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Description: I love the colors of October

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Name: Jules Posted: 9:11 PM on 10/30/2008

You got a winner here....great picture.

Name: wvfemail Posted: 6:55 PM on 10/30/2008

Great shot.....

Name: Sandietoes Posted: 6:21 PM on 10/25/2008

Very nice capture!

Name: Windjammer Posted: 2:18 PM on 10/15/2008

LOVE IT!! You got my vote

Name: Christy/obxlover32 Posted: 8:50 PM on 10/8/2008

This is a beautiful pic that is for sure...it just captures your eye at first then you wonder what is it? then it becomes clear...very nic pic

Name: Sue Posted: 10:37 AM on 10/8/2008

WOW ~ this photo is amazingly beautiful. Definitely a winner.

Name: Erin Posted: 7:29 PM on 10/7/2008

really cool pic...looks like a (creepy)wrought iron fence in front!!

Name: AMY Posted: 11:16 AM on 10/7/2008

Great Shot!

Name: salvo Posted: 10:10 AM on 10/6/2008

What a magnificent photo! It would be beautiful framed! Wonderful composition and the colors are just amazing! Great job!