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Description: Happy Holidays OBX 2008

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Name: Window Dresser Posted: 1:03 PM on 12/31/2008

Thanks! Happy New Year Everyone!

Name: obxcrew Posted: 6:15 PM on 12/30/2008

Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Annie Posted: 6:13 PM on 12/30/2008

Just lovely!

Name: wavedancer Posted: 5:09 PM on 12/30/2008

Loved it!

Name: Colleen Posted: 8:18 PM on 12/28/2008

A favorite of mine;-)

Name: KathyM Posted: 9:58 PM on 12/25/2008

I love it, but it caused problems at my house because I wanted to put Christmas balls in pails on my mantle, only to find that all of those types of pails were still full of sand because they are used for ashtrays. Oh well, maybe next year.

Name: Window Dresser Posted: 9:59 AM on 12/21/2008

Thanks-You Too! Hope you have snow wherever you are..just a cold dreary rain here...wish I had the view in the pic on the beach in Kitty Hawk as seen in November...

Name: snowbird Posted: 7:41 AM on 12/21/2008

Oops! Meant to spell Christmas! I was so excited about your photo, I was typing too fast!


Name: snowbird Posted: 7:38 AM on 12/21/2008

Very pretty! Definitely sets the mood for an OBX Chrsitmas vacation!

Name: Leslie Posted: 10:19 AM on 12/12/2008

Very pretty! Ditto on the christmas card.

Name: Window Dresser Posted: 7:37 PM on 12/7/2008

Thanks...I just got them back from the printer...

Name: outerbankslinda Posted: 5:23 PM on 12/6/2008

Beautiful would make a great christmas card

Name: Window Dresser Posted: 8:02 PM on 12/4/2008


Name: Sue Posted: 7:18 PM on 12/4/2008

I love it! A winner for sure.

Name: salvo Posted: 12:03 PM on 12/3/2008


Name: Lori Posted: 7:01 AM on 12/3/2008

This would make a great Christmas card.