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Rating: Service and food not equal 12/18/2015
Reviewer: magruso

I want to give a 4-5 star for food. The last three times we've had issues with service- not just slow but extremely rude- 1 star. I'd rather have great service. We've taken it off our list.

Rating: Once Agian-Nice 6/8/2014
Reviewer: PaulZ

For the second year in a row we stopped here for lunch on our arrival day, and prior to getting our rental. We were not disappointed. Good food and drink. Sat outside. The tuna melt was very good. Shrimp good. Salads very good. Chowder excellent. The only thing that keeps me from awarding 5 stars is the service is a tad slow. Not overly slow...just a bit.

We will keep coming.

Rating: Nice Spot - Good Food - Great Location 6/29/2013
Reviewer: PaulZ

For our arrival day (the Sunday before Memorial Day), Roadside was a great selection. A couple of beers, sandwiches and salads and sitting outside on a beautiful day, we couldn't have asked for anything better. Food was good and the prices were fair. Our server wasn't the fastest but since we couldn't get our house right away, we didn't mind the extra wait.

Looks like a new tradition was born for our arrival day.

Rating: Excellent meals 9/13/2012
Reviewer: Jstangl

We ate here earlier in the week - my wife had a Bellini with the Duck and I had the Paella along with a couple Breckenridge Vanilla Porters - food and service were great.

Rating: always great 4/19/2012
Reviewer: Lenny

I have been coming to Road Side for over 10 years. I love coming in the off season and sitting at the bar. The food and wine is great, and couldn't ask for more. The warm mushroom salad if one f my favorites .

Rating: Excellent food and personal service 10/7/2010
Reviewer: Vicky

We have eaten at Roadside twice now, once last year in off October 2009 and then again Septebmer 2010. Both meals were excellent. They have nice wine selections, friendly staff and a cozy setting.

The steaks that we had there both times were the best we have eaten comparable or better than any fancy DC steak house. The lobster I had last time was done just perfectly. Our sashimi appetizer was also tasty and flawless. We have not had lunch there but are told they are very good by friends. I am disppointed to see such mixed reviews on this place as we have gone twice both in "off season" so to speak and it was nothing short of fabulous and always busy.

Rating: Good 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Lisa

Didn't look like much from the outside, but our dinner was very good.

Rating: Seriously diappointed with my meal 8/28/2008
Reviewer: GravityStorm

We have been eating at the Roadside every time we come down here and this year my meal did not live up to the restaurant's past reputation. I ordered the Grilled Vegetable Napolean and added shrimp bringing the cost of the entree up to $26.
First of all, for this price, I expected freshly cooked vegetables not overcooked blobs of zucchini squash and the soggy but of the red pepper haphazardly dropped on top of two nearly burned risotto cakes. I also expected the dish to actually look like a napolean with a little bit of structure and form. What I got resembled leftovers on overcooked risotto. The sauteed shrimp that I requested were cooked properly but they were very small and there were only 4.
I also ordered the Roadside Salad which I make at home far better than what I received. Something was missing and I think it was the dressing. It just wasn't the same.
I can slightly understand this kind of thing happening off season, maybe the regular cook is on vacation, but NOW?
Anyway, MLH said his mojito was tasty and the Key Lime Cheesecake was to die for probably because it came from Tulio's.

Rating: Not As Good As It used To Be 3/10/2008
Reviewer: Dr. Walter Galloway

Let me begin by saying that my wife, children and I have enjoyed our family getaways to Duck, NC for quite some time now. We have always included lunch and/or dinner at 'The Roadside' as part of our Outer Banks experience.
Unfortunately though, I have noticed that the overall dining quality at this establishment has diminished over our last several visits. I am not one to claim to be a food critic, but I will tell you that it is in no way as good as it once was. Beside the fact that the food has become unapproachable and bland, the overall condition of this 'restaurant' is questionable. Upon our arrival, we found the parking lot behind the restaurant to be unlit and somewhat dangerous, leaving us to navigate our way inside through the unstable footing of oyster shells and gravel. As we entered, my wife pointed out to me that the health department rating posted had deteriorated over our last several visits. Perhaps it was the faint scent of cat urine in the building or the dust covered knick-knacks on the shelves that earned them this score. The wine list is predictable and uninspired, but the service staff that presents it is, and has always been fantastic. The waiters at 'The Roadside' are the only part of the dining experience that has been enjoyable and consistent recently. Unfortunately, I believe that it is time for us to move on and find a new family dining tradition next time we come down to visit.

Rating: Old Faithful 1/28/2008
Reviewer: Buck Island Chuck

We eat lunch there on our last full day of vacation each year. The menu doesn't change much, but that is what we like. You can't beat their crab cake or the blakened tilapia sandwich.

Just a nice, cozy little place that we passed probably 50 times and didn't know it was there. One day, home in PA, my friend said 'have you ever eaten at the Roadside, it got a great review on some cooking show.' Anyway, the next time we were in OBX we tried it out, and now it has the distinct honor of soothing our depressed souls the day before we leave.

Rating: Can be fantastic 12/21/2007
Reviewer: Sol

We went to this restaurant 3 times in one week. The first two times were incredibly good. The first time I had the crusted fish with white sauce and my wife has the filet. The second time I had the penne with scallops and shrimp and my wife had duck. They both were incredibly good meals. The third time was a bit mediocre, they had a different chef assisting who did not do such a great job (though still fair). I had the crusted grouper with a demi sauce. The sauce did not go well with fish. My grouper was overcooked, not quite burned, but too brown. The scallops were cold. My wife had the same dish and was happy with hers though. I guess the lesson here is to avoid the pony tailed chef who assists the head chef

Rating: Always a favorite 11/1/2007
Reviewer: Wendy

Usually our first restaurant that we will eat at when we first arrive. Always consistantly good. My fave is the Roadside Salad which I recreate my way at home with grilled chicken and mandarin oranges. Our 14 year old son even likes the food. Our daughter orders the plain pasta.

Rating: Wonderful! 4/25/2007
Reviewer: cheryl

We only recently discovered this place, and hate to think we were missing out on this food for years!We've only gone for lunch;hope to try dinner on our next visit.The service is friendly and casual: for instance the last time we went the waitress who seated us told us she'd get our drinks and take our order but the food could take awhile since they were busy and " the kitchen could only do what they could do". We were in no hurry, appreciated her honesty , and still got our food in alot less than the hour that it took us at Blue Point the day before! And the food....terrific! 4 people got the fish sandwich (tilapia) and 2 got the special wrap with mahi. They both came with a fantastic green salad since they out os pasta salad. This suited us just fine; the dressing was an awesome balsamic. We just throughly enjoyed everything about the Roadside, including the prices. And we got to sit outside on a gorgeous spring day. Can't beat it!

Rating: Excellent clam chowder 5/8/2006
Reviewer: Jeanne

Went there for a late lunch - was between shifts so could only order salads or chowder (which is what we came for anyway). Some of the best chowder I've ever had - full of clams and large portion! Will definitely return.

Rating: Great Southern Cooking 1/21/2004
Reviewer: Kory

Large portions of terrific food at moderate prices make this place a sure winner. Saw it on the Food Network and had to try it. Was well worth the drive from Nags Head and we make the trip up every time we visit OBX.

Rating: Great Southern Cooking 1/21/2004
Reviewer: Kory

Large portions of terrific food at moderate prices make this place a sure winner. Saw it on the Food Network and had to try it. Was well worth the drive from Nags Head and we make the trip up every time we visit OBX.