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Description: This shot was taken this summer on a dive on the U-85. She lies in about 100 ft of water, 12 miles east of the Inlet.

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Name: Medicwife Posted: 6:11 PM on 10/28/2008

I agree with Stef Golden - great photo- shipwrecks give me the wonderful willies!

Name: Stef Golden Posted: 1:16 AM on 10/26/2008

This is a great photo. There's something about shipwrecks that makes my heart race, and gives me butterflies in my stomach...don't really know why.

Name: summertime Posted: 10:40 AM on 10/17/2008

I really like this photo. Nice job!

Name: John Posted: 8:20 AM on 10/10/2008

Very, very cool photo!