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803 Albacore St
Corolla, NC 27927

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Rating: OK, the last time I left disappointed 10/30/2017
Reviewer: ThomasTiger

I was the last reviewer of the Tomato Patch and I wanted to update my review. We went again this year, as is our tradition. I still like the place on Tuesdays for Kids Make Their Own Pizza day. It's fun for kids of all ages and it's a nice family vacation tradition. I'm glad we've done it every year we've gone there, but I'm not sure we'll go again in 2018.

Our 2017 visit was bad. The waitress failed to bring out the make your own setup for my son, and so when the adult pizzas arrived before my son had even made his own, he was understandably dismayed. The waitress was difficult to flag down and when we did flag her down she brought out a fully completed pepperoni pizza, not even understanding what our problem was.

She eventually sorted it out and my son was happy enough to eat the pie he'd made, but as an adult, I'm getting to the point where tradition alone isn't enough to convince me to spend a vacation night at Tomato Patch. Maybe next year we'll just do a Make Your Own Night at the beach house.

I still really like the kids pizza tradition, and I'd recommend people try it so long as their expectations are properly set, so I guess in that way, my review from last year hasn't changed. :)

Rating: Kids make their own pizza 11/11/2015
Reviewer: ThomasTiger

It's become our tradition to come on Tuesday of our vacation week for Kid's Make Their Own night. They bring out a small round of dough, some sauce, cheese, and pepperoni and let each kid make their own pie. It's always fun for the kids and adults alike.

The Patch doesn't have great pizza, but it's not a bad "Greek-style" pie, cut into squares (my favorite). We come in with reasonable expectations for a family pizza parlor and we've never left disappointed.

Rating: A 8/27/2015
Reviewer: Ohio-OBX

New bar in the back is really nice. Decent food but a wide selection. I enjoy going to the Patch, especially with my nieces and nephew. Good place to bring the kids.

Rating: Good Pizza 7/24/2015
Reviewer: mmoran

Decent pizza - they've added 6 taps to expand their beer selection. I've been there at least 10 times over the past 3 years and they seem to do a hefty takeout business with their pizza

Rating: it is lousy 2/5/2013
Reviewer: MikeW

Don't go there

Rating: Yummy 11/9/2010
Reviewer: Anonymous

We love going to the "patch" as the locals call it - the pastas and the pizzas are our favorite and they are open almost yesr round - so in December when there's nowhere else to eat, at least you can get some hot, yummy food

Rating: Good pizza and chicken tenders, family friendly 10/26/2009
Reviewer: Melissa

This place has great pizza in Corolla and is one of the few places that stays open. There is a bar on one half and at night it is Dr Unks bar but this section is separated from the rest of the restaurant and is a very family friendly place.

Rating: very good! 4/12/2008
Reviewer: =)

We got a pizza from there and it tasted great! not to mention the adorable mascot. i would recomemd this resturant and eat there again myself.

Rating: Great Place! 6/25/2007
Reviewer: Anonymous

People need to realize where they are. We are in the Out Banks. It is a beach vacation spot! This Pizza place was great. We stay down the road every year, and make a point to visit it each year. It's not going to be the Ritz Carlton Hotel. It is a pizza join with great down home service. The food is delicious and the bar has great deals! Live it up!!

Rating: Yummy! 5/19/2007
Reviewer: OB4FUN

I agree things are on there way up. I do work in the area often. Most afforable and best place to eat in corolla. The cool thing is they just don't do pizza anymore lots of good stuff to choice from! Yummy!

Rating: Sweet Tomato Patch 5/18/2007
Reviewer: shanunc

Things must have changed since 05 bc we loved the t-patch. Service is friendly, food is tasty and affordable (something hard to find in Corolla). Dr. Unk's (attached bar) has some cool drinks and a great juke box. We had fresh NC shrimp and they were delicious! The best thing I've had to eat since we got here. We will go back - in fact we've been back 3 times already this week!! RECOMMENDED

Rating: In need of renovations! 3/2/2005
Reviewer: Anonymous

We ate here last year while on vacation. I was really disappointed with the atomosphere. It was very dark & dreary inside the resaurunt. The decor was very outdated. The floor was a mess. It made me wonder if this place had damage due to the hurricane. The food was okay, nothing to brag about.

Rating: Dissapointed 1/6/2005
Reviewer: Dave

Got a pizza to go and it looked like it had a lot of potential. There were slices of tomato in the sauce and it had a slightly spicey flavor. However, I don't know if it was because of the type or amount of cheese, but it was greasy and the grease taste overrode the sauce. Won't get it again.

Rating: never again! 10/4/2004
Reviewer: 02bnobx

Stopped there with my family and was treated to the worst meal I have ever had anywhere! If that was the only place open and serving food, I'd go hungry!

Rating: OK, but not great 1/7/2004
Reviewer: Katie R

Table of 8,three kids. Decent service but food was not memorable. Good place for a pitcher of adult beverages and an appetizer.

Rating: Mediocre 11/10/2003
Reviewer: Ace Mclean

Not really any better or worse than other places like it on the OBX. Pizza/sandwich shops remain a weakness for the OBX, even though this one has good service and a nifty (if not tacky) atmosphere.