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66 Sunset Blvd
Corolla, NC 27927


Come experience the wonder and beauty of the Northern Outer Banks of North Carolina
. . . we have a very special place in store for your next vacation.
Karichele Realty prides itself on personalized service. It's our goal to make your
vacation special, and our web site is one more way of accomplishing that. From our site, you
can search for a rental property or view our Specials, learn more about the Outer Banks, view
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Rating: Ever rent from Karichele? I need your help 8/23/2010
Reviewer: At

Have you ever rented from Karichele and had a bad experience with a dirty house, mouse droppings, bugs ,etc...? I need your help ASAP
Please reply to loutennent@sbcglobal.net Thank you!

Rating: karichele obx DO NOT rent from them dirty place 8/23/2010
Reviewer: k

this company is horrible...please stay away!

Rating: My 10/8/2008 Review Revisited 8/1/2010
Reviewer: Sue

I posted the 10/8/2008 review on Crystal View. It is no longer with Karichele - I found it listed on Village Realty. You wouldn't recognize the place. I don't know if it's because of the change in realty management company or ownership, but the place has been completely redone, and looks stunning compared to when we stayed in it two years ago. Kudos to the owners and Village - my comments on Karichele still apply.

Rating: LOOK! Karichele posted 30 reviews to boost their rating! THEY SUCK!!! 7/26/2009
Reviewer: John

Had such high hopes for a perfect beach house. TOTAL LET DOWN. DIRTY and BROKEN sums it up! Almost $4000 for a house I wouldn't rent again for $1000. Scroll past all the fake reviews by Karichelle and read the real reviews. BEYOND PARIDISE... more like TOTAL NIGHTMARE! Enjoy your stay, they said. Oh and by the way, our one phone and one computer does not seem to be working, so don't bother complaining about your broken, dirty house. Never again with this horrible company.

Rating: Dirty, unfriendly service 7/12/2009
Reviewer: Lynn

We rented from Karichele. We loved the location of the house. But the place was dirth with bugs. Thre were actually roaches underglass in the pictures. The dishes were put away dirty. The hot tub did not work which was one of the main things we wanted. It was never fixed while we were there.
When we complained we were told that they do not clean the units, that it is the responsibility of the previous occupant. WHAT!
I told them I wanted a refund for the lack of a hot tub and they said they would think it over. After 6 months of contacting them, I gave up.
They were so rude it was unbelievable. I do not know how they stay in business. I do know that they have a lot of vacancies. If I were an owner I would be leary of listing with them.

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Rating: Just Like Everyone Says 2/7/2009
Reviewer: Anonymous

I rented from Karichele before I read the reviews here. Normally I try not to bother the rental company, but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to call and ask a few questions. Sure enough they were as rude and surly as everyone says. Luckily I don't expect too much so I was not too disappointed.

Rating: DIRTY and RUDE! 11/26/2008
Reviewer: Sherri Gordon Ruby

Our house was dirty with many broken items that were reported but never fixed. Staff was beyond RUDE. NEVER RENTFROM THEM AGAIN.

Rating: Crystal View and Karichele disappointing 10/8/2008
Reviewer: Sue

We've been going to the Outer Banks for 25 years. We stayed at Crystal View (Karichele) in Villages of Ocean Hill this year, and it was the worst place we've ever stayed at. The website claims a screened porch and 6 cable TVs. Within minutes of arriving, we had problems with the porch, TVS and no sheets. The screened porch was missing the door and full of dead and live bugs. There were only 5 TVs and only 3 worked with cable. The channel selectors were broken on one of them. The TV in the master bedroom was not connected to cable, had no remote and was on top of a large wardrobe where you couldn't reach the buttons. We had intended for my elderly father to use that room as it was on the same level as the kitchen and family room, so he wouldn't have to climb stairs on a regular basis. He is legally blind, hard of hearing and uses a cane. The Karichele people were rude to me when I called to complain about the situation - they said I should just be able to move him to a different room. I realize they couldn't do much about it at the time, but they didn't need to be so rude either.

The house was the most rundown and dirtiest place we've been in. We stay in pet friendly homes because of our 2 golden retrievers, and they usually aren't the most glamourous places, but this one needs some work. The carpet, upholstered furniture and bed pillows were all stained from water leaks, pets (pet friendly homes shouldn't have cream colored carpet in them) or other unknown things. The advertised beach cart and hammock were not there.

Other problems with the house - the promised sheets were not there on arrival, the grill was on the top deck (not supposed to grill on the deck) and was dirty and surrounded by dirty utensils when we arrived, the kitchen looked like it was stocked with leftover and broken cooking equipment (pots with no handles, no lids, no steak knives, measuring cups or spoons, few small glasses); the hot tub is on the top deck with no outside stairs, so you have to go down 2 flights of stairs inside the house to get from the hot tub to the pool, there were no hangers in the house, and all the bathrooms just had showers except for the one bathtub in the shared hall bath.

The pool was nice and Villages of Ocean Hill is a nice location.

This was our first time at this house and using Karichele. Would not rent this house or from Karichele again. If you are interested in this house, make sure they fix some of these problems so you aren't surprised when you get there.

Have had good experiences with Twiddy and Village in the past.

Rating: Don't be fooled by the pictures on the website 9/5/2008
Reviewer: peggy


My family rented a house from Karchile Realty the last week in August and when we arrived after check in at 5:00 p.m., we were informed that the house wasn't ready. When the house finally was ready we realized that the photos on the website did not accurately represent this home. It advertised a finished basement with a rec room, bedroom and bathroom. The so-called finished basement had no flooring, just a concrete floor. The furniture in the rec room was outside patio furniture. When I called the rental company to ask why there was no flooring in the basement they replied that many of their homes have no flooring in the basement and this is not uncommon. I have been renting homes in the this area for 15 years and have never rented one with no flooring. The carpets were disgusting and the living room furniture was blown out and stained. When I called the rental to company to inform them of the condition of the home their answer was that it was the end of the season and the homeowner had not done the end of the season cleaning yet and that the homeowner was aware of these conditions as they had been there the week before. The hot tub was falling apart and the pool's paint and tiles were peeling. I would like to caution anyone who is considering renting Exchange III or any of their other properties.

Rating: Avoid this company 2/2/2008
Reviewer: Sue

We rented a house that looked nice on their website. The pictures were nothing like the house. It was filthy, mouse droppings in the kitchen cabinets, dirty bathrooms, dirty old kitchen equipment. We spent most of the week cleaning. Office staff said all the right things, but did nothing about the poor maintenance. All the outside lights were burned out. Wasp nests all around the eves of the house, we couldnt sit on the decks because of the swarms. I'm surprised they are still in business.

Rating: karichele suxxx 1/16/2008
Reviewer: chris

karichele cashed my check and confirmed my reservation...in January they sent me the wrong contract and I lost the rental home of MY choice. iasked for my check back with 5 months of interest and Michelle bitchily replied I'll send your 50 dollars and two cents back...

Rating: Great week at OBX 9/12/2007
Reviewer: Rhonda

We rented from Karichele labor day week and had a very pleasant experience. The maintence called Saturday after arrival to fix a slow draining tub reported by the last tenants when they checked out. We had a baby sleeping in the master bedroom connected to the bath so he agreed to come back later. He called in a few hours and the baby was still sleeping so offered to come by the next morning. The tub was fixed and the rest of the week was wonderful!

Rating: Avoid Karichele 7/17/2006
Reviewer: Eileen

We rented a house in the 4x4 area of North Swan Beach from Karichele in June 2005. I would not rent from them again. The water in the house reeked of rotten eggs. It was so bad we should have been warned. It was nauseating taking a shower in the water and the whole house had a lingering aroma from it. We couldn't get the satellite TV's to work and the pool filter wasn't working either. We called the second day of our stay and they told us they'd have someone out that afternoon. No one ever showed up that day or the next, or the next, after repeated calls. The house, room, and equipment were in good condition but it seems you're on your own with Karichele if anything goes wrong.

Rating: Pros and Cons Karichele 10/24/2005
Reviewer: Beach Bum

OBX Fall 2005. Rented an oceanfront home from Karichele in Carova 4x4 area. Disappointed with the conditon of the home. Dirty carpet, dirty blinds, filthy windows. i actually cleaned the front doors myself so i could enjoy the view! kitchen was equipped but would not put food in the pots and pans. teflon scratched and peeling, pizza pan rusted.Drawers had food crumbs and dirt in them. The first floor "gameroom" musty and in very poor shape. Both Fridges were dirty. Almost every dresser had handles missing, the CD player was broken, half the tv s didn't work, etc. There was only the two of us so we mainly lived on the top floor which was fine. however if i was there with a family i would have called Karichele to have them do a through cleaning or checked into a hotel. i have to say that the bathrooms were clean which was surprising considering the overall poor conditon of the home. i would definitely think twice before renting from them again. I'm worried that their other homes are in just as poor shape. Had no problems booking and checking in. Staff wasn't as knowledgeabl as i had hoped about the locations, views of the properties they rent. but overall friendly.

Rating: Worst Beach House Ever! 10/4/2005
Reviewer: Kaye

The house was nothing like the picture in the catalog. We had roaches and saw mouse droppings all though the house. When I called the office they did not want hear it. I will never use them again.

Rating: KARICHELE IS THE WORST!! 9/16/2005
Reviewer: Theresa Young

The house was dirty. Trash left from previous guests. Customer service is not a word the office knows. I WOULD NEVER RENT FROM THEM AGAIN!

Reviewer: Barbara Drumgoole

Our cottage in WHalehead was dirty, sheets had blood on pillowcases at check in. On the 3rd day our airconditioner stopped working. We called the office and told them we had a 2 month old and a daughter in law with breathing problems. We were told it was the owners who would contract for repairs, but we could not have their name. The air was never fixed, and this was the first week of August 05, VERY HOT! The hot tub was dirty and did not work. The staff was RUDE everytime I would call about repairs! DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!!!!

Rating: Check this company on Better Business Bureau Website 3/10/2005
Reviewer: Kaitlin

Before renting from them, read reviews on tripadvisor.com and also check the BBB website. This company has an unsatisfactory rating. Sorry to be negative, but be forewarned...

Rating: Stay away!!! 1/6/2005
Reviewer: Eric

Property management ignored our request to clean up around heater at our unit. We submitted request on arrival date and nothing was done about it.

Deposit was difficult to get back. Waited 90 days as stated on their website but it did not arrive. Their excuse when contacted was that their systems were down....for 90 days???

Stay clear of this mismanaged company.

Rating: Solves problems fast 4/30/2004
Reviewer: Leon

We stayed in a house in Ocean Sands in 2002. Several minor problems solved quickly. Cleaning staff did so-so job. House was as advertised, would rent again.

Rating: Four-Wheel Drive Home Heaven 1/11/2004
Reviewer: Sherri

If you're looking for a home in the four-wheel section, then Karichele Realty is the best place to look. They have numerous homes to choose from and are very friendly to work with. We have rented two different homes in the Swan Beach section and have been very satisfied.