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7531 South Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27948

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Rating: Excellent pizza!!!! 7/27/2011
Reviewer: Melissa

I was hesitant to order from here because of all the horrible reviews on the internet, but we decided to go for it. The pizza was amazing, cheese full and stringy, just enough sauce and the toppings were great. My only complaint was the wings we bought- we got the Cajun, and they could have used a lot more spice. Otherwise, this place was pretty good. We would order here again!

Rating: Bad, bad pizza & salad 10/4/2009
Reviewer: YMINIowa

Definitely not impressed with the Stone Oven pizza. I ordered a small Greek pie and a side salad. The pizza crust was too thin to be Chicago style and too thick to be New York style. It was very chewy, and the yeast flavor was overwhelming. The Greek toppings consisted of spinach & canned sliced black olives. At least, that was all that I could taste & see. After one piece, it was in the trash bin. The salad consisted of brown edged, slightly slimey iceberg lettuce, chopped red onions & green peppers, tomatoes and shredded mozzarella cheese. I ordered bleu cheese dressing - got Ranch. Also, no utensils came with the salad. After picking out the decaying lettuce, I ate the veggies with my fingers. All in all, very disappointing. Will not return there.

Rating: Any number lower than 1?? 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Tony

Heavy emphasis on the word STONE as in the help being stoned. Never got an order from them correct. Never got any sympathy or concern from the staff. And yet, the crew behind the counter was having a high old time, laughing, cuttin up, planning the next smoker at someone's house after work. DO NOT PATRONIZE this place. You can do better elsewhere.

Rating: Excellent! Favorite Pizza on the Beach! 7/7/2009
Reviewer: Anonymous

Southwest Pizza-Q is to die for! Loaded with toppings! I'm a local and have tried many of the other OBX pizza joints and Stone Oven is by far, my favorite!

Rating: Have to agree with Neil on this one 7/12/2004
Reviewer: seagurl

I thought that the style would be brick oven (Stone Oven???) but the crust was undercooked and they skimped big time on the toppings!

Rating: Loved It 3/23/2004
Reviewer: LuAnn

The kids and I thought it was one of the best pizzas we've had down there. They love to go shopping at the outlet mall and then hit the stone oven pizza at lunch. Great crust, great sauce and you can't go wrong with cheese.

Rating: This is NOT Pizza 1/24/2004
Reviewer: Neil

Don't be misled -- the only reason I didn't give it ZERO stars is because Zero was not an available option.

Stone Oven "Pizza" is undercooked to the point of being raw, and the first bite pulled a crown right out of my mouth. The "sauce" was not sauce at all, and the white stuff melted on top was not to be confused with "cheese". If there was a legal definition of Pizza, this place would be in violation of the Law.

The best pizza on the OBX is at Cosmo's in Southern Shores. Hands down.