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1469 Colington Road
Kill Devil Hills, NC 279498

The SaltBox Cafe is a charming cottage-style restaurant in the heart of the beautiful Colington island. Come on in and meet Chefs/Owners, Randolph & Amanda Sprinkle, as they prepare for you an array of tasty eats featuring local seafood, fresh meats and produce. Enjoy Sunday Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Open 7 days a week!

Fresh. Fun. Innovative.

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Rating: A Must-Go Place 4/1/2022
Reviewer: Oxirane

We discovered TSBC five - six years ago and made sure we had reservations before we would come down on vacation. Now that we live here (less than 4 minutes from TSBC), we go a least once a month and sometimes twice. Between my wife and I, I think we've kind of tried everything on the menu although they are constantly changing/modifying/tweaking their recipes.

We've never even had an 'OK' meal at TSBC. Everything is good. The shrimp and grits are as good as any in the OBX, IMHO. The menu is limited, which is very good - they concentrate on the dishes they offer rather than have pages of selections. There is generally one steak on the menu, and depending upon the season, is offered with different sauces and sides. And it's as good as a steak I've ever had.

The real treats are the seafood. The fresh catch is absolutely fresh and varies based on the catch. The tuna I had two months ago was as good as I've ever had - it was probably swimming in the Atlantic 24 hours earlier. (OK, I have no idea, but it was delicious.) The NOLA shrimp is excellent, and while limited in number, they offer a good variety of appetizers and entrees.

And if you don't have room for dessert, get one to go. They are homemade, hand-crafted and delicious - we shared a caramel creme brulee once that was fantastic. The key lime creme brulee is our favorite.

Make reservations, especially in season. Plan ahead - if you are coming down for vacation, call a couple of week before. If you wait until you get here, there's no guarantees they'll have a time. It's that popular because it's that good.

The staff is like family (and in some cases, are related to the owners), and they are fantastic, very friendly and you can tell they enjoy working there.

Rating: Best Food on the Beach by far 12/3/2017
Reviewer: Tim-OBX

The more I go here the more I like it and the more I am just impressed with the quality and the care they take to make a perfect meal. I had the tuna with an etouffee sauce last night that was one of the best things I have ever eaten anywhere. they take reservations and you will need one in the summer. It's not large or fancy and it is well hidden, but it is so well worth the price and the effort to get to it. Get whatever the fish special is, they change the menu every Thursday depending on what is freshest. Don't forget to take a desert home, they are all home made by Amanda.

Rating: Always outstanding! 11/13/2015
Reviewer: SaltyDog

We eat at Saltbox regularly and have never been disappointed. The menus change every Thursday and I often leave my dinner choice up to the Chef (Randolf). We actually had them cater our reception, and they stole the show for sure. Highly recommended.

Rating: Almost affraid to tell you about this place 11/13/2015
Reviewer: Tim-OBX

Some places are so good they advertise themselves by word of mouth. This is one of them. This guy could cook shoe leather and get you to order it again next time! I fell into this place after hearing several people mention it. I have mentioned it to others who are really grateful. This is a true hidden gem with a really well experienced chef in the kitchen. Randolph's wife is the pasty chef and the deserts here are out of this world. If he has it on the menu, it's fresh. The only reason I am mentioning this place, in fear of it becoming so popular I can't get in, is that they take reservations. It is a small place, maybe 7 tables with a screed in area outside in the summer. They are not cheap eats here so be ready for that. This quality comes at a price.

Rating: Delicious 11/12/2015
Reviewer: tilly

The SaltBox Cafe is a cozy spot for a delicious meal. The menu choices include seasonal items prepared creatively. The service, quality and freshness of food is wonderful. Be sure to save room for dessert.