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Description: Christmas at Disney World

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Name: obx411 Posted: 2:12 AM on 12/14/2008

This picture does qualify and It's beautiful. I wish I could head back down there it's been quite some time since I've been there and I miss the memories.

Name: salvo Posted: 10:50 AM on 12/8/2008

I think someone can verify this with Will, but....if you look at past entries for the month of December, the subject does not have to be outerbanks related, just holiday related. I believe this picture qualifies and it is very beautiful!

Name: steve Posted: 10:30 AM on 12/7/2008

great picture but this contest if for photos from the outer banks

Name: wvfemail Posted: 12:43 AM on 12/6/2008

Beautiful,I can feel the magic....

Name: Pelcndeb Posted: 9:22 PM on 12/4/2008

Wow! That is beautiful..must have been quite a thrill to be there...