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39450 Hwy. 12
Avon, NC 27915

From the beginning, our innovative concept was to keep it simple and delicious. When you first step into The Open Water Grill you realize that every last detail was put together by one of the owners who are always on site to serve great food and a good time. Our philosophy is simple, whether you live locally or are from out of town, every day in Avon is a vacation. More importantly, it's YOUR vacation. You shouldn't have to sacrifice quality in order to achieve relaxation. OWG gives you the best of both worlds.

We cook almost entirely with fresh ingredients, serving the freshest food on real dishes placed on linen covered tables, all in an atmosphere that welcomes flip flops and board shorts. A one-of-a-kind waterfront dining experience.

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Rating: Overpriced and poor quality 8/1/2016
Reviewer: colleen40

This place needs some serious work in the kitchen in regards to timing and quality. It is very expensive and the quality of the food is terrible.I had the fish tacos-it came cold and the toppings were cheap. My son had the scallops-also disappointing. Honestly I think the do not have a person in the kitchen who knows how to cook. It was sketchy. And it is very very expensive for the quality of food they are serving. The restaurant was empty at the height of the season-I should have known as soon as I walked in the door. Save your money and go somewhere else.
I will give a shout out to our waitress who was very professional and lovely.

Rating: Average 7/18/2014
Reviewer: Tay

The 2 items that we wanted to order were out of stock in some way. Granted this was after Arthur, so that could have been the reason. I just settle on a steak, which was cooked perfectly. My wife's fish tacos lacked taste.

Rating: Bet it won't be there next year 7/23/2013
Reviewer: Neil S

First of all we live in Avon and like to see places thriveOWG won't. Went early(6) last nightThey had no white wine of any kindThink they would have realized earlier,maybe go to FL and pick up a case of Barefootdidn't happenfood OKpricey for what you getseemed like lots of folks waiting for dinner to arrivemanager seemed oblivious to surroundings(should have made a wine run)Waitress niceWe had OWG gift cardonly reason we went. Surely won't go back

Rating: In the words of my was "meh" 7/21/2013
Reviewer: obxdreamin'

Our grown kids and their spouses went out for a "date night" (aka grandparents babysit). Based on their reviews, one dish was overcooked, another was undercooked and 3 were "okay", 1 was "good". They came back disappointed and would not be trying this place again on the next visit.

Rating: A little less satisfying, good entertainment 6/26/2013
Reviewer: beach bunny

Ate at OWG last night. Desserts less than thrilling. Chef seemed to be wandering around while he was supposed to be cooking. My Ahi had 'ginger ice' which had no ginger taste and made my tuna, greens soggy. Needed a little less ice and a lot more ginger. 5 ingredient Mac and Cheese was good. Desserts had klondike bars on them instead of being creative. Fried banana sundae took way to long to serve and arrived as one piece of fried banana and a klondike bar cut in triangles. Mahi was good. Portions were small, focus was on presentation which is ok but too many shortcuts in quality product to rely so heavily on how it looked. The duo/then trio of acoustic, vocal music was easy to listen to although the bass player had some harmony issues.

Rating: Sadly disappointed 2/6/2013
Reviewer: bizbach

We loved this place when it was the Blue Parrot and were excited to try this it out especially after we checked their website. We have only tried it once so hoping we got them on a bad night but it was really a bad experience. The place was not particularly busy and it was off season but they did not seem able to keep up. There was a bartender/waiter and the "manager" and a chef, so perhaps understaffed. The bartender/waiter was doing his best but with little help from the manager. The food overall was not bad but my husband ordered a filet and when it came out right away it was obvious it was not a filet and certainly not worth what they were charging. (on their menu they rave about the filet so it was a disappointment) We asked to speak to the chef about it and all the staff went in the back and we could see them in the kitchen laughing about it and no one came to talk to us. The biggest issue was the attitude towards us since we complained. We ended up not finishing our meal and left and yes we paid. Hoping they have their act together now as they have a great location and good menu.

Rating: Eclectic, continuous surf film, biggest piece of chocolate cake we've ever seen!! 2/6/2013
Reviewer: beach bunny

We decided to try this new spot-we liked the old restaurant that was there. Nice, clean restaurant-loved the bathroom decor!!! Our quirky waiter immediately appealed to the teens with us. Not a big crowd so we settled in and got comfortable. We had some detailed orders-special toppings for our burgers, seafood allergy so prepared carefully, bring out the appertizers with the all happened, albeit slowly-which we LOVE. We hate being rushed through our meal, hate it! I'm not talking mind numbing slow, it was just nicely paced, graciously served and good. The boys ordered dessert. When their pieces of cake came out, the too cool for school boys made gleeful noises and immediately asked for milk. Appetites we hardly ever see satisfied were calling for help finishing dessert. We'll go back this year-warning OWG, we're bringing 4 teen aged boys this time!!! I think I'll get my own table. :)