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7228 Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959

Begun as a place for early morning anglers to indulge in a big breakfast before the Oregon Inlet charter fishing fleet took off, Sam & Omie's is one of the oldest family restaurants on the barrier islands. In fact, the famed Lost Colony production and Sam & Omie's both celebrated their 65th anniversary in 2002. Omie Tillett recently retired his boat, The Sportsman, and he long ago sold this little wooden building at Whalebone Junction. The restaurant, however, retains its old beach charm and continues to produce hearty, home-style food based on traditional local recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This is a very casual place with wooden booths and tables and a full-service bar. Local fishermen congregate to contemplate the day's catch, and families flock to enjoy the low-priced, filling meals. Photographs of famous Gulf Stream catches line the walls, and the TV usually is tuned in to some exciting sporting event. For breakfast, omelets are a favorite. We like to make a meal of the rich she-crab soup and red chile poppers for lunch. Salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, fish fillets, turkey clubs, and daily specials also are served. A steamer has been added for healthy vegetables and fish. For dinner, try a softshell crab sandwich in season or a prime rib entree on Thursdays. Sam & Omie's is open from early March through November, at least. Call for winter hours.

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Rating: One of our Favorites 9/14/2015
Reviewer: Jstangl

Ate here twice last week - dinner one night and breakfast the next morning - we just love this place. Friendly staff, very good food, and "old Nags Head" ambiance. Never disappoints.

Rating: Best place 8/17/2015
Reviewer: obxgirlwannabe

We have been going here for years and the food remains the same...excellent. This is my first "must go to" stops when we hit the Outer Banks to get my clam chowder fix. My husband loves their burgers and I still say they have the coldest beer on the beach.

Rating: the best breakfast in Nags Head 2/25/2014
Reviewer: MongOBX

its our new beakfast place while down here. My wife and I love it and so do the kids. Looking forward to coming back

Rating: Another great meal, another great year! 1/24/2014
Reviewer: Leon

Returned in Sept 2013. Great meal, great service, reasonable prices. Convenient location, we like to combine our trip to Jennette's pier with a visit to Sam and Omie's. Discovered a playground nearby towards the highway, end of the extra parking lot for the Pier.

Rating: First breakfast @ Sam & Omie's 8/3/2013
Reviewer: beachbumz

Haven't ate at Sam & Omie's for several years and have never had breakfast there, it was one of the best meals I had in the last week. I had the Mahi Mahi cake w/grits and 2 scrambled eggs. The other Beachbumz had eggs and potatoes, waffles, stuff like that. Got the last table in the place at 7:30am and still had our food in 15 min. Too bad we had to leave today cuz I'd go back tomorrow instead of breakfast at the Holiday Inn, Circleville.

Rating: Had to go when I saw the sign 5/21/2013
Reviewer: Teedeeme

Had read so many good things here I had to try it. We stopped for lunch and I had a fried drum sandwich and hubby had their hamburger. Very, very good! We are going back tomorrow for their dinner menu on our way back from Hatteras. VERY reasonable, loved the down home atmosphere and the service was fantastic.

Rating: Lived Up To Its Reputation 5/5/2013
Reviewer: Poppa Bear

We stopped in for lunch today and will be going back on every future trip. The place just feels like home. The meal, fresh shrimp, fried vegetables and slaw was excellent and reasonably priced for the serving size. Our server was excellent, not too pushy but never inattentive. A Sam and Omie's breakfast is next on our agenda.

Rating: Finally got there 1/25/2013
Reviewer: sickofsnow

Everyone on the board says how good this place is so I made a point of going my last trip down. Pulled up & my husband says "really, this is it?" Well, not only did we go in, we made a second trip!! All I can say is this board has never steered me wrong! Excellent!!

Rating: Still the same 9/8/2012
Reviewer: Jstangl

We had breakfast twice last weekend at Sam and Omie's - I love their grits! Celebrating their 75th year - I may have to get a t-shirt!

Rating: Love this place! 5/1/2012
Reviewer: kelly from ohio

Vacation would not be complete without a couple of visits to this Old Nags Head style restaurant. My favorite Sam & Omies lunch is the Carolina BBQ pulled pork sandwich and bowl of steaming Hateras clam chowder. Yum. Oh... and great breakfasts, too.

Rating: Great food, price and atmosphere 4/22/2012
Reviewer: Leon

Title says it all, wonderful place, service was superb, we ate there March of 2012, party of 6 with three kids. Great way to start our week vacation. Will be back next time!

Rating: Best scallops 1/14/2011
Reviewer: Marid4061

Stopped by there in October of 2010 when it was one of those 80 degree days. The restaurant had a few locals and everyone was enjoying the great weather. The windows were open by our table allowing a nice warm breeze. The waitress was very friendly and took our order promptly. We ordered a variety of seafood and the food was great! The best scallops!

Rating: True Beach Vacation Atmosphere 8/24/2010
Reviewer: Sandy

This place feels like home. Great service great food. Relaxing. I like that Sam & Omie's stays true to what OBX should be. Those who might not like this place - well, they shouldn't even be on our island!

Rating: Great, classic OBX restaurant 6/28/2010
Reviewer: VT-OBX

My family hits this place nearly every year for breakfast on our way down to Ocracoke. There is usually a line of people waiting for the place to open at 7am, which says a lot. Sam & Omie's is nothing spectacular, but it's good food for a very reasonable price, served by a friendly staff. The best part is that the place simply oozes history and OBX tradition. It almost makes you feel like one of the locals.

Rating: Good breakfast 5/4/2010
Reviewer: JPritch

We enjoyed a breakfast at Sam & Omie's last week. Good food, nothing fancy, reasonably priced, good service. Love the atmosphere and history of the place. Definitely a breakfast option for us on future trips!

Rating: First time for breakfast 10/26/2009
Reviewer: YMINIowa

A trip to Sam & Omie's for dinner is always a must during my vacation. But, this was the first year that I've had breakfast there. Now, a trip to Sam & Omie's for breakfast is a must during my vacation! I had a traditional breakfast - eggs, hash browns, biscuits and hash. The portions were huge and well prepared. The prices for breakfasts are great - not at all expensive. I love the atmosphere .... kind of like a neighborhood bar - very laid back & friendly staff. Service was a little slow, but the place was packed. Also, I was disappointed that I could not have a Bloody Mary with breakfast .... alcohol cannot be served until later in the day. All in all, a great, traditional place for breakfast.

Rating: Two strikes this year 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Come Over

I didn't go back after two strikes. I enjoyed every meal last year. Don't know what happened.
The worst burger I ever paid for(high) and the fried shrimp was weird.
If you mess up those two...sorry.

Rating: Good breakfast 10/16/2009
Reviewer: Beth

We finally made it to S&O. We had to wait 40 minutes for a table, but it was a sunday morning. Food takes awhile but is cooked to order, very good. We enjoyed it.

Rating: Must do every year 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Pam

It wouldn't be a trip to the OBX without eating at S & O for my family. It is old beach and I love it. We have always eaten lunch there and the shrimp burger is so delicious I usually order the same thing every trip.

Rating: Comfortable 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Steve

Good food though pretty much standard fare and a little pricey for what you get, great service, great people and an extremely enjoyable atmosphere. Worthwhile for breakfast or lunch.

Rating: sam&omies, not worth all the hipe. 9/28/2009
Reviewer: jeff

nice wait staff. food over priced.

Rating: Very good! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Junebug

Very good food (excellent Key Lime pie), but the dining area is very noisy and SMOKEY! If/when we go back I may try to hit it at a time when the parking lot isn't packed. I'd enjoy it more when it's not so crowded and noisey.

Rating: Loved it!! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Crystal

This was a great little place. I loved the homestyle atmosphere and the wait staff were excellent. I'd received lots of recommendations to eat here and the place did not disappoint. I would recommend it to anyone.

Rating: Excellent 6/10/2009
Reviewer: obxgirlwannabe just can't go to the Outerbanks and NOT go here at least once. The food is really good, nice big JUICY hamburgers and I love the clam chowder soup. The staff is so friendly and make you feel welcome. I swear they have the coldest beer on the beach. This is my MUST go to place very year(for 17 years)

Rating: Has Changed 5/13/2008
Reviewer: RobinA

First went there in 1987 when it was the only place open after a long day. Great sounthern cooking, we considered it a find. Like most of the other restaurants on OBX, it is becoming northernized. First time I ever tried okra was at Sam & Omie's. Loved it. Now it's not on the menu. Burgers these days - prefab all the way. Still a good and reliable place to eat, but not special like it was.

Rating: Being going there for 11 yrs 3/23/2008
Reviewer: Seasentinel

I've always gone for breakfast and LOVE IT. Prices are the best on the OBX, food is great and service is the best. I've seen the same waitress I first had in 97 almost every time I've gone. Super nice people and again foord is great

Rating: family tradition 12/29/2007
Reviewer: Mike

a must every year! chedder cheese burgers are great

Rating: Constistently excellent 10/1/2007
Reviewer: The Sea Hag

Always go to Sam aned Omie's for the past 25 years. It's like going home Cheers in Nags Head. I would love to work at a place like this the rest of my life. Soups are excellent- wait staff always great. It's old Nags Head before tourists ruined it.

Rating: Constistently excellent 10/1/2007
Reviewer: The Sea Hag

Always go to Sam aned Omie's for the past 25 years. It's line going home. I would love to work at a place like this the rest of my life. Soups are excellent- wait staff always great. It's old Nags Head before tourists ruined it.

Rating: It is what it is 7/10/2007
Reviewer: Jen N

It is just a local dinner. Good as any I have been too. Enjoyed my breakfast. The prices were reasonable and the waitstaff was friendly.

Rating: Old Nags Head... 7/2/2007
Reviewer: Melody

The wooden floors, the screen doors, the family table...this is the oldest restaurant on the Outer Banks. Breakfast is the best and the bloody marys on Sunday a tradition. Buddy the bartender has been there a long time as well as a lot of the staff. That speaks volumes.

Rating: This Place Looks Like A Dump..But Its Not 11/30/2006
Reviewer: Anonymous

This place truly looks like a greasy spoon place on the outside. Waited for several years before eating here, and when I went inside it really didn't impress me that much. However, finally ate there years ago and have gone back on each of our five trips a year over 15 years to OBX and will continue to do so. I always look for places where truck drivers or cops are eating at, since they seem to know a reasonably priced place with good food. As a retired cop, this place is great as long as you want to pay for great food, want real local food and not linen table cloths or waiters in tuxes...great sit down and take out food...and when you eat there, you are surrounded by about 30 or so locals eating there...says something

Rating: Once again, no complaints 10/12/2006
Reviewer: YMINIowa

We had a late dinner at S & O's the end of September, and once again, it was great!

The wait staff was excellent and very accommodating with our request to split a seafood platter. Even with 2 of us sharing 1 entree, we had left-overs.

Absolutely no complaints on the food, service or atmosphere!

Sam & Omie's delivers a noisy neighborhood type dining experience of great food and friendly people.

My kind of place.

Rating: WONDERFUL! 10/12/2006
Reviewer: staci

Great place for breakfast.
Fresh food, fast, friendly service!
A must when visiting obx!

Rating: OK breakfast 5/30/2006
Reviewer: Rob

The food for breakfast was...OK. Nothing special. The atmosphere and service made this a 3 star review. The food was 2 star.

Rating: Was disappointed 5/30/2006
Reviewer: Mary-MD

My boyfriend and I decided to go here for dinner while there for the 4-day Memorial weekend, based on the reviews here. The pople were great, the atmosphere was also great, but the food was terrible. The first 2 entrees we ordered they ended up not having, and 1 happened to be the special for that night (we had dinner at 530pm, it was still early). So, we had a burger and the fish of the day (flounder, broiled). The burger wasn't much better than you would've gotten at any of the fast food places. There was lots of fish, 2 lg pcs. The top one was very dry and the bottom one was not completely cooked and neither had any taste. We have decided to try them for breakfast when we're down in July with the kids. Maybe we'll have better luck.

Rating: Great fresf fish sandwich 10/10/2005
Reviewer: Dave

We had a great lunch here with a fantastic fish sandwich. Not the best decor but if food is the primary object, its great. When we were there the smokers did bother us a little. But a quick stop and a great fish sandwich.

Rating: We loved it! 9/10/2005
Reviewer: Anot

We tried it for lunch twice, and both times I have to say it was great. Excellent BBQ, crabcakes, shrimp burger, fried veggie basket all were yummy!! We will go back again!

Rating: Don't miss this place while on the Banks... 8/1/2005
Reviewer: Anonymous

When we travel overnight to Ocracoke Island from PA, we always hit Sam & Omie's around opening time. Their breakfasts are terrific. The "Omielettes" are especially good. The best part, though, is the atmosphere. It's a favorite local hangout and the waitresses couldn't be nicer.

Rating: GREAT PLACE---A KEEPER 7/21/2005
Reviewer: Kay

Always have to visit during our trip. It's a quaint little place with the flavor of the original OBX. Very few places like this left on the beach. Food is always good and always enjoy seeing the locals eat there, too. Hope is never changes!!!

Rating: NOTICE how many locals are raving over this place 6/9/2005
Reviewer: anon

I just do not get it. I guess years ago when the fishing fleet ate there it may have been different. I gave it another try, food was o.k., but it still strikes me as a possible year round tourist t***.

Rating: My Favorite Restaurant in the OBX 5/20/2005
Reviewer: Margie

We have been vacationing on the OBX for 25 years and eat at Sam & Omie's every year. Our favorite's are Fried Veggies, She Crab Sandwiches and She Crab Soup. Good service and very nice people.

Rating: One of the Best 2/18/2005
Reviewer: Vi

No wonder this has been here so long!!! Great food and atmosphere. My family first visited in 1968

Rating: A family favorite 1/9/2005
Reviewer: Kelly

Always our first lunch and last breakfast, with an occasional visit in between. We've been going for about 13 years. Always busy, but always a good meal, and very nice people.

Rating: maybe over-rated 7/21/2004
Reviewer: the murf

have eaten there twice now, even though i have been obxing for over 10 years. Food was decent, maybe a little higher than i was expecting for breakfast. good service, friendly, but .75 for a refill?

Rating: Can't Be Beat!!! 4/6/2004
Reviewer: KH OH

Great local restaraunt with GREAT staff. They ran out of something once and ran to the restaraunt next door to borrow it. I found that very cool! Always have fresh and great tasting food. It is our tradition "first-lunch" on the OBX every year.


Rating: Excellent Choice 2/19/2004
Reviewer: Steph

Best NC BBQ on the OBX. Juicy Chicken Tenders. Always friendly atmosphere. Only drawback is it's all smoking. If you come in with little ones they will try and put you on the side opposite of the bar. Can't wait till they reopen next month.

Rating: Sam & Omies 1/3/2004
Reviewer: Anonymous

Have eaten here a couple of times. Enjoyed it but do not stop in every year.

Rating: Can't Be Beat for Breakfast 11/18/2003
Reviewer: roc-obx

Have only been to Sam & Omie's for breakfast, but what a deal it is. We always enjoy it, and their Bloody Mary's are a great way to begin the day. We love having breakfast at their bar. It's laid back, it's cool, and it's a "must-do."

Rating: Try the Jalapeno Poppers!!! 11/18/2003
Reviewer: obxgrlinva

The Jalapeno poppers are wonderful, especially with a long neck Miller Light beer!

Rating: Love it 11/16/2003
Reviewer: Jill

This is another place my trip wouldn't be complete if I didn't eat here at least once. Good food, nice people!

Rating: One of my favorites 11/15/2003
Reviewer: Michelle

I've had breakfast here probably about 12 or more times over the years and love it. I've gone other places for breakfast but always come back here as my favorite place. Prices are great and staff is very nice!