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Description: Sorry I know it's supposed to be a beach theme but I'm stuck here in Germany. It's not bad but I'd rather be at MP 7 and Second St.

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Name: Lisapenn Posted: 3:14 PM on 12/29/2008

I wouldn't mind being stuck there at all.
Gorgeous picture.

Name: Kimm Posted: 2:58 PM on 12/15/2008

Absitively beautiful.

Name: Leslie Posted: 10:17 AM on 12/12/2008

Beautiful! I wouldn't mind being "stuck" there.

Name: tasteysandwich Posted: 9:56 AM on 12/12/2008

How does one get stuck in Germany?

Name: colin Posted: 5:18 PM on 12/11/2008

Being stuck in Germany would be great! I'd love to switch places with ya!