanderer

You might wait for 30 minutes to get waited on and the place smells and is very dirty. My fork still had dried food on it and the table was sticky like it had not been cleaned in weeks.

Stay away from this place at all costs.

Rating: Good times! 9/12/2011
Reviewer: Patricia

Went here for lunch last week. I had crabcakes which were delicious, and my boyfriend had fish (don't remember what kind). We had a very enjoyable meal. The waitress and hostess were wonderful people, very attentive and friendly. I loved the decor, especially the ornaments hanging from the ceiling! We also took pictures of each other with the pirates, the one in the lobby and the one out front. Had a great time here!

Rating: 3 B's 8/14/2011
Reviewer: Kathy

Bad service, bad food, bad decor!

Rating: The abuse lol 5/26/2011
Reviewer: Sal

If your looking for a great time go see Lisa at the Jolly Roger, the ABUSE which my wife pays her extra for is great... We eat at the Jolly several times during our stay and haven't ever had a bad experience...AFTER READING SEVERAL IF THE REVIEWS FOR THIS PLACE I WOULD LIKE TO ADD THEY HAVE A 98% HEALTH INSPECTION SCORE...Some people just can't be pleased....Hope to see you again in August Lisa...Love you Kiddo

Rating: A gracious recovery 5/26/2011
Reviewer: Sarah

We have gone to the Jolly Roger for years, and I have to say in the past year Carol Ann and Lisa have made this place what it used to be...There is love in the serve, the in the food, and love in the over all experience.... I highly recommend the breakfast with its homemade breads, and the dinner with the eggplant parm....We enjoy our meals there atleast three times while we are down... Further more The friendly service is 100% above everyone elses...Thank you Jolly Roger your the best...

Rating: In the effort to please 5/24/2011
Reviewer: Lisa Britt Coppedge

I would like to state that through the years the Jolly Roger has gone through tremendous changes...We are a pirate Christmas Italian restaurant.... We aren't a chain restaurant nor do we care to be..... We are fun, we have huge portions, we care what our public wants, and go above and beyond any conventional restaurant to make our customers feel like family....We are not perfect, WHEN MADE AWARE of any situation, we strive to make it right, we are constantly evolving... We want every single customer to feel like family....We may not be for everyone, however I think we have the best staff I've ever seen...They care for their customers, They care how the food is prepared, they care for their safety in getting them home...Above and beyond any other establishment on this beach....I am proud of this restaurant and the people that make it happen everyday... I also am proud to call myself an employee of the Jolly Roger...

Rating: In the effort to please 5/24/2011
Reviewer: Lisa Birtt Coppedge

I would like to state that through the years the Jolly Roger has gone through tremendous changes...We are a pirate Christmas Italian restaurant.... We aren't a chain restaurant nor do we care to be..... We are fun, we have huge portions, we care what our public wants, and go above and beyond any conventional restaurant to make our customers feel like family....We are not perfect, WHEN MADE AWARE of any situation, we strive to make it right, we are constantly evolving... We want every single customer to feel like family....We may not be for everyone, however I think we have the best staff I've ever seen...They care for their customers, They care how the food is prepared, they care for their safety in getting them home...Above and beyond any other establishment on this beach....I am proud of this restaurant and the people that make it happen everyday... I also am proud to call myself an employee of the Jolly Roger...

Rating: Horrible!!! 5/9/2011
Reviewer: Lisa

I would have given it a -1star but can't, anyway save you money for a better place to eat. Rude staff, extremely dirty and overall very un-appitizing!! We will NEVER go in there again. Yuck.

Rating: Best place for Karoke & to meet locals 3/2/2011
Reviewer: Jonathan & Gena

We found it to be a great hang out and some of the best fun we've had in a long time. Everybody was friendly (no formalities). Hubby enjoyed the steamed shrimp at the bar and I fell in love with the very tender ribs. Jolly Rogers can't be beat when it comes to fun.

Rating: Loved Jolly Roger years ago 10/7/2010
Reviewer: Vicky

For years Jolly Roger was our place for breakfast and when I visited again many years later insisted we had to go there. Back in 2004 found it to be much like I remembered, fun and good food at decent prices. Our last visit was October 2009.

At first thought the pirate attire and constant arghs were for Halloween but found out that is the standard there now. Told by a local some staff resigned rather than deal with that humiliation every day.

Our service was okay but the food was not what I remember. I would probably give another shot if they didn't make their waitstaff dress like pirates and say argh, and ahoy matey.

If you have never been I say give it a try, but I prefer to remember it the way it was years ago. But many may enjoy the Pirate waiters, so to each his own.

Rating: It's the Jolly Roger 10/5/2010
Reviewer: Maslin

Breakfast, especially the homemade wheat bread is awesome! My daughter and I split the two eggs with bacon - she gets the grits, I get the homemade what toast. And then sometimes we get another side of bacon.

When it's not Sunday, a mimosa goes especially well with breakfast. I also hear the Bloody Marys are quite good, but they're not my thing. Both are served in a small wine carafe, which is kind of fun.

Locals know to sit at the bar, but yes the decor is interesting all throughout. You will often encounter Carol Ann checking out everything that's going on.

New this year is a playground for the kids while you're waiting for your table. It's also right across from a beach access (it's the mythical East 4th street in KDH).

Yes, the crazy decorations are covered in dust. And now the waitstaff dresses like pirates. Whatever. It's the Jolly Roger, just try it once. If you don't like it, you can at least say you've been there.

Rating: Service good, food was not 10/5/2010
Reviewer: Marid4061

We went for the first time in August of 2010. We went late afternoon before the crowd. Everyone was very friendly and the restaurant sure is very eclectic in its decor. My husband ordered a fried seafood platter and I had a broiled platter. The scallops were awful. I don't know what it was about them, but either fried or broiled they were terrible. Everything else was not very good at all. We did have a dessert, carrot cake and it was very good. It sounds like breakfast is much better.

Rating: DISGUSTING! 7/15/2010
Reviewer: mr. m

We saw the waitress every twenty minutes and she was not very pleasant. The food was over-hyped and just not appetizing...but they do a great job making in sound tasty on the menu. The place seemed dirty and unkept. I would STRONGLY advise you find someplace else to eat.

Rating: vactioneerobx 4/28/2010
Reviewer: Anne Mulligan

This was undoubtedly one of the worst restaurant experiences I ever encountered. The waitresses were rude and unkempt looking. After the rude remarks and awful service with no dinner after waiting an hour with small children, we left. I am so glad we did. I don't know how they expect to run a business in that manner. I know we will never go back as we scratched that place off our list when we visit the Outer Banks yearly. Also expressed our dislike to others we know that visit the Outer Banks. TERRIBLE and DISGUSTING!!!!

Rating: Best Breakfast (or any meal) on the beach 3/3/2010
Reviewer: Dwayne B.

Going to the Jolly Roger is a ritual. Won't be a trip to OBX without it. Love the food and service.Average prices, huge portions. Sorry to the guy who had to wait 10 minutes. If you don't have 10 free minutes to wait for a good meal, what are do doing at the beach? CHILL out dude.

Rating: Good breakfast 10/16/2009
Reviewer: Beth

My husband had the eggs benedict and said they were great.

Rating: Understaffed or Too Much to Handle in September!!!... 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Robbie Lyn

Had breakfast, an omelet to be specific. The tables are crammed in there so our table for (2) was in a tight spot. Food took long to arrive but was hot and the ingredients were fresh. Lots to look at in its decor. Took 10 minutes to pay the bill at the register. Opted not to return for lunch or dinner.

Rating: No service 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Steve

Went for dinner, waited about 10 minutes before being escorted to a table. No offer of drinks - even water - bread or munchies. After 15 minutes of waiting without being approached by a server decided the gods were agin us here and left, never to return.

Rating: Better than last time 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Liz

I have always loved Jolly Roger, last time was not too good. This time the food was good, same old atmosphere, which I don't really mind. Portions were huge, the waitress was just okay. Our whole party liked their food. All in all it was a good experience.

Rating: Ugh 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Me

We ate there earlier this summer and it was a weird experience. The ceiling in the dining room is covered with tin foil and christmas ornaments. The slaw was brought out separate from the meal like it was an appetizer. Given the atmosphere, I was surprised that the food was edible, but that's about all I can say for it. If you are looking to see some weird decor, this is the place for you! If you are looking for good food, I'd look elsewhere.

Rating: OK for cheap breakfast 7/28/2009
Reviewer: Anonymous

The breakfast isn't bad. Food was ok and the portions were adequate. Never considered it for anything but bfast. Certainly decent for the money.

Rating: rating on previous post 2/22/2009
Reviewer: Stan

I guess the fight could have been 5 star. Still in shock over experience and did not give it the 1 star it really deserved.

Rating: Enter at your own risk 2/22/2009
Reviewer: Stan

Went in for dinner which was mediocre. Stayed for the nightly entertainment of local drunkards and fighters. Almost ate my teeth for desert. Will never go back!

Rating: Have an open mind 9/11/2008
Reviewer: Colleen

Jolly's is a mess, no doubt about it. Knowing that the dining room ceiling is covered with Christmas balls that are probably NEVER dusted is enough to make you think twice. HOWEVER, the foos is VERY good, the portions are HUGE, and they have the best possible place to people watch at the bar. The service is always great.

Rating: Afraid to touch my table... 8/24/2008
Reviewer: Kristine

WOW. This is one of the dirtiest restaurants I've ever been to. Just wow. It takes a certain kind of dedication to build up that kind of filth.

Rating: Jolly Joke 5/13/2008
Reviewer: The Jones'

We ate here about 5 years ago, our first time to the banks, I could have made a better tasting meal at home, sorry! We havn't been back since.

Rating: Nasty Drunk Den 1/22/2008
Reviewer: OBX Local

This is the dirtiest restaurant on the beach. The bathrooms are cleaner than the bar and the kitchen. The waitstaff get falling down drunk in the bar after work and fight with customers and each other. The cops sit outside in the parking lot every evening. AVOID THIS PLACE!!!!!

Rating: What happened? 10/4/2007
Reviewer: Karen

The Jolly Roger used to be one of the places we always wanted to go to in OBX, but now has become the one place we avoid. The food and the service has really gone downhill and the place just isn't clean anymore. Clean up your act and get some good chefs and you'll have a fine establishment. Also the prices have really been escalating over the years. 5 stars restraurants in major cities are cheaper than eating out in the Outer Banks! Give me Food Lion and a barbecue at home!

Rating: Good value for the buck 9/15/2007
Reviewer: Tim

It sure beats her other restaurant - Carolina Barffet. I love the pasta dishes and the breakfast is great.

Rating: Be Warned 9/3/2007
Reviewer: OBX Forever

The locals call it the Jolly Roach...

Rating: Rob 4/11/2007
Reviewer: Rob

Had breakfast here again, portions just as large and service still friendly. Taste was not up to previous experience. I would still go back.

Rating: OK 10/18/2006
Reviewer: hutchens

We ate there the other night & food was very plentiful. In-laws steaks were a little tough & cooked to long; they had ordered them cooked medium-well. Hubby had fried seafood & he said it was pretty good. I had the shrimp fettucine alfredo & I liked it. We also ordered drinks & mine was very strong. I couldn't drink it after a little bit 'cause it was just too strong. It didn't go to waste though--somebody else drank it! All in all, we'd go back. Wasn't a bad experience just a couple things that could've happened anywhere else!

Rating: Not like it used to be 6/12/2006
Reviewer: Liz

The food was not as good as it has been at Jolly Roger. However, the broiled platter was very good. My husband and his friend liked the fried oysters. I am not sure when we will go back because it was not as good as it once was. Portions did not seem as big this summer.

Rating: disgusting!! 5/2/2006
Reviewer: Brenda

What has happened here/ We liked it several years ago but now it is dark,dirty,dusty and disgusting. The food is not very good either.I left a glass with some margarita in it on our table and when we left I saw a man from another table reach over and start drinking it. Yeah...Dark, Dirty, Dusty, Dated, Dingy and Drunks.

Rating: YUCK 4/7/2006
Reviewer: Michelle

This place is terrible. Don't waste your money.

Rating: Awful food, nasty place 3/27/2006
Reviewer: OXB lover Forever

This is the worst place we have ever eaten at. The food, YUCK, I wouldn't even call it breakfast slop maybe. I don't know why so many people say you got to eat at Jolly Rogers. They must have a limited amount of experiences with restraurants.

Rating: dirty 10/30/2005
Reviewer: peaches

its a very dirty place with big servings of food i wont eat again

Rating: OK--NOTHING TO BRAG ABOUT 7/20/2005
Reviewer: Kay

Ate there once and was overwhelmed by the interior decor--quite a sight!!! Could certainly use some decorative advice from H&G TV channel. Food was ok, portions more than adequate. Will not visit there again.

Rating: good breakfast 1/17/2005
Reviewer: corey

but get there early because in the summer the wait can be a long one. I really enjoy the homemade bread they have. Oh and the grits too!

Rating: Gratuity Charge 10/26/2004
Reviewer: Vi

We had a good meal there this past August. However, we did not notice a gratuity charge was added to the bill and tipped the waitress 25% of the bill in addition. She must have thought she died and went to heaven.

Rating: Jolly Roger 4/19/2004
Reviewer: Rob

Went here for breakfast and left stuffed.
Good food. Served hot. Large protions.
Friendly service.
4 stars.
The locals eat here year round for a reason.

Rating: bad, bad , and more bad 2/4/2004
Reviewer: John A.

Jolly Roger is the dirtiest restaurant I have ever had the displeasure to eat at. Look around people, it's filthy! The food was terrible and yes i do think the breakfast is just fine but how can you mess up breakfast...although my father's hashbrowns were cold as ice when they put the plate down. The portions are huge but does that make the place good? NO, you just have a bigger plate a bad food. I personally know a few cooks that have worked there in the past and they all have said it's the filthest kitchen on the beach. Just be warned everyone, all hype, no substance.

Rating: Great Family Place 1/30/2004
Reviewer: Neil

We were here for our daughter's birthday. It was perfect because she will not eat seafood, and prefers pasta over anything. This place had what she wanted, and what the rest of us wanted. The Crab Norfolk was out of this world, as was the stuffed flounder. Not as pricey as Kelly's or some other places. This is on our "must do" list every trip to the OBX.

Rating: Great Breaksfast 11/18/2003
Reviewer: obxgrlinva

I agree one of the best breaksfast places on the banks! I love the way it is decorated. Arrgh...

Rating: Great Breakfast 11/17/2003
Reviewer: Lisa

The best breakfast on the beach. Nice variety, homemade bread, unique atmosphere.