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Description: Taken at night facing the ocean in SNH. My daughter, the ghost hunter, immediately dubbed it "Graveyard of the Atlantic." I was skeptical. Still, the only thing I can clearly identify is the moon. The rest is up for spooky interpretation!

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Name: flip-flops Posted: 1:38 PM on 10/31/2008

very cool picture

Name: Bess Posted: 10:27 AM on 10/31/2008

My daughter often talks about "orbs" in a picture. Wait til I show her this one. I think you are right about the souls. Scary.

Name: Annie Posted: 8:32 AM on 10/19/2008

Never seen that many orbs in one picture before! Spooky? Yes!

Name: summertime Posted: 2:19 PM on 10/10/2008

Cool photo! I'm not a ghost hunter but they definately look like orbs to me!