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Description: Nags Head foggy afternoon.

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Name: Patty Posted: 9:57 PM on 10/30/2008

Great photo!

Name: wvfemail Posted: 6:54 PM on 10/30/2008

Nice shot,it fits the theme perfectly.....

Name: Candy Posted: 8:55 AM on 10/23/2008

love this photo!

Name: summertime Posted: 10:45 AM on 10/17/2008

This photo definately has an eerie quality too it. Makes you wonder what might be lurking out there in the fog... Great pic!

Name: Windjammer Posted: 2:16 PM on 10/15/2008

Great pic. Love the natural spookiness of the shot

Name: outerbankslinda Posted: 10:24 AM on 10/14/2008

love this photo

Name: mrsshroyer Posted: 12:36 PM on 10/12/2008

Definatly creepy but a great pic. I love it.

Name: salvo Posted: 12:41 PM on 10/9/2008


Name: salvo Posted: 12:41 PM on 10/9/2008

very eerie quality about it...but also very beautiful!